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Sonic 1 - Over 9000
Last release: 07/21/2013
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Nineko, Vladikcomper, Mike B Berry, EditChris

Sonic 1 - Over 9000 is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) by EditChris on SSRG. Sonic is basically high on caffeine and sugar in this hack.


  • "Sonic Team Presents" after the Sega logo is edited.
  • Sonic runs very fast.

Known Issues

  • "S" tube doesn't works great in the down part.


Download.svg Download Sonic 1 - Over 9000
File: Sonic 1 - Over 9000.bin (518 kB) (info)

External links

Release thread on SSRG.