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The music folder contains all of the music for the game, mostly split into 2 folders (US and JP for the different soundtracks) with all of the past themes being shared (As with the orginal game). All of the music used in stages follows the following format R#?.ogg where # is the zone number and ? is the time zone. All music is in an Stereo 44100Hz ogg format


All of the shared music is here. All of the music is for acts in the past

File Name Context Notes
R1B Palmtree Panic
R3B Collision Chaos
R4B Tidal Tempest
R5B Quartz Quadrant
R6B Wacky Workbench
R7B Stardust Speedway
R8B Metallic Madness


Most of the music not shown above has 2 versions labeled as US and JP, these are both selectable ingame though the soundtrack option. For hacks, this may be useful to either have 2 soundtracks or one unchanged soundtrack (depending on the hack).

All of the stage music is labeled as R#?.ogg with the table showing the possible results:

Character Options Context
# 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 This is the zone identifier and is as follows:

1 = Palmtree Panic - 3 = Collision Chaos - 4 = Tidal Tempest - 5 = Quartz Quadrant - 6 = Wacky Workbentch - 7 = Stardust Speedway - 8 = Matallic Madness

? A, C, D This is the time identifier and is as follow:

A = Present - C = Good future - D = Bad future

Below are the other tracks within the folder that don't fit the rules above

File Name Context Notes
Boss Boss theme Titled Boss in the JP version but titled Robotnik 1 in the US version
DAGarden Music for the DA garden extra mode in JP, credits theme in US Title in JP is D.A Gardens and End Title in US
FinalBoss Theme for the Matallic Madness boss The JP metadata appears to be damaged, the US version is titled Robotnik 2
GameOver The game over theme
Invincibility The theme for invincibility The track is titled Invincible(!)
SpecialStage The theme for the special stage
SpeedShoes The theme for the Speed shoes Titled Fast Shoe! in JP and Sneakers in US
TimeAttack The theme for the time attack mode Only in the JP soundtrack, appears to have no metadata
TitleScreen The music played at the title Only the JP version appears to play, even with the US soundtrack selected. Titled Title Screen in JP and Open Title in US
ZoneComplete Played after finishing an act Titled Zone Complete in JP but titled End Of Level Fanfare in US


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