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Type of site: Project Hosting
Created on: June 2002
Current status: Offline

SSonicNET was the host of Sonic Classic, Area 51 and the SSonicNET Database.

SSonicNET started in June 2002 as a partnership between Sonic McTails, HyperShadowDC, and Sonic Sue. HyperShadowDC was later replaced by Alexbt. Sonic Sue also left SSonicNet. Its original name was The SegaSonic Network and its first URL was, hosted on McTails' Power Mac G4.

The SegaSonic Network (or SSN for short) was created to provide hosting to various Sonic-related projects on the Internet, and it soon came to a point where a more permanent solution would be necessary.

In October 2002, the SegaSonic Network made its move to on Invision Power servers.

In January 2003, it was decided by Pelord and members of the Sonic Classic staff that Sonic Classic would move from ezBoard to the SegaSonic Network. The new Invision Power Board version of Sonic Classic opened in February 2002, creating more traffic to the SegaSonic Network.

In mid-year 2003, the name was officially shortened to SSonicNET, an abbreviation created by former Sonic Community member Sonic Sue in order to avoid any future legal hassles and to create a shorter, easier-to-remember name.

In August 2003, was registered and connected to the Invision Power server. Neither URLs continue to run.

The site was discontinued in early 2006.