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This page describes an obsolete hacking tool that should not be used for new hacks/projects or with new disassemblies/tools.
This page (and associated files) is being kept for historical purposes only, as it documents and archives the history of the Sonic scene.
The KENS libraries are outdated and buggy, use KensSharp or the FW-KENSC shell extension instead.
Sonic Data Compression Tool.png
Sonic Data Compression Tool
System: Microsoft Windows
Credits: SoullessSentinel

The Sonic Data Compression Tool is a compression/decompression program written by SoullessSentinel. It serves as a frontend to Magus' KENS libraries, much like The Sega Data Compressor, supporting Nemesis, Kosinski, Enigma and Saxman compression formats. This program is slightly easier to use than TSDC, however, since all its functions are accessible from a single window.

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File: Sonic Data Compression Tool.7z (56 kB) (info)

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