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Screen names

SegaSonicCosmoFighter Arcade UnusedScreenName 1.png
SegaSonicCosmoFighter Arcade UnusedScreenName 2.png

Text strings can be found starting at 0x4F2 that would have displayed what screen the player is at in-game. They also indicate that the game's title may have been "Sonic Jet" during development:

SONIC JET : WARNING           
SONIC JET : TITLE             
SONIC JET : DEMO              
SONIC JET : OPENING           
SONIC JET : GAME              
SONIC JET : ENDING            

An orphaned initialisation routine starting at 0x390 can be called to display these strings during gameplay, but doing so can corrupt the graphics[1].

Debug functions

Some debugging functions remain intact, and are mapped to buttons which do not exist on the released cabinet itself[1]:

  • The flag at 0xFF800A allows the player to pause the game. This is mapped as P2 Button 1 in MAME.
  • The flag at 0xFF8006 controls the game speed. In MAME, P1 Start decreases this value, while P2 Start increases it.


SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter
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