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Sonic Central (website)
Current owner(s): SEGA
Type of site: Official Sonic Website
Created on: January 2004
Current status: Offline

Sonic Central was a information website created by SEGA in early 2004 to be the official Sonic the Hedgehog website on the Internet. The website was the "central" hub for all official Sonic news on the web at the time. It had links to all the current Sonic games out at the time, had news articles on various Sonic happenings, and had a community section for fans to submit their artwork and have it featured on the site. There was also a radio that played Sonic music from the current games on the site, a downloads section for wallpapers and videos, and an online shop for people to buy Sonic merchandise and apparel.

After 2008, the site was abandoned and in 2009 was created in preparation of the next big Sonic release, Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Sometime afterwards, the Sonic Central website was permanently closed and the link forwarded to the new site instead.

Sonic Central's legacy would not be forgotten, as the name was used later in 2021 as the name of SEGA's official news direct videos for Sonic, aptly named Sonic Central.

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