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Below is the list of missions in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

# Character Location Name Type Time Description
01 Amy Seaside Hill -
Whale Lagoon
Sonic Crush! Rival Race N/A Catch Sonic and beat him to the finish line! ALL's fair in love and racing!
02 Amigo Carnival Town - Sunshine Tour Mardis Gras! Drift 55s Take Amigo on a drifting tour through the carnival sunshine!
03 Knuckles Blizzard Castle - Icicle Valley Fight to the Finish! Knockout N/A It's every echidna for himself out on the track today! When the clock runs down, the racer in last place is eliminated!
04 Sonic Seaside Hill - Seaside Square Treasure Island! Collect 60s Rings as far as the eye can see! Grab them quickly before the timer runs out!
05 Shadow Curien Mansion - Outer Forest White Knuckle Time! Race N/As It's race time in the spooky mansion! Time for our dark hero to step out from the shadows!
06 Eggman Final Fortress - Turbine Loop Hedgehog Target Practice! Hit Contest 60s Dr. Eggman is carrying out a little target practice in the Final Fortress! Shoot the targets to score!
07 Beat Tokyo-To -
Shibuya Downtown
Graffiti Speed Star! Boost 60s Jet Set Boost! Beat can boost by drifting, performing tricks in the air, or driving over boost pads. Boost to the Beat!
08 Sonic ---- Seaside Cup Grand Prix N/A The sun is shining and the sea is clear! Outrun your rivals to lift the Seaside Cup!
09 Billy Hatcher Blizzard Castle - Icicle Valley Egg-Stremely Simple! Time Gates N/A Can Billy scramble through each gate before the cluck runs out?!
10 Alex Kidd Casino Park - Roulette Road Race Your Bets! Race N/A Time for the kidding around to end and the racing to begin!
11 Beat Tokyo-To -
Shibuya Downtown
Jet Set Slide! Drift 65s When the Rudies ride, they like to do it in style! Drift your way to the end marker to score!
12 Blizzard Castle - Rampart Road Egg-Citing Times! Hit Contest 60s The crows have invaded Blizzard Castle! Time for Billy to egg-xert his authority!
13 Eggman Seaside Hill -
Whale Lagoon
Emerald Snatcher! Collect 50s Dr. Eggman has found a secret store of rings and emeralds and is determined to have them! Snatch them quickly and get to the finish line before time runs out!
14 Tails Casino Park - Roulette Road Beat the Dealer! Rival Race N/A Time for Tails to show Sonic who's the real high roller on the Roulette Road!
15 Big Carnival Town - Sunshine Tour Fiesta Food Dodge! Avoid 45s It's fiesta time and Big wants to get to the party, but someone's left the cooking pots in his way! Get to the finish line without breaking them!
16 Billy Hatcher ---- Blizzard Cup Grand Prix N/A Win all the stages to earn the ice cool Blizzard Cup!
17 Big Carnival Town - Sunshine Tour Fiesta Clean-Up Crew! Hit Contest 30s Fiesta's over and now the party can really begin! Washing up is too much of a bore, so smash your way through the pots to score!
18 Beat Tokyo-To - Rokkaku Hill Jet Set Race! Knockout N/A After all his practice staying ahead of the Rokkaku police, Beat should find it easy to stay ahead of the pack!
19 Zobio & Zobiko Curien Mansion - Outer Forest Nitro Nights! Boost 50s Who said that the creatures are slow?! It's Nitro Night in Curien Mansion and time for Zobio and Zobiko to set a new speed record!
20 Sonic Seaside Hill -
Lost Palace
Seafood Dinner! Hit Contest 60s Seaside Hill's in the midst of a crustacean infestation! Time for Sonic to send them packing!
21 Alex Kidd Blizzard Castle - Rampart Road Egg-Ceptional! Race N/A Make Blizzard Castle into your very own Miracle World! Defeat your rivals and win the race!
22 Ryo Hazuki Jumble Jungle - Treetops Monkey Capsules, I Love 'Em! Time Gates N/A No sailors here, but plenty of monkeys! Drive through the green gates to extend the timer!
23 Bonanza Brothers Carnival Town - Jump Parade Sky Pirate! Battle Race N/A The Bonanza Brothers have decided to win at all costs! Take to the skies and rain down bombs on your rivals!
24 Beat ---- Tokyo-To Cup Grand Prix N/A Tag and grind your way through all the stages to win the Tokyo-To Cup!
25 Amy Blizzard Castle - Rampart Road Egg-Straordinary! Battle Race N/a Deliver a crushing defeat to Billy Hatcher in an egg-citing battle to the finish line!
26 Sonic Curien Mansion - Sewer Scrapes Spooky Speedway! Drift 60s Drift your way through Curien's spooky mansion to score!
27 Eggman Carnival Town - Jump Parade Maraca Madness! Knockout N/A Objective - Dr. Eggman is determined to ruin the party and eliminate his opponent! The racer in last place when the timer runs out is knocked out!
28 AiAi Jumble Jungle - Treetops Banana Bonus! Collect 55s Drive through the bananas to collect them! Reach the finish line before time runs out!
29 Tails Seaside Hill -
Ocean Ruin
Water Slide! Time Gates N/A The clock's a ticking, and Tails needs to get to the water slide before time runs out! Drive through the green gates to get more time!
30 B. D. Joe Tokyo-To - Rokkaku Hill Fare Game! Rival Race N/A They're both used to the city streets, but can B.D. Joe really teach Beat a lesson in driving?
31 ChuChus Final Fortress - Dark Arsenal Chu Chu Avenue! Hit COntest 55s Release the KapuKapu fury! Hit as many robots as possible to score!
32 Amigo ---- Carnival Cup Grand Prix N/A It's Mardi Gras time! Samba your way through all the stages to lift the Carnival Cup!
33 Ulala Casino Park - Pinball Highway Big Banker Payout! Collect 55s Drive through the rings to collect them! Reach the finish line before time runs out!
34 Jacky & Akira Curien Mansion - Sewer Scrapes Creepy Crawlies! Knockout N/A The clock is ticking towards midnight and only one racer will be left standing! Last place racer is eliminated whenever the timer runs out!
35 Shadow Final Fortress -
Final Loop
Fortress Fiasco! Boost 55s Time for the dark Speed-Hog to show the world that Sonic's not the only hedgehog who loves to travel fast! Boost to score!
36 Knuckles Seaside Hill -
Ocean Ruin
Hidden Ring Stash! Collect 60s Sometimes you have to search for the real treasure! Keep your eyes open to score big!
37 B. D. Joe Tokyo-To - Rokkaku Hill To Drift or Not to Drift? Time Gates N/A That crazy taxi is always in a race against time! Drive through the green gates to score more time!
38 AiAi Carnival Town - Rocky Coaster Monkey Muddle! Race N/A It's time for a wild ride on the Rocky-Coaster! Time for AiAi to go totally bananas!
39 Amy Jumble Jungle - Treetops Drift From a Rose! Drift 35s Amy's determined to put on a show for Sonic! Drift around the track to score!
40 Shadow ---- Casino Cup Grand Prix N/A Gamble your way through all the stages to win the big payout and lift the Casino Cup!
41 Zobio & Zobiko Curien Mansion - Sewer Scrapes Things Go Bump in the Night! Battle Race N/A Beat is leaving graffiti all over Curien Mansion! Grab some weapons and send him packing!
42 Bonanza Brothers Jumble Jungle - Rumble Ramps Monkey Trouble! Score Gates 60s Those troublesome monkeys have set up score gates all over the Rumble Ramps! Drive through them to score!
43 Billy Hatcher Dino Mountain - Lava Lair Egg-Splosive Slide! Drift 90s Time to get cracking! Drift around the track to score!
44 Tails Detritus Desert - Sandy Drifts Tailspin! Race N/A Time for Tails to twist and turn his way through the pack and win the race!
45 Beat Tokyo-To -
Shibuya Downtown
Tokyo-To Show! Time Gates N/A It's showtime! Tokyo-To is a city in a hurry! Drive through the green gates to extend the timer!
46 Ryo Hazuki Seaside Hill -
Lost Palace
Have You Seen Lan Di? Knockout N/A Sometimes a young hero needs to prove his worth! Stay ahead of the pack to continue your quest!
47 Shadow Final Fortress - Thunder Deck Factory Frolics! Rival Race N/A Shadow and Sonic are about to decide once and for all who's the quickest hedgehog on the track!
48 Zobio & Zobiko ---- Horrible Cup Grand Prix N/A It's the witching hour and things are going bump in the night! This is your chance to win the Horrible Cup!
49 Opa-Opa Detritus Desert - Sandy Drifts Going Bananas! Drift 50s It's a desert drift for Opa-Opa. Drift through the sandy monkey temple to score!
50 Ulala Carnival Town - Jump Parade Space Channel Drive! Battle Race N/A That pesky Amigo is dropping pocket rainbows all over town! Stop him, Ulala!
51 Jacky & Akira Curien Mansion - Grave Hard Haunted Hoedown! Hit Contest 60s The Creatures have raised a horrible beast from the past! Send it back where it came from!
52 Bonanza Brothers Casino Park -
Bingo Party
Bonanza Blast! Race N/A Time for the dynamic duo to get down to some real racing!
53 Tails Final Fortress - Dark Arsenal Factory Crash! Time Gates N/A It's almost clocking out time in the Final Fortress! Drive through the green gates to buy yourself more time!
54 Ulala Curien Mansion - Deadly Route House of the Dread! Knockout N/A They'll be falling like flies in Curien Mansion tonight! The racer in last place when the timer runs out is knocked out!
55 ChuChus Carnival Town - Rocky Coaster Slip Slide! Drift 100s Drifting is always mice! Take the ChuChus on a drifting journey through the samba streets!
56 AiAi ---- Super Monkey Cup Grand Prix N/A Go bananas through all the stages to lift the Super Monkey Cup!
57 Knuckles Dino Mountain - Lava Lair Lethal Lava! Knockout N/A It'll be magma mayhem in the Lava Lair tonight, as Knuckles goes head to head with the other racers! Stay out of last place!
58 Sonic Final Fortress - Dark Arsenal Final Countdown! Collect 75s Sonic has managed to track down the stolen emeralds! Grab them quick and reach the exit before time runs out!
59 Amigo Pirates Ocean - Monkey Target Super Monkey's All! Rival Race N/A The monkeys are going bananas! Beat AiAi to the finish line!
60 Opa-Opa Tokyo-To -
Highway Zero
Graffiti Dash! Boost 70s Time for a real display of speed as Opa-Opa must boost through the Tokyo-To streets to score!
61 Tails Seaside Hill -
Ocean Ruin
Beach Party! Battle Race N/A It's playtime on Seaside Hill and Sonic has challenged Tails to a battle race! Knock out Sonic!
62 Big Seaside Hill -
Ocean Ruin
Every Second Counts! Time Gates N/A He's a big cat on a small bike and time's running out! Drive through the green gates to extend your timer!
63 Eggman ---- Robot Cup Grand Prix N/A Dr. Eggman has hatched an evil plan to get revenge on Sonic! The Robot Cup is the final piece he needs to complete his masterplan!
64 Sonic Seaside Hill - Seaside Square Save the Day Sonic!! Hit Contest 75s Dr. Eggman has created a giant robot and it's running wild! Defeat the giant robot before it takes over!! Save the day Sonic!!

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