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<forumuser name="Slingerland" /> Slingerland is known for his contributions to the Sonic fangaming community and as a writer to The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. He is a member and administrator at SFGHQ, where he spends most of his online time. He has created a few static engines and sprite libraries, but is acknowledged the most for his fangaming project, Sonic Nexus. He is also site staff for TSS and Retro.


Fed up with the poor-quality of Sonic's official games, Slingerland wanted to create his own. In the summer of 2001, he stumbled upon SFGHQ and began to download all the resources available to him. Not until 2002 did he find the community behind the main site and began to lurk. In late 2003/early 2004, he finally registered an account after having putting significant work into his basic Sonic static engine for his initial project Sonic: Ultimate Chaos. He disappeared after SFGHQ's forum was hacked and resurfaced in early 2005 when the forum made a temporary home on EZBoard. When SFGHQ moved to the vBulletin message board system it uses today, Slingerland quickly became a moderator, and later, an administrator.

Slingerland's fangaming project, Sonic Nexus is one of the more noteworthy projects in the Sonic community. It was nominated for a Sonic Site Award in 2006 and 2007 for best fangame and in 2007 for best soundtrack. The project won "Best in Show" runner-up honors in 2006 and shared the award in the 2007 Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo. He also was the director of the 2007 Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo, which was one of the most popular SAGEs in the show's history. The ad campaign and success of SAGE 2007 and Nexus led to Slingerland finally assimilating into other forums across the Sonic online fandom by finally joining The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro after lurking there for years. He quickly attained high statuses at these new forums as well, becoming site staff at both.

Slingerland serves many positions at The Sonic Stadium. In February 2008, The Sonic Show creator, Jay aka Disco Ponies, asked him to do a fan mail segment for the second season. Each episode, Slingerland reads e-mails from the Sonic community and usually has a laugh at their expense, becoming one of the most popular skits of the show. He discontinued the segment after season two of the podcast concluded. He has since done random skits and a "Top 5" countdown of random Sonic things. In June 2008, Dreadknux appointed Slingerland to the TSS Staff, where he blogs Sonic community news on the front page, writing on community happenings and editorials. In September of 2008, he was made site staff at Sonic Retro, blogging on the front page.

In 2011, it was announced that Sonic Nexus was merging with Sonic XG and Retro Sonic (all games built within the Retro Sonic engine) to form Retro Sonic Nexus. The project was quietly cancelled.

After a lengthy hiatus from the community, Slingerland returned to Sonic Stadium and posted, "Nah," in the thread for Sonic Mania. He was unjustly banned by overzealous and envious moderators for having a nice ass.