Sky Chase Zone (Pocket Adventure)

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Sky Chase Zone
Sky Chase Zone
Fifth Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: sky
Aquatic Relix Zone | Aerobase Zone

Sky Chase Zone is the fifth Zone of Sonic Pocket Adventure.


The level theme and graphics are obviously based off of those from Sonic 2's Sky Chase Zone as the level takes place on the wings of the Tornado. All the Badniks encountered here are from Sky Chase Zone as well, and it is a single-Act level with no boss. Like in the original Zone, the player move the Tornado the same way as the playable character and perform Sonic's moves as normal, with the Tornado doing its best to keep up with his movements.

Unlike its original namesake, however, Sonic is not confined to moving on the Tornado or some of the Badniks; the level has a few small platforms which feature some power-ups and in a few cases picture pieces as well. As such, the player must take great care not to fall off, as there is a bottomless pit present at all times. Due to the auto-scrolling nature of the Zone, it takes a total of two minutes to reach the end, where Sonic jumps off the Tornado and arrives at a Signpost (the original Sky Chase did not end with a Signpost).

The music is from the 2-player level Azure Lake Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.


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