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This is a list of stages and their corresponding decimal ID. These ID's are used in the filesystem (often with the "stg" prefix) and in memory/code as hex.

ID Stage
0000 - 0005 Debug stages
0100 Westopolis
0200 Digital Circuit
0201 Glyphic Canyon
0202 Lethal Highway
0210 Black Bull (Lethal Highway)
0300 Cryptic Castle
0301 Prison Island
0302 Circus Park
0310 Egg Breaker (Cryptic Castle)
0400 Central City
0401 The Doom
0402 Sky Troops
0403 Mad Matrix
0404 Death Ruins
0410 Heavy Dog
0411 Egg Breaker (Mad Matrix)
0412 Black Bull (Death Ruins)
0500 The ARK
0501 Air Fleet
0502 Iron Jungle
0503 Space Gadget
0504 Lost Impact
0510 Blue Falcon
0511 Egg Breaker (Iron Jungle)
0600 GUN Fortress
0601 Black Comet
0602 Lava Shelter
0603 Cosmic Fall
0604 Final Haunt
0610 Black Doom (GUN Fortress)
0611 Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress)
0612 Egg Dealer (Black Comet)
0613 Sonic & Diablon (Black Comet)
0614 Egg Dealer (Lava Shelter)
0615 Egg Dealer (Cosmic Fall)
0616 Black Doom (Cosmic Fall)
0617 Black Doom (Final Haunt)
0618 Sonic & Diablon (Final Haunt)
0700 The Last Way
0710 Devil Doom
0800 2-Player stage 1
0801 2-Player stage 2
0802 2-Player stage 3
0901 - 9901 Cutscene-only locations


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