Sonic 1 No-Name

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Sonic 1 No-Name
Version: 1.4
Last release: Aug 18, 2010
Status: Complete
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: theocas, Dandaman955, clarisonic,
Drummerguitarist, M00nTheHedgehog and GenesisFan64.

Sonic 1 No-Name is a hack created by Team No-Name. It was first started in 2008 by clarisonic (also known as Sonichackman) without any plans. It featured new layouts, and a new special stage, but later got deleted, with all his other files. He then proceeded to restart the hack in 2009, and released an early version on SSRG. The hack was first called Sonic 1 Limited Edition, but that name didn't fit. In June 2010, theocas, Dandaman955, and M00nthehedgehog offered to help, and so it became a full fledged hack of Sonic 1. This hack contains various ported graphics and level art, changes to gameplay, different game modes, and SRAM Save Support. It also features an options menu for choosing a game mode and wiping the SRAM, along with more unique features. Only recently has the GEMS Sound Driver been added and it is being used for many screen modes, and the Special Stages. It has been noted that once you get to "Spring Yard Zone", the game has an error that makes it impossible to complete the game.


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File: S1noname v 1‎ (873 kB) (info)

Old Releases

Be aware that these may not be compatible with SRAM files created by newer versions, contain bugs, and could possibly wipe out your SRAM Saves. If there is a potential for this, they will be marked accordingly.