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Sonic riding the Wave Cyclone, one such watercraft.

Watercraft are a gameplay element in Sonic Rush Adventure for the Nintendo DS. The game is set in the watery Sol Dimension, with stages taking the form of islands scattered around a vast ocean. In order to explore the reaches of the world map and travel to new levels, Sonic sails the seven seas in a variety of boats. Constructed out of Material by Tails on Southern Island, controlling the watercraft is a significant component of Rush Advnture.

The first craft seen in the game is the SS Marine, Marine the Raccoon's own attempt to escape Southern Island. Not a particularly competent artifex, Marine's effort doesn't end well, but she relinquishes her textbook on naval architecture to Tails, who promises to build something more successful. Sonic gathers Blue and Iron Material from Whale Point, and together they assemble the Wave Cyclone, a speedy jet-ski. Now able to explore away from Southern Island, Sonic, Tails, and Marine quickly venture across to Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, and thence on to the entire ocean. As the game progresses, Tails builds several other craft to expedite their journeys through more challenging waters.

List of watercraft

With gameplay

  • Wave Cyclone - The first craft, a blue and yellow jet-ski. Has a limited range, so can only get the team to Plant Kingdom and Machine Labyrinth. Used to race Johnny the Pirate in Special Stage races for the Chaos Emeralds. The craft is controlled by sliding the DS stylus across the bottom screen, allowing you to dodge out of the way of obstacles and enemies. Fill up the Boost meter by performing tricks off ramps. Requires 1 Blue and 1 Iron Material to build.
  • Ocean Tornado - A much larger vessel, this paddleboat has a much longer range, as well as a different gameplay style. The boat moves forwards on its own and the player controls the side-mounted weapons (machine guns, cannons, and a flamethrower) to blast Captain Whisker's pirate attackers. The Ocean Tornado cannot enter shallow water. Requires 5 Green and 5 Bronze Material to build.
  • Aqua Blast - A hovercraft built after Haunted Ship, when Blaze explains that the Ocean Tornado won't be able to handle the ice floes en route to Blizzard Peaks. Controls are more like the Wave Cyclone, although instead of a Super Boost this craft has a chargeable front-mounted cannon to blast approaching pirates and mines. Requires 1 Blue, 1 Iron, 2 Green, 2 Bronze, 5 Red, and 5 Silver Material to build.
  • Deep Typhoon - An armed submarine built after Sky Babylon and Blizzard Peaks point the heroes in the direction of Pirates' Island's underwater enterance. The sub has the longest range of the craft but is usually the most difficult to safely convey to its destination; if anything, Whisker's undersea pirate fleet is stronger than his normal pirate fleet, with robotic sharks and submersibles all over the place. The player controls the front-mounted cannon and must tap the screen at the right time to fire at opponents. Requires 1 Blue, 1 Iron, 1 Green, 1 Bronze, 2 Red, and 2 Silver, 5 Aqua, and 5 Gold Material to build.

Without gameplay

Other vehicles exclusive to Sonic Rush Adventure have no gameplay to speak of, but are significant in the game's story.

  • SS Marine - Marine's solo attempt at building a watercraft so she can get off Southern Island and explore the world. Crashes disasterously during early dialogue; after that, Tails takes over the boatbuilding job.
  • Magma Hurricane - A locomotive-like means of transport that is stationed in Southern Island's prominent volcano and comes with an attached drill to burrow through rock. It's already been built by Tails by the time it's needed to pursue Eggman and Eggman Nega through the planet's interior to prevent them from getting their hands on the Jeweled Scepter and the Power of the Stars.
  • SS Tornado EX - A pink craft with regal-looking fins that takes Sonic and Tails back to their own dimension at the conclusion of the story. According to Tails, it's powered by both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, which use their polarity to form a tunnel between the Sol Dimension and that of Sonic and Tails. It's capable of both floating in water and on the air.
  • SS Super Marine - Marine's new and improved jet ski, built with a considerable amount of time and effort. She uses the craft to catch up with Sonic and Tails on the SS Tornado EX and say good-bye. Much like the SS Marine before it, this craft bears more than a passing glance to its raccoon creator.



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