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Sonic Extractor refers to a family of programmes by Mercury designed for viewing and exporting Zone layouts. Instead of reading the data from a rom, the programmes accept Gens Plus savestates as input. Sonic Extractor CD Mix requires savestates made in version of Gens+, since this is the only version that accurately dumps the Mega-CD RAM.



  • View Zone layouts, and export to either BMP or PNG format
  • Save and load palette data
  • Automatically count the Rings in the Zone
  • Manually adjust object placement
  • Show/Hide individual objects, object types, and tile layers

Sonic Extractor 8-Bit

An on-going project to expand Sonic Extractor to the 8-bit realms of the Game Gear and Master System titles. The operating environment is simplified, made to resemble the games themselves. Savestates are no longer needed, as the map data is supplied with the programme. Volume I, which can handle maps for both versions of Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit), has been released. Volume II, which will do the same thing for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit), is planned next.

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