Sonic 2: Sweet Relief

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Sonic 2: Sweet Relief
Version: v.1.1
Last release: 14/09/11
System: Sega Master System
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)
Credits: Ambil, Hivebrain, SGR, MK, Rolken, Glitch, Ravenfreak

Sonic 2: Sweet Relief is a level and sprite layout hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Master System presented by Ambil. The purpose of the project is to give an opportunity to people unable to pass the bosses as they have no rings in the original game, or simply are annoyed by this fact. Acts 1 and 2 of every zone haven't been changed.

The achievements of this hack is to include rings and items in the third act of every zone, which originally hadn't any. A new version released in 2011 contains:

  • 3-digit ring counter. No more getting 100 rings and going back to zero. Getting hurt and ring bonus are fully functional.
  • 2-digit life counter (thanks Ravenfreak). Originally the game allowed you to have more than 9 lives, but only displayed a "9". Now it works with two digits.
  • 10-ring monitors now give you an extra life if you have 90-99 rings when getting them. In the original game, they didn't.
  • Arrow monitor. Same as in Sonic 1, records your position and time and places you back there if you lose a life.

This is the first Sonic 2 level and sprite layout hack ever released, as there's no documentation in earlier projects.




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Current version: v.1.1

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