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DX, GameCube

The green door barriers are broken in DX.

DX, GameCube

The top of Eggman's captain's chair does not animate when moving.

  • There's a green tint.
  • The Monorail station has a scrolling icon of the Monorail on its lights in the Dreamcast version. It was removed in the GameCube version.
  • The color of the Monorail station's light on the exterior was changed from green to blue.
  • Fog was added to the exterior area.
  • The water's different.
Captain's Room
  • For some reason a part of the chair was removed.
  • The room's brighter
Living Quarters
  • The Living Quarters have some minor texture differences - one of the textures on the wall in the entrance area is upside-down, the color of the checkerboard texture on the rockets in the left room was changed from red to blue, and one of the textures on the ceiling of the room on the right was changed.
  • The lighting is brighter.
Pool Area
  • The lights on the wall around the pool area are more rounded.
  • The textures on the walls in the pool area were changed slightly.
  • As you guessed the lighting is brighter.
Main Hall
  • Fixed a bug where the "Hint Boxes" are purple.
  • The glass is blue instead of green.
  • The lights were changed from green to blue.
Upgrade Rooms (Gamma)
  • Gamma's upgrade rooms have noticably different lighting.
Chao Garden Warp
  • The Chao Garden warp room was given a number of texture changes.

Hedgehog Hammer

  • The Subgame version has a number of incorrect textures.
  • The game no longer crashes on the Subgame if you're not Amy.


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