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Current owner(s): Qjimbo
Type of site: IRC Network
Created on: July 2007
Current status: Offline

SonicIRC is a defunct IRC network created by Qjimbo on July 29 2007. It was formerly the network for The Glowing Bridge, however, it was split off when Scarred Sun opened a new message board on Sonic Retro. Qjimbo was worried that the new board would kill GB, therefore SonicIRC was created. The network faded into obscurity in 2008 due to inactivity and server moves that broke the site.

A Different Kind of Sonic Community IRC Network

When Sonic IRC was created there was a need to be unique from the rest of the group and to try to keep "elitism" to a minimum. Because of this voice recommended that Sonic IRC not use the IRCD of choice that the others use, UnrealIRCD, but instead use NefariousIRCu which is a fork of Undernet's IRCD, IRCu. Some people noticed the change right from the start, the lack of channel modes was a big give away, at least for those who don't check their IRC client's status window when they log in. Along with the change in IRCD choice voice recommended the use of X3 over Anope IRC Services (there is a port of Anope for NefariousIRCu). voice explains...

When a lot of people think of UnrealIRCD, outside of the sonic community, the immediate thought that comes up is "n00bs with egos!", and since Qjimbo wanted to keep the elitism down low I figured using a alternative to Unreal was a better move. Some people disagree with me, but thats because they've used Unreal so much that they get pissy if they can't have the +q channel mode. I also recommended Nefarious because its easier to maintain than Unreal, at least in regards to configuration, I mean, you see the Unreal configuration and its like 600 lines of crap you don't need in a block format, whereas Nefarious uses a line-style configuration, this cuts down on the size of the configuration and makes it quicker to spot things. Some people complained that Nefarious doesn't do GLINEs like Unreal does, but if you ask the guys who make Nefarious the general mentality is that a IRC network will not last forever, so permanent glines are useless, also, services should be handling the addition and removal of glines.

I recommended X3 because first of, its a very powerful IRC service server, it has the ability to gline an entire channel, or an entire group of people, as well as force people off the network through Nick Collisions, which can be fun. Along with that, X3 has a damn good Gline management system, especially when coupled with Alerts. Another feature I'm finding myself attracted to is LDAP support, with LDAP mods for Invision Power Board (even though I hate IPB with a passion) this means if you registered with X3, you'd automatically have a IPB account, and vice versa, badass imo.




Main Channels

  • #general - Where a bulk of any discussions took place on Sonic IRC. IRC logs of this channel were available when SonicIRC was online.
  • #help - Generic network help channel for IRC-related issues.
  • #tech - Initially intended to be for technical discussions and hacking discussions it never really came through.