Sonic 2 - Text Code Generator

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Sonic 2 - Text Code Generator
Category: Graphics editor
Version: 2.0
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Supported Games: Sonic 2
Credits: Selbi

Sonic 2 - Text Code Generator (S2TCG) is a text editing tool created by Selbi and the sequel to Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator.

The tool was meant to generate various kinds of texts in Sonic 2; however, due to the September 2007 Disassembly (info) (2.5 MB) by Xenowhirl, most kinds of text can be simply edited as ASCII. The only kinds of text that weren't having this function are Zone Title Cards and End of Level Title Cards. That's why it only contains those features (even though there's also a small extra tool that tells you every starting position of those ASCII editable texts).

As of May 2013, this program also supports the Sonic 2 Hg disassembly on Sonic Retro's mercurial.

Because it was written in Visual Basic 2008, .NET Framework v3.0 or newer is needed to run it.



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Current version: v3.0

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