SMS Power!

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SMS Power!
Current owner(s): Bock, Maxim,
MikeG, Eric R. Quinn
Type of site: Research, Fansite
Created on: March 1997
Current status: Online

SMS Power! is a fan website dedicated to the games, hardware and various media of the Sega Master System (SMS) / Sega Mark III (MK3), Sega Game Gear (GG), Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000), Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000), Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000) and the Othello Multivision (OMV), all Zilog Z80 Sega 8-bit era systems. The site was founded at the end of March 1997, first under the name "SMS Camp". It later evolved into a generic emulation site called "Emulation Camp" then split, went back into focus and was renamed to "SMS Power!" in 1999.

SMS Power! aims to archive the software data for all Sega 8-bit era systems, analyze and sort the software and release it to the public. For this reason, the site is perhaps best known for its collection of rare and hard-to-find ROM dumps. In addition to dumping, which is becoming an easier process nowadays, lots of work is put into verifying and labeling new and existing data, and comparing variations that may exist between different countries or rereleases. This is a tedious job, often requiring deep knowledge of the games and analysis based on the original box, game media, documentation, or reverse engineering program code.

Additionally, the site hosts an active forum, fansites for Alex Kidd, Golvellius, and Wonder Boy, as well as the official website for MEKA.