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The game folder contains strings, the default game configuration and demo files. The text files don't appear to change anything if they're edited, the data has already been put into bin files it appears. Note that this page may contain speculation


Appears to contain compiled files for help and the game configuration with folders containing more information

File name File type Content
Credits_Console txt All of the credits for the Console version of the game
Credits_Mobile txt All of the credits for the Mobile version of the game
GameConfig bin Likely contains the settings used (e.g. soundtrack)
HelpText bin May be a compiled version of the help text, based on SystemText.gif and txt help files
SystemText gif Appears to contain a typeface, likely used for the menus ingame


This covers all of the folders labelled help (As they are the same but en different languages i.e. EN & FR)

The files are named an named in the following way:


Where # is the number and ?? is the language

Page number Content
1 Gives a brief summery of the story
2-3 Describes the characters, 2 focuses on Sonic and Amy, 3 focuses on Robotnik and Metal Sonic
4-5 Describes the controls, 4 focuses on the basics (Moving and jumping) and 5 focuses on techniques (Spin dash and the super peel out)
6 Describes items Sonic can encounter such as monitors and lamp posts
7-8 Describes the process of using time warps and how they may effect the world
9 Describes special stages, how they work and hint that you should probably get the time stones


These hold the demos that run if the title screen is left alone for too long, the name of the file relate to the zone, act and version (e.g 11c would be Palmtree Panic Act 1 in the good future), all files have a bin extension

File name Stage used Stage time
Key11a Palmtree Panic Act 1 Present
Key43c Tidal Tempest Act 3 Good future
Key82a Metallic Madness Act 2 Present
Special1 Special Stage 1 N/A
Special6 Special Stage 6 N/A
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