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On each effect data archives for Shadow the Hedgehog, particle and 3D effect parameters are stored in EFD files located in each effect .ONE archives.

Particle Section

Offset Type Description
0x00 char Effect name
0x20 int Always 02 00
0x28 int Offset to next effect
0x30 float Rotation
0x34 float Rotation bias
0x38 float Unknown
0x3C float Scale
0x4C int Unknown
0x54 int RGBA Color
0x70 int File offset to misc. settings
0x74 char Effect texture name (Example: ef_hring)
0x94 char Effect file name

Additional settings

Other settings start at offset 0xB4 of each particle, but the size of data varies for each effect whereas requires length calculation from the offset to the next effect subtracted by the starting offset to each misc. settings.


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