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Tails as Sonic's partner

SonicAdvance GBA SonicandTails.png

On the character select screen, highlight Sonic, then press Up Right Down Right L Right R Right A. A Ring sound will confirm correct entry, and Tails will now follow Sonic similar to how he did in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

SRAM failsafe

If the game fails to detect an SRAM chip (usually if the chip is not present or is faulty), all content will be unlocked. This is also the case for the other Sonic Advance games.

Unused content


Audio Description
An alternate Invincibility theme. This theme would later be used in Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3.

Build dates

Located at ROM addresses $7F8F4C (JP v1.0), $7F8F48 (US), $7FF02C (EU) and $7F9078 (JP v1.1):

JP v1.0
0.69Wed Oct 31 18:01:36  2001
0.69Wed Oct 31 18:32:29  2001
0.71Wed Nov 21 13:22:30  2001
JP v1.1
0.72Thu Dec 20 16:05:10  2001

Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.


Official codes, US version

Code Effect Reference
0000FFE5 000A + 1000122A 0007 Enable Code (Must Be On).
83005034 0001 Get Best Time For The End Of A Zone.
83004FEC 03E7 Infinite Rings.
33005024 000A Infinite Lives.
83005030 FFFF Quick Score Gain.
83005030 967F + 83005032 0098 Max Score.
33005078 00FF Max Rings (Special Stage).
3300517C 007F Have All Chaos Emeralds.
33005A46 0001 Normal Shield Effects (You dont see the shield, but its there).
33005A56 0008 Lightning Shield Effects (You dont see the shield, but its there).
33005084 0000 Play As Sonic.
33005084 0001 Play As Tails.
33005084 0002 Play As Knuckles.
33005084 0003 Play As Amy.

To use one of the following level select codes, first you must go to any zone and die:

Code Effect Reference
3300514C 0000 Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1.
3300514C 0001 Neo Green Hill Zone Act 2.
3300514C 0002 Secret Base Zone Act 1.
3300514C 0003 Secret Basel Zone Act 2.
3300514C 0004 Casino Paradise Zone Act 1.
3300514C 0005 Casino Paradise Zone Act 2.
3300514C 0006 Ice Mountain Zone Act 1.
3300514C 0007 Ice Mountain Zone Act 2.
3300514C 0008 Angel Island Zone Act 1.
3300514C 0009 Angel Island Zone Act 2.
3300514C 000A Egg Rocket Zone Act 1.
3300514C 000B Cosmic Angel Zone Act 2.
3300514C 000C X-Zone.
3300514C 000D The Moon Zone.
3300514C 000E Forest Chao Garden.
3300514C 000F Factory Chao Garden.
3300514C 0010 Pinball Chao Garden.
3300514C 0011 Space Chao Garden.
33005A3C 0010 Invincibility.
33005A7A 000C Infinite Air.
Code Effect Reference
0000FFE5 000A + 1000E086 0007 Enable Code (Must Be On).
820002F8 207F + 820002FA 0200 + 820002FC 6008 + 820002FE 1C08 + 82000300 E015 + 82006626 3000 Infinite Rings.
820044A6 2063 Quick Stat Level Up.

Action Replay V3

Unofficial codes, US version

Code Effect
84E37E9F 7366A900 + 65DA389A 09D8882C + EF2FCCA1 B6809375 + 65DA389A 09D8882C All Characters Can Play With Tails.
78FA03A8 24E302D8 + CDE8AE47 E0DF7372 + 80F4C951 DD8D8BC8 + CDE8AE47 E0DF7372 + 8B6BB800 845BD904 + 2CF7DFF8 5EA41279 Always Swim.
39DBF14E 3E49F34D + 65DA389A 09D8882C Bypass Special Stage Limit.
24DB9BF3 FDEB152E + 65DA389A 09D8882C Disable Death.
5E22473D 0B02AE9A + 34F4199F AA6BDBE3 Don't Lose Rings When Hit.
4344F523 B67B9499 + 14551F08 02AD46B7 Infinite Flight.
877F0F33 CDE51C4A + EF0BDE0E D0FA5876 Moon Jump.
BE6461DA 00A4FD48 + 14551F08 02AD46B7 Rings don't deplete when hit.


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