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Unused content

Found by The Cutting Room Floor contributor Ferrox.[1]


Art Description
Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite UnusedLogo1.png
An alternate logo, which is a badly-edited version of the Sonic Advance logo with the word "Advance" cut out and replaced with a Roman numeral III. Loaded in VRAM on the title screen.
Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite UnusedLogo2.png
A Chinese logo. No Chinese version of the game is known to have been released. Loaded in VRAM on the title screen.
Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite ChineseLevelName1.png

Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite ChineseLevelName2.png

Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite ChineseLevelName3.png

Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite ChineseLevelName4.png
Chinese versions of the level names. Loaded in VRAM on the title cards.
Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite HexFont.png
A hexadecimal font. Loaded in VRAM during levels.
Sonic3FighterSonic GBA Sprite Blink.gif
The life icon appears to have been intended to have an odd blinking animation, but the icon is stuck on the second frame during gameplay. The first frame technically isn't unused, however, as it can be seen briefly as a level fades in.


Audio Description
A sped-up sampling of Kyoto - Happy Birthday from the first Detective Conan movie. This song was left over in Digimon Adventure and is also included in other Sintax GBA games that use the same engine.


Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic
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