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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop
Publisher: Sega
System(s): System C-2
Genre: Food Dispenser
Release Date RRP Code
1993  ? ?


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SegaSonic Popcorn Shop (セガソニック ポップコーンショップ) is a 1993 vending machine which dispenses popcorn in one of three flavors—salted, butter or curry. The popcorn is prepared (microwaved) in a compartment invisible to the "player." It falls into a cup held in a compartment next to the screen when it's finished.

To play the "game", the player turns the green crank to help Tails get the kernels into the fire while Sonic waves his finger at you. However, the popcorn is dispensed whether the crank is turned or not.

On October 25, 2015, MAME developer David Haywood announced that ShouTime and the Dumping Union have purchased a PCB for SegaSonic Popcorn Shop.[1] Consequently, the ROM has been dumped and support has been added to the next version of MAME.

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