Sonic 1 Dragon Edition

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Sonic 1 Dragon Edition
Version: 3.2
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
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Sonic 1 Dragon Edition is a sensational hack rom made by Dragon Wolf Leo and BinBowie, which adds many elements to Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis). Several features of all sonic games, common throughout the series, are modified or removed here, the creator of the game art is BinBowie, the general creation is Dragon Wolf Leo, and the beta testers are: LuigiXHero, TheStoneBanana, HyperFrost, and JoenickROS (which ended up making it all more sensational).

The main version of this hack is the Sonic 1 Dragon Edition v3.2, which is also the most popular.

There are no similar hacks, but in my opinion it's pretty similar (or better) than:

Sonic Megamix v4.0 for Sega Mega-CD

Sonic After & Before the Sequel for PC

Sonic Calm Before the Storm for PC

Sonic & Ashuro for Sega Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis)


Finished Levels:

- Hub World

- Hydro Base Zone

- Melon Park Zone 1,2,3: Complete. May tweak art and redo background.

Download Links

- S1DE v3.2 -

- I did not find older versions ...


- A hub world, where you can access levels. You can see how many chaos emeralds you have collected, and revisit levels that you failed to collect an emerald. You can return to the hub world by pressing A when paused.

- Original zones with original/remixed music. Some sound effects (such as rings) also harmonize with the music.

- Special stages have a turning mechanic, and are also zone specific.

- New elemental shields with different behaviors, such as the atomic shield, which transforms badniks into monitors and gives you an airborne spindash move.

- Atomic shield: Transforms badniks into ring monitors and gives a midair spindash. Protects from energy bullets and electricity.

- Metal shield: Protects from spikes and Robotnik monitors. Allows you to break smashable walls on contact. Gives a downward dash ability.

- Ice shield: Protects from ice attacks, ice physics, conveyor belt movement, and wind. Reduces water slowdown. Gives 5 small jumps.

- Bubble shield: Allows underwater breathing. Gives a bouncing ability.

- Fire shield: Protects from fire and lava. Also destroys badniks in your path if running fast enough. Gives a jump dash ability.

- Chainable invincibility. Defeating a badnik when invincible extends your invincibility.

- "Super Sonic. Once collecting all 7 emeralds and 50 rings, press A and C to turn super! PS: As the game only has 2 phases, and per phase it is only possible to collect 1 emerald from the chaos. So if you collect the first two, the game will give you a chance to pick up the other 5 emeralds, to test the supersonic (INCREDIBLY unfinished)

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