Sonic 2 Secret Rings Edition

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Sonic 2 Secret Rings Mission Screen.png
Sonic 2 Secret Rings Edition
Version: 7
Last release: 2012-07-05
Status: Active
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: MainMemory

Sonic 2 Secret Rings Edition is a hack of Sonic 2 by MainMemory. It features no new art or level layouts, and few new features, instead adding replayability to the original game by adding various missions that you can attempt to complete, although there are several levels where completing certain missions is impossible, and some levels where it is impossible to lose.



  • You have an infinite number of lives. Because of this, 1up monitors will now provide 40 Rings.
  • Mission Select replacing the 2P item select on the options menu. Press Start on it to access the Level Select screen.
  • Continue option on main menu returns you to the last level you were in.
  • Dying moves you back to the last checkpoint without restarting the level, or the middle of the arena during bosses, with the same invulnerability you get when hit without dying.
  • As you complete levels, you will gain Experience points based on your score. For every 1000 points you will gain a level, increasing your top speed, acceleration, and braking ability.
  • End of Act results moved to a separate screen, allowing Sky Chase Zone, Wing Fortress Zone and Death Egg Zone to have score tallies at their conclusion.
  • The current player selection, level, mission, and experience points are saved to SRAM when the score tally finishes. Hold A+B+C after the SEGA screen to clear the SRAM.
  • The timer in the HUD now counts up to 99:59, and rather than triggering a Time Over, it simply changes to read "--:--".
  • Hitting a lamppost with 20 or more Rings will give you a bonus item:


All characters can jump, roll and Spin Dash as in Sonic 2 with the C button.


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Sonic gains several new moves based on Sonic and the Secret Rings:

  • Hold A to perform the Speed Break move, propelling you forward and draining your Rings quickly.
  • Press B while jumping for a Jump Cancel, bringing you down to the ground. Useful for stopping an unwanted Homing Attack
  • Press C while jumping to perform the Homing Attack, or a Jump Dash if there are no targetable objects.
  • Gains an extra boost in top speed for each level compared to other characters.


Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Tails can fly and swim, and has the ability to carry the main player. Hold A while flying to drop quickly.
  • Tails gains a "Super form" for the Super Sonic mission.
  • Gains an extra boost in acceleration for each level compared to other characters.


Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Ported from Knuckles in Sonic 2, with gliding and wall climbing.
  • Gains an extra boost in braking for each level compared to other characters.


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  • Slower than Sonic, but jumps higher.
  • Press A with 50 rings to get Invincibility, a Shield, and Speed Shoes, much like the after-effect of Flower Festival from Sonic Heroes.
  • Press B while jumping to shoot towards the ground and fly back up with a Bounce Attack. Can be used repeatedly in the air.


Mission Failed

Missions are accessed through the options menu, once you select a mission, it will remain in effect until you choose another. Failure to meet the criteria for a mission will result in an instant Game Over. Some of these missions were directly taken from SatSR, and have the same rules here.

  • Normal - Play the game normally.
  • Hands Off - Finish the stage with 0 rings. This mission was criticized as being too easy, so the No Rings mission was created.
  • Diehard - Finish the stage without dying.
  • Perfect - Finish the stage without getting hit once, even if you have a Shield.
  • Stealth Attack - Finish the stage without destroying any Badniks.
  • Super Sonic - Start the stage in Super mode, and make it to the end without losing the transformation. Here, the ring drain that normally accompanies the transformation is much faster, however the Shield and Invincibility monitors now provide extra rings.
  • No Rings - Do not collect any rings. This mission is nearly impossible to complete.
  • Escort - Finish the stage without losing Tails either by him dying or being offscreen for too long. Probably the most difficult mission besides No Rings.
  • Rampage - Destroy all the badniks in the level.
  • Ring Collection - Collect a certain amount of rings.

Cheat Codes

  • Bonus Levels: On the Sound test in the Options menu, play sounds 20 09 04 13. You will immediately be taken to Hidden Palace Zone Act 1. After completion of this act it will then go into the "Straight Line" zone for 2 back to back acts, the first act of this zone is literally a straight shot towards the exit, where the second one does slant down occasionally, the zone ends with the boss battle from Emerald Hill. Upon completion of the latter zone it will go into the second act of the former mentioned Zone then returns to the title screen, pressing continue on the title will take you to the first act of Emerald Hill.
  • Instant Level 99: On the Sound test in the Options menu, play sounds 20 08 03 10. You will hear the 1up sound play, and your level will be set to 99 for the current game session only.


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Current version: 7

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