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Sonic Dash (also known as the Sonic Xmas Engine) is an open-source Sonic the Hedgehog engine created by Damizean and RogueYoshi, and written in GML. Due to the fact that good GML-based Sonic engines are hard to find, and also due to the fact that the building of said engine is easily the most tedious and difficult part of creating a fan game, this engine, among a few others, is sought after by many a fan who want to put together their own game through means other than hacking. Due to its high quality compared to so many other GM Sonic engines, it is regarded by many as "The best engine for GM period".


  • Basic Menu Template
  • Full use of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles with abilities from Sonic 3. (Tails cannot carry Sonic or Knuckles, however.)
  • A partner system similar to the one seen in Sonic 2. This one also allows for a second player, but also allows more customization in terms of who leads and who follows. (Ex. You may choose to have Sonic follow Knuckles, or Knuckles follow Tails. You may even have 2 of the same character!)
  • Springs, Loops, and Slopes are fully functional, and the game features a 360 degree directional function, making movement seem more realistic than the 8-directional style of the Genesis games.
  • Bridges that react to weight.
  • Extra debug tools such as manipulation of gravity.
  • Parallax background coding, that uses the Azure Lake Zone background as a perfect example.
  • A well polished test zone that features refurbished Azure Lake Zone(from Sonic 3) tiles.
  • Sonic's Peel-out from Sonic CD appears.

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The newest release of this engine, Dash+, can be found here: Sonic Dash+ Engine download

Dash Engine

The previous version of Dash can be found at the following link: Sonic Dash Engine download