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Sonic Nexus
Latest version: Summer 2008 Demo
Latest release date: 8/7/07
Engine: Retro Sonic
Credits: Slingerland, The Taxman, Hunter Bridges

Sonic Nexus was a game created by Nexus Team, headed by Slingerland. The game used the Retro Sonic engine by The Taxman who joined the project in 2008. The game began development in the summer of 2006 and had three demo releases, two at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo and one during the summer of 2008. It is a critically acclaimed fangame, garnering comments such as, "absolute perfection of the classic Sonic style" from SAGE visitors and various blogs. The character lineup consisted of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

In 2011, The Taxman announced that in early 2010 the merged game Retro Sonic XG merged with Sonic Nexus, forming the newly merged title Retro Sonic Nexus. Most of the levels from Nexus were added to the game and updated to the XG art style.

Nexus Team

Development History

Sonic Nexus’ development began in August of 2006 as a one-act demo at the 2006 Sonic Amateur Games Expo. The original demo was created in Multimedia Fusion 1.5 in the 360 v2.0 Sonic engine by Damizean. It featured the second zone of the game, Cosmic Chaos, a casino paradise. Nexus' first demo was originally created by Slingerland and Damizean.

The project moved an MMF2 engine, Sonic Worlds, and the larger development team went to work on the SAGE 2007 demo. The water level featured in the demo, Pristine Palisade, illustrated the shortcomings of Multimedia Fusion 2. Lack of object management, resulting in horrendous lag for low-end computers, was the main factor. The project's scope was too much for MMF2 to handle and it was announced that Nexus would move to a new engine to be written from the ground up. A few months into this new engine’s development, Damizean asked The Taxman, for assistance. Damizean simply wanted to use a build of Retro Sonic as a base and point of reference for the foundation of the new engine, but after challenges adapting to this code, Taxman instead offered to further enhance the current XG build of the Retro-Sonic engine for Nexus.

After missing SAGE 2008 due to extensive development time, as the new RSDK had to be re-built from the ground up, the 2008 Nexus demo released after the show to much acclaim.

Due to professional endeavors by the core members of the team, production was put on hold and the development blog disappeared. Following his work on the official remake of Sonic CD, The Taxman announced in 2011 that the game had been merged with Sonic XG and Retro Sonic to form Retro Sonic Nexus.


Dr. Robotnik is back and this time, he is putting everything on the line! Using the scrap metal left over from his previous, failed attempts to destroy Sonic’s world, Robotnik builds a titanic clock tower in his image. Sonic the Hedgehog springs into action upon gazing at this technological monstrosity. Dr. Robotnik has been developing a paralyzing creation inside that clock tower and he vows to release it once the clock strikes a certain time. Will Robotnik stop Sonic from reaching the Egg Clock or can Sonic stop the ticking terror before the last bell tolls?

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Christmas Spin-Off

Sonic NeXmas is a one-zone mini-game that was released every holiday season by the Nexus team. On Christmas Day of 2006, the old engine, created in Multimedia Fusion 1.5 by Damizean, played host to a holiday-themed version of Emerald Hill. The Christmas remixes of the Emerald Hill and Sonic 2 boss music were done by Nexus' composer, Hunter Bridges.


  • SAGE 2006: Best in Show runner-up
  • SAGE 2007: Best in Show (tied 1st)
  • Sonic Site Awards 2006: "Fangame of the Year" nomination
  • Sonic Site Awards 2007: "Fangame of the Year" nomination
  • Sonic Site Awards 2007: "Best Music" nomination



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