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Shadow Adventure
System: Windows
Original game: Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
Credits: Dude
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Shadow Adventure is a Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (PC version) hack made by Dude. It changes the main character to Shadow the Hedgehog, and features layout and texture edits of several levels, such as Emerald Coast, which is made similar to Palmtree Panic from Sonic CD, and Station Square, which is turned into the original level Station Spaceport. Only one demo is available at the moment. However, a patch to the demo with a few changes was released on Dude's 16th birthday. The hack has been indefinitely discontinued.


Shadow Adventure was an incredibly ambitious modification to Sonic Adventure DX that mostly consisted of Dude being bored and messing around with the game engine, but all of the art edits were taken a bit more seriously. The game featured:

  • Well-thought out level re-textures
  • Character and item model vertex edits
  • A graphically facelifted UI
  • Assembler code edits to gameplay mechanics (Shadow's homing attack went farther, and he accelerated faster than his blue counterpart)
  • And the most enjoyable part of the game, redesigned item layouts in every level.

Development Issues

Later on in the development process, dude discovered by accident that sadx refuses to function when certain screen resolutions are selected. At the time he believed this to be a problem with his windows install, and opted to format his Hard Drive in order to fix the problem. The results were less than favorable:

So I was having issues with sonic.exe and I assumed it was a problem with windows. After trying for a while to fix the issue, I finally decided upon a drive format. Shadv was on a different partition than my windows install, so I used fdisk to clean the drive - well it turns out fdisk ignores ntfs partitions, so I managed to single-handedly destroy shadow adventure, completely with the sole exception of the demo version.


As of November of 2008, Dude has resumed work on Sonic Adventure hacking. His new project has helped pave the way for more functionality and hacking capabilities in the SADX scene.


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