Shadow Shoot

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ShadowShoot mobile title.png
Shadow Shoot
System(s): i-mode 505i, Vodafone Live! (256KB), J2ME
Publisher: Sega
Distribution portal: Sonic Cafe
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
i-mode 505i
2006-01-23[1] ¥? ?
Vodafone Live! (256KB)
2007-07-03[2] ¥? ?

Shadow Shoot (シャドウシュート) is a mobile phone game originally released in Japan in 2006 for DoJa (i-mode 505i) and J2ME (Vodafone Live! (256KB)) devices through the Sonic Cafe portal. Official conversions for use on overseas J2ME phones (localized into English and Chinese) were developed by ForceGen and released around 2008.


In this game, Dr. Eggman has stolen the green Chaos Emerald, and as such the player, in control of Shadow the Hedgehog, has to go and get it back. The game takes place over several automatically-scrolling levels, and Shadow must move up and down to get to the end of each one, collecting Rings and defeating enemies as he goes. If Shadow falls down a pit or hits an enemy when he has no Rings, the game is over. Various other obstacles are in his way, such as boost pads, slowdown pads and jump pads; the latter let him use the Spin Jump, which is possible to chain score combos with by destroying enemies (Shadow can also shoot them with a handgun). At the end of each level, a boss has to be defeated. In the Japanese versions, high scores from the game can be uploaded to a scores server.


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