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The following is a listing of the English-language voice files in Sonic Heroes. These files are located in dvdroot\bgm\SH_VOICE_E.afs.

Sonic Heroes/Sound Editing/Voices/9
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Filename (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
sky01_e00_om Omega “Total destruction for all Eggman ships.”
sky01_e00_rg Rouge “But why so many?”
sky01_e00_sd Shadow “Eggman's armada... What an amazing sight!”
sky01_e00_sn Sonic “Sure are lots of battleships!”
sky01_e00_tl Tails “Where'd they get so many?”
sky01_e00_vc Vector “They're all controlled by robots. Guess the Doc is pretty lonely.”
sky01_e01_am Amy “We're flying so high!”
sky01_e01_bg Big “I see nothing but clouds. Better not fall off.”
sky01_e01_ch Charmy “Flying this high makes me dizzy!”
sky01_e01_cr Cream “It's kind of scary!”
sky01_e01_es Espio “How could we have reached this altitude already?”
sky01_e01_kn Knuckles “Wow! We're flying way high!”
sky01_e01_rg Rouge “We're flying very high... We might even be at the edge of space!”
sky01_e01_sd Shadow “Space... Did you say space?”
sky01_e01_sn Sonic “Come on, this is nothing! Let's keep moving!”
sky01_e01_tl Tails “Better not fall!”
sky01_e01_vc Vector “You're a bee! You're supposed to be used to flying, aren't ya?”
sky01_e02_ch Charmy “Yeahhh!!”
sky01_e02_es Espio “Here we go!”
sky01_e02_kn Knuckles “Here we go!”
sky01_e02_om Omega “Destroy all!”
sky01_e02_rg Rouge “Alright!”
sky01_e02_sd Shadow “Let's take this bridge down.”
sky01_e02_sn Sonic “Charge!!!”
sky01_e02_tl Tails “Yeah!”
sky01_e02_vc Vector “All right!”
sky01_e03_ch Charmy “Take that, you bad man!”
sky01_e03_es Espio “We got him.”
sky01_e03_kn Knuckles “Way to go, guys!”
sky01_e03_om Omega “Target destroyed!”
sky01_e03_rg Rouge “We got him!”
sky01_e03_sd Shadow “Is that it?”
sky01_e03_sn Sonic “One down!”
sky01_e03_tl Tails “All right!”
sky01_e03_vc Vector “They weren't as tough as they looked.”
sky01_h00_am Amy “The cannons are aimed at those markers at your feet!”
sky01_h00_bg Big “That circle marked by your feet means that you're in danger.”
sky01_h00_ch Charmy “(whispering) We haven't been noticed; Let's keep it that way!”
sky01_h00_cr Cream “Stay away from those markers! Those are where the cannons aim!”
sky01_h00_es Espio “They haven't been activated yet. Keep our distance, and move out.”
sky01_h00_kn Knuckles “The cannons are aiming our way; Watch for those target markers!”
sky01_h00_om Omega “Confirmed cannons attack. Get away from the target marker.”
sky01_h00_rg Rouge “Here it comes! Ge away from the target marker!”
sky01_h00_sd Shadow “Don't panic! As long as you stay clear of those markers you're okay.”
sky01_h00_sn Sonic “Those cannons are about to fire! Get away from those target markers!”
sky01_h00_tl Tails “Get away from the markers! The cannons are aiming this way!”
sky01_h00_vc Vector “Keep our distance from the cannons. Good job, boys.”
sky01_h01_am Amy “Cream, fry those cannons with Thunder Shoot!”
sky01_h01_bg Big “Use Thunder Shoot to stop those cannons.”
sky01_h01_cr Cream “We can shock those cannons with Thunder Shoot!”
sky01_h01_kn Knuckles “Destroy those cannons with Thunder Shoot, Tails!”
sky01_h01_om Omega “Short-circuit the cannons with Thunder Shoot, Rouge.”
sky01_h01_rg Rouge “Take those cannons out with Thunder Shoot!”
sky01_h01_sd Shadow “Rouge, shut those cannons down with Thunder Shoot.”
sky01_h01_sn Sonic “Tails, destroy those cannons with Thunder Shoot!”
sky01_h01_tl Tails “We can stop those cannons from firing by using Thunder Shoot!”
sky01_h02_am Amy “Big, make those cannons stop!”
sky01_h02_bg Big “That cannon is trying to hurt us! Can I hurt them back?”
sky01_h02_cr Cream “Can you destroy those cannons, Mr. Big?”
sky01_h02_kn Knuckles “I'll break those cannons into pieces! Let me handle this!”
sky01_h02_om Omega “Affirmative. Eliminate all Eggman's fleet weapons.”
sky01_h02_rg Rouge “Omega, take out those cannons!”
sky01_h02_sd Shadow “Destroy those cannons, Omega.”
sky01_h02_sn Sonic “Knuckles! Think you can destroy those cannons by punching them?”
sky01_h02_tl Tails “Knuckles! Can you punch out those cannons?”
sky01_h03_am Amy “Hey – Think Big can destroy that giant cannon?”
sky01_h03_bg Big “I'll break that giant cannon before someone gets hurt.”
sky01_h03_cr Cream “You should be able to destroy that giant cannon, right Mr. Big?”
sky01_h03_kn Knuckles “I'll take care of that giant cannon!”
sky01_h03_om Omega “Affirmative. Giant cannon can be destroyed.”
sky01_h03_rg Rouge “Omega's attack will knock out that giant cannon!”
sky01_h03_sd Shadow “Omega, destroy that giant cannon.”
sky01_h03_sn Sonic “I'll leave that giant cannon to you, Knuckles!”
sky01_h03_tl Tails “Knuckles should be able to destroy that giant cannon!”
sky01_h04_am Amy “We should be able to pull out the propeller with a tornado.”
sky01_h04_bg Big “The propeller is stuck in the dirt! Maybe we can use the wind here.”
sky01_h04_cr Cream “Amy, we should be able to pull out the propeller with a tornado!”
sky01_h04_kn Knuckles “Sonic! Pull out that propeller using a tornado!”
sky01_h04_om Omega “Most effective maneuver is to use a tornado on the propeller.”
sky01_h04_rg Rouge “Shadow, use a tornado to pull out the propeller.”
sky01_h04_sd Shadow “We should be able to pull out the propeller with a tornado.”
sky01_h04_sn Sonic “Maybe we can use that propeller if we stir up the wind here.”
sky01_h04_tl Tails “Sonic, we can pull out that propeller using a tornado!”
sky01_h05_am Amy “They're shooting at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h05_bg Big “Watch out! Get out of the way of the bullets!”
sky01_h05_cr Cream “We're being shot at! Move up and down to dodge the bullets!”
sky01_h05_kn Knuckles “They're firing at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h05_om Omega “Gunfire from fleet detected. Prepare for evasive action.”
sky01_h05_rg Rouge “They're firing at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h05_sd Shadow “They're firing at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h05_sn Sonic “They're firing at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h05_tl Tails “They're aiming right at us! Dodge the bullets by moving up and down!”
sky01_h06_am Amy “Let's get up there!”
sky01_h06_bg Big “Please, move up!”
sky01_h06_cr Cream “Move up!!”
sky01_h06_kn Knuckles “Let's go up!”
sky01_h06_om Omega “Ascend.”
sky01_h06_rg Rouge “Move up!”
sky01_h06_sd Shadow “Go up!”
sky01_h06_sn Sonic “Move up!”
sky01_h06_tl Tails “Go up!”
sky01_h07_kn Knuckles “Those look more challenging.”
sky01_h07_om Omega “The E-2000. So, they're in production. I'll destroy them.”
sky01_h07_rg Rouge “Those guys look pretty tough. Careful now!”
sky01_h07_sd Shadow “Who do they think they are?”
sky01_h07_sn Sonic “They're blocking our way!”
sky01_h07_tl Tails “A new type of robot. Look out everyone!”
sky01_h08_ch Charmy “Espio, time to rock and roll!”
sky01_h08_es Espio “Leave this to me. I'll charge it with Rocket Accel.”
sky01_h08_kn Knuckles “Sonic, let's charge it, using your Rocket Accel!”
sky01_h08_om Omega “Shadow's Rocket Accel required to blast through.”
sky01_h08_rg Rouge “Shadow! We need you and the Rocket Accel!”
sky01_h08_sd Shadow “I'll take care of this with Rocket Accel.”
sky01_h08_sn Sonic “I'll handle this! Let me charge it using Rocket Accel!”
sky01_h08_tl Tails “Sonic! Charge it using Rocket Accel!”
sky01_h08_vc Vector “Espio, we're countin' on you and your Rocket Accel.”
sky01_h09_am Amy “There's a switch on top of this cannon! Big, slam it down!”
sky01_h09_bg Big “Let me slam the switch down.”
sky01_h09_ch Charmy “Hey Vector, hit the switch, it's on top of the cannon!”
sky01_h09_cr Cream “Slam down the switch to activate it! It's on top of the cannon!”
sky01_h09_es Espio “The switch is there, Vector.”
sky01_h09_vc Vector “Let me hit the switch on the cannon.”
sky01_h10_am Amy “They're firing at us again! Dodge 'em by moving up and down!”
sky01_h10_bg Big “They're shooting again... Must dodge the bullets – Up and down!”
sky01_h10_cr Cream “Here we go again. Just dodge them by moving up and down!”
sky01_h10_kn Knuckles “They're firing at us again! Do they think they can hit us?”
sky01_h10_om Omega “Gunfire from the fleet detected. Prepare evasive actions again.”
sky01_h10_rg Rouge “They just don't give up, do they? Just dodge 'em by moving up and down.”
sky01_h10_sd Shadow “Here they go again. Just keep dodging 'em by moving up and down!”
sky01_h10_sn Sonic “Here they go again! They just don't give up, do they?”
sky01_h10_tl Tails “They're firing at us again! Watch out everyone!”
sky01_h11_am Amy “Let's land on that battleship!”
sky01_h11_bg Big “I wonder if Froggy is on that giant ship?”
sky01_h11_cr Cream “Let's try landing on that giant battleship.”
sky01_h11_kn Knuckles “Ready to land on the battleship!”
sky01_h11_om Omega “Securing landing on giant battleship ahead.”
sky01_h11_rg Rouge “Get ready to land on that giant battleship!”
sky01_h11_sd Shadow “Secure landing on craft!”
sky01_h11_sn Sonic “Time to land on that battleship!”
sky01_h11_tl Tails “Time to land on that giant battleship!”
sky01_h12_am Amy “Let's land on that giant battleship!”
sky01_h12_bg Big “I wonder if Froggy is on that ship...”
sky01_h12_cr Cream “Landing on next battleship.”
sky01_h12_kn Knuckles “More battleships! Time to destroy the next one!”
sky01_h12_om Omega “Securing and preparing to land on next battleship.”
sky01_h12_rg Rouge “That giant battleship, up ahead!”
sky01_h12_sd Shadow “More giant battleships. Ready to take 'em down!”
sky01_h12_sn Sonic “Bring on the next battleship!”
sky01_h12_tl Tails “Coming in for a landing on the next giant battleship!”
sky01_h13_ch Charmy “Come out, come out wherever you are!”
sky01_h13_es Espio “I sense... the enemy!”
sky01_h13_vc Vector “Here they come. Watch out!”
sky01_h14_am Amy “Move down!”
sky01_h14_bg Big “You gotta move down or else.”
sky01_h14_cr Cream “Move down!!”
sky01_h14_kn Knuckles “Here it comes! Move down!”
sky01_h14_om Omega “Descend.”
sky01_h14_rg Rouge “Move down!”
sky01_h14_sd Shadow “Move down!”
sky01_h14_sn Sonic “Move down!”
sky01_h14_tl Tails “Go down!”
sky01_m00_eg Eggman (over radio) “Infiltrate the fleet's whale-shark flagship. Be careful not to get detected by the enemies.”
sky01_m01_eg Eggman (over radio) “You know which ship is the flagship, right? Infiltrate the flagship within the time limit without being detected by the enemies.”
sky01_w00_am Amy “I wonder if Sonic is here too?”
sky01_w00_bg Big “Fish-shaped ships make me wanna go fishing.”
sky01_w00_ch Charmy “Look at all those ships! I wonder if we can take one?”
sky01_w00_cr Cream “I wonder if Eggman will give Chocola back?”
sky01_w00_es Espio “Flying ships... How mysterious.”
sky01_w00_kn Knuckles “Let's find Eggman's flagship.”
sky01_w00_om Omega “Eggman's presence has been detected. Commencing pursuit.”
sky01_w00_rg Rouge “According to our intel, Eggman's somewhere on this ship.”
sky01_w00_sd Shadow “There's no doubt now.”
sky01_w00_sn Sonic “Look at all those ships... All fleets must have been called out.”
sky01_w00_tl Tails “It's impossible to destroy them all. We have to find the command flagship.”
sky01_w00_vc Vector “Eggman must be really rich. Wonder if he'd hire us?”
sky02_e00_am Amy “Here we are...”
sky02_e00_bg Big “Froggy.”
sky02_e00_ch Charmy “We'll meet our client soon – And collect a reward!”
sky02_e00_cr Cream “It's quite overwhelming. I've gotta pull myself together!”
sky02_e00_es Espio “This is the core of the base.”
sky02_e00_kn Knuckles “How does this thing stay afloat? Doesn't matter; let's take it down!”
sky02_e00_om Omega “Eggman's headquarters detected. Destruction mode engaged.”
sky02_e00_rg Rouge “I thought that battleship was big, but this is enormous!”
sky02_e00_sd Shadow “I'm feeling a bit uneasy. Time to attack!”
sky02_e00_sn Sonic “This must be Eggman's headquarters!”
sky02_e00_tl Tails “The airbase!”
sky02_e00_vc Vector “Yeah, the client – We should probably find him!”
sky02_e01_am Amy “This weather reminds me of our last attack on the Egg Carrier.”
sky02_e01_bg Big “Fro-ggy!”
sky02_e01_ch Charmy “Evil? Who're you talking about?”
sky02_e01_cr Cream “You've been in battle before? What!? You too, Mr. Big?”
sky02_e01_es Espio “Evil prefers this kind of weather.”
sky02_e01_kn Knuckles “You think you can handle it, Tails?”
sky02_e01_om Omega “Sensing strong magnetic field. Magnitude off the scale.”
sky02_e01_rg Rouge “You're thinking too much Shadow. What, you too Omega?”
sky02_e01_sd Shadow “This weather... could be an omen.”
sky02_e01_sn Sonic “It's covered by dark clouds now!”
sky02_e01_tl Tails “I'm not scared! ...much...”
sky02_e01_vc Vector “We're about to find that out, boys.”
sky02_e02_am Amy “I can't believe he built that thing. It's huge!”
sky02_e02_ch Charmy “Boy, it's gonna be tough trying to find a key in there!”
sky02_e02_cr Cream “Maybe he doesn't like his neighbors much.”
sky02_e02_es Espio “Amazing piece of aviation engineering.”
sky02_e02_kn Knuckles “The Egg Carrier is nothing compared to this!”
sky02_e02_om Omega “That thing isn't enough to stop me. I'll destroy it with my bare hands.”
sky02_e02_rg Rouge “If you want to conquer the world, you need something that big!”
sky02_e02_sd Shadow “Enormous engineering feat, I must admit.”
sky02_e02_sn Sonic “Talk about humongous!”
sky02_e02_tl Tails “Wow! How'd he manage to build something so big?”
sky02_e02_vc Vector “Well, it's all part of the job. Gotta work hard for that reward!”
sky02_e03_am Amy “Eggman's robots are everywhere!”
sky02_e03_bg Big “Okey-dokey. I'm ready!”
sky02_e03_ch Charmy “Come on! Bring it on!”
sky02_e03_cr Cream “What are we gonna do?”
sky02_e03_es Espio “Their attack is mounting. We have to infiltrate the command center.”
sky02_e03_kn Knuckles “I'll destroy everything that comes my way!”
sky02_e03_om Omega “Large numbers detected, but not for long.”
sky02_e03_rg Rouge “Yeah, right. But they're sure trying hard enough.”
sky02_e03_sd Shadow “Does he think he can stop us?”
sky02_e03_sn Sonic “There's robots everywhere! Time to party!”
sky02_e03_tl Tails “Their attack is mounting! Keep your guard up!”
sky02_e03_vc Vector “Don't let your guard down! This is where we earn our pay!”
sky02_e04_ch Charmy “Yeah, that's what they get!”
sky02_e04_es Espio “Didn't think it would self-destruct. We just barely made it.”
sky02_e04_kn Knuckles “It's blown to pieces!”
sky02_e04_om Omega “Target destroyed. Searching for next target.”
sky02_e04_rg Rouge “But that was pretty close.”
sky02_e04_sd Shadow “He underestimated us, thinking that would do the job.”
sky02_e04_sn Sonic “Never thought it would actually self-destruct!”
sky02_e04_tl Tails “Wonder why it self-destructed?”
sky02_e04_vc Vector “What an explosion! If we were any slower, we'd be toast for sure!”
sky02_h00_am Amy “Some sections will fall and explode! Hurry!”
sky02_h00_bg Big “If we just stand here, the ground may disappear. Better get going.”
sky02_h00_ch Charmy “When the ground starts to shake, better run like crazy!”
sky02_h00_cr Cream “Areas are unstable and may detonate! When it starts to shake, get away fast!”
sky02_h00_es Espio “Let's hurry! The ship is unstable and may detonate!”
sky02_h00_kn Knuckles “Some of the platforms are unstable! We better keep moving!”
sky02_h00_om Omega “Sections of the ship are unstable. Keep moving fast.”
sky02_h00_rg Rouge “The craft is crumbling away and detonating. Better fly!”
sky02_h00_sd Shadow “Parts of the ship are crumbling and exploding. Hurry, let's go!”
sky02_h00_sn Sonic “Some areas are unstable! Gotta keep moving, fast!”
sky02_h00_tl Tails “Some areas are beginning to fall! Keep moving!”
sky02_h00_vc Vector “The ship is really unstable, so keep running if you wanna live!”
sky02_h01_am Amy “Watch out for the first wave!”
sky02_h01_bg Big “Cannonballs are super strong! Watch out for the fire too.”
sky02_h01_ch Charmy “Stay out of the target markers, and you'll be safe!”
sky02_h01_cr Cream “The cannon blast is dangerous! Please be very careful!”
sky02_h01_es Espio “Keep your eyes peeled on the cannons! Dodge attacks and stay clear of the markers!”
sky02_h01_kn Knuckles “The cannon's blasts are powerful! Watch out, even when blind!”
sky02_h01_om Omega “The cannon's power is increased. Avoid its blast.”
sky02_h01_rg Rouge “The cannons are powered up! Watch out, even when airborne!”
sky02_h01_sd Shadow “The cannon's blast has increased. They must have powered it up!”
sky02_h01_sn Sonic “The power blasts from the cannons are more powerful now.”
sky02_h01_tl Tails “Watch out! The cannons have been powered up and are more dangerous!”
sky02_h01_vc Vector “Cannons are firing! Dodge their attacks and stay clear of the markers!”
sky02_h02_ch Charmy “Wow! That's what I call a laser!”
sky02_h02_es Espio “What was that bright light!? Some kind of new weapon!?”
sky02_h02_kn Knuckles “What was that bright light!? Giant laser cannons?”
sky02_h02_om Omega “Caution: Large laser weapons detected.”
sky02_h02_rg Rouge “It's the laser cannons! Look out!”
sky02_h02_sd Shadow “Laser cannons – Watch out everyone!”
sky02_h02_sn Sonic “Was that a laser? That was huge!”
sky02_h02_tl Tails “Watch out for large laser blasts from those cannons!”
sky02_h02_vc Vector “Laser cannons have been fired! Stay on your toes, boys!”
sky02_h03_ch Charmy “Hey guys! Did you see the red, blue, and yellow lasers? There are three colors of rails too!”
sky02_h03_es Espio “There are three colored lasers; red, blue, and yellow! Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!”
sky02_h03_kn Knuckles “There are three laser colors; red, blue and yellow! The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!”
sky02_h03_om Omega “Three laser color of red, blue and yellow are detected. Each laser color corresponds to a rail color.”
sky02_h03_rg Rouge “Hey guys, there are three colors of lasers: red, blue, and yellow! Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!”
sky02_h03_sd Shadow “There are three laser colors: red, blue and yellow. Each laser fires at the same color rail.”
sky02_h03_sn Sonic “There are three colors of lasers: red, blue and yellow! Each laser fires at the same rail color!”
sky02_h03_tl Tails “Hey guys! There are three colors of lasers: red, blue and yellow! Each laser fires at the rail of the same color!”
sky02_h03_vc Vector “It seems there are three laser colors: red, blue, and yellow! The color of the laser being fired matches the color of the rail!”
sky02_h04_ch Charmy “The cannon flashes before it fires! Stay off the same colored rail!”
sky02_h04_es Espio “This weapon illuminates right before it fires! Look at the color of the light and stay clear of the same colored rail!”
sky02_h04_kn Knuckles “The cannon will light up right before it fires! Stay off the rail with the same color, or you'll get burned by the laser!”
sky02_h04_om Omega “Analyze light emission before the cannon fires. Stay clear of the same colored rail.”
sky02_h04_rg Rouge “The cannon will light up right before it fires! Stay off the rail with the same color or you'll get burned by the laser!”
sky02_h04_sd Shadow “The cannon lights up for a split second before it fires. Make sure to stay off the same colored rail.”
sky02_h04_sn Sonic “The cannon lights up right before it fires. Look at the color of the light, and make sure to stay off the same colored rail!”
sky02_h04_tl Tails “The cannon lights up briefly before it fires! Look at the color, then make sure to stay off the same colored rail!”
sky02_h04_vc Vector “See the light from the cannon as it prepared to fire? Stay away from the same colored rail, or you'll get tagged by the laser!”
sky02_h05_ch Charmy “It's red!”
sky02_h05_es Espio “Red laser incoming!”
sky02_h05_kn Knuckles “It's the red laser!”
sky02_h05_om Omega “Incoming: Red laser.”
sky02_h05_rg Rouge “It's firing the red laser!”
sky02_h05_sd Shadow “Look out! Red laser!”
sky02_h05_sn Sonic “Red laser!”
sky02_h05_tl Tails “Red laser fired!”
sky02_h05_vc Vector “Red! I said red laser!”
sky02_h06_ch Charmy “It's blue!”
sky02_h06_es Espio “Blue laser incoming!”
sky02_h06_kn Knuckles “It's the blue laser!”
sky02_h06_om Omega “Incoming: Blue laser.”
sky02_h06_rg Rouge “Blue laser!”
sky02_h06_sd Shadow “Blue laser fired!”
sky02_h06_sn Sonic “Look out! Blue laser!”
sky02_h06_tl Tails “Blue laser fired!”
sky02_h06_vc Vector “Blue! I said blue laser!”
sky02_h07_ch Charmy “It's yellow!”
sky02_h07_es Espio “Yellow laser fired!”
sky02_h07_kn Knuckles “It's the yellow laser!”
sky02_h07_om Omega “Incoming: Yellow laser.”
sky02_h07_rg Rouge “Yellow laser fired!”
sky02_h07_sd Shadow “Yellow laser!”
sky02_h07_sn Sonic “Yellow laser! Look out!”
sky02_h07_tl Tails “Yellow laser fired!”
sky02_h07_vc Vector “Yellow! I said yellow laser!”
sky02_h08_ch Charmy “The rails light up for some reason! Maybe it's because of that laser!”
sky02_h08_es Espio “Did you notice that rail lights up before the laser fires?”
sky02_h08_kn Knuckles “The rail we're on now will light up right before the laser fires!”
sky02_h08_om Omega “The rail lights up as a reaction to the laser right before it fires.”
sky02_h08_rg Rouge “The rail lights up right before the laser fires!”
sky02_h08_sd Shadow “The rail will light up, right before the laser fires.”
sky02_h08_sn Sonic “The rail lights up right before the laser fires!”
sky02_h08_tl Tails “The rail lights up right before the laser fires!”
sky02_h08_vc Vector “Looks like the rail lights up right before the laser fires!”
sky02_h09_ch Charmy “This switch blows it up right? Hey, let's give it a try!”
sky02_h09_es Espio “Is that a self-destruct switch? We should get on top and press it!”
sky02_h09_kn Knuckles “A self-destruction switch? Maybe we should press it down!”
sky02_h09_om Omega “Battleship self-destruction switch detected.”
sky02_h09_rg Rouge “What? A self-destruct switch? We should get on it and press down!”
sky02_h09_sd Shadow “To activate the switch, get on top and press the button.”
sky02_h09_sn Sonic “That's a self-destruct switch! Get on it and press down!”
sky02_h09_tl Tails “Hey, a self-destruct switch! Get on it and press down!”
sky02_h09_vc Vector “A self-destruct switch. Maybe we can use it somehow.”
sky02_h10_am Amy “I'll go to that pole and try the Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h10_bg Big “I wonder if Tornado Jump will work on that pole...”
sky02_h10_cr Cream “Amy, try the Tornado Jump on that pole.”
sky02_h10_kn Knuckles “Hey, Sonic! Hop on that pole and do the Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h10_om Omega “Pole detected. Tornado Jump possible.”
sky02_h10_rg Rouge “Shadow, go for that pole and use Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h10_sd Shadow “I'll head for that pole and do the Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h10_sn Sonic “Head for that pole and do the Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h10_tl Tails “Sonic, head for that pole and do the Tornado Jump!”
sky02_h11_am Amy “Big, what d'ya think about using your umbrella to glide?”
sky02_h11_bg Big “Hmm? Maybe we can use my umbrella to get over to that fan.”
sky02_h11_ch Charmy “Vector, blow me a big bubble!”
sky02_h11_cr Cream “Mr. Big, can you make it to that fan using your umbrella?”
sky02_h11_es Espio “Can we make it over to that fan by floating using your bubble gum?”
sky02_h11_kn Knuckles “We can reach that fan using Triangle Dive to glide!”
sky02_h11_om Omega “Attempt gliding with Triangle Dive to reach that fan.”
sky02_h11_rg Rouge “Omega, glide over to that fan using Triangle Dive!”
sky02_h11_sd Shadow “Omega, glide to that fan using Triangle Dive!”
sky02_h11_sn Sonic “Hey, Knuckles! Glide over to the fan using Triangle Dive!”
sky02_h11_tl Tails “Knuckles! Glide over to that fan using Triangle Dive!”
sky02_h11_vc Vector “I'm sure we can reach that fan using my bubble gum.”
sky02_h12_am Amy “We need to turn the switch on to activate the fan.”
sky02_h12_bg Big “Where's the switch for the fan?”
sky02_h12_ch Charmy “Where's the fan switch?”
sky02_h12_cr Cream “The switch must be turned on to activate the fan.”
sky02_h12_es Espio “The fan isn't moving! There's got to be a switch nearby...”
sky02_h12_kn Knuckles “The fan isn't working! There's gotta be a switch somewhere!”
sky02_h12_om Omega “Locate fan switch and activate.”
sky02_h12_rg Rouge “The switch must be turned on to activate the fan!”
sky02_h12_sd Shadow “We need to turn the switch on to activate the fan!”
sky02_h12_sn Sonic “Turn on the switch to activate the fan!”
sky02_h12_tl Tails “Turn the switch on to activate the fan!”
sky02_h12_vc Vector “The fan isn't working! There must be a switch somewhere!”
sky02_h13_am Amy “It's time for Team Blast!”
sky02_h13_bg Big “Let's get them with Team Blast.”
sky02_h13_ch Charmy “Let's do it! Secret attack time!”
sky02_h13_cr Cream “We must attack, using Team Blast!”
sky02_h13_es Espio “This leaves us with only one option. Are you ready?”
sky02_h13_kn Knuckles “It's Team Blast time!”
sky02_h13_om Omega “Activating formation: Team Blast.”
sky02_h13_rg Rouge “Guys, get ready for Team Blast!”
sky02_h13_sd Shadow “Team Blast – the ultimate attack!”
sky02_h13_sn Sonic “Attack using Team Blast here!”
sky02_h13_tl Tails “Guys, let's attack with Team Blast!”
sky02_h13_vc Vector “Time to bust out our secret attack!”
sky02_h14_ch Charmy “One, two, three, four cannons! Guess we better be careful!”
sky02_h14_es Espio “There are four lasers! Don't let your guard down!”
sky02_h14_kn Knuckles “Even with four laser cannons, that's still not enough to stop us!”
sky02_h14_om Omega “Caution: Four laser cannons detected.”
sky02_h14_rg Rouge “Total of twelve lasers! Better stay frosty!”
sky02_h14_sd Shadow “Four lasers. What a waste.”
sky02_h14_sn Sonic “Only four lasers? A hero's welcome.”
sky02_h14_tl Tails “One, two, three – four laser cannons! We better watch out!”
sky02_h14_vc Vector “There's four of those lasers! Guess they're expecting us.”
sky02_h15_ch Charmy “Hey, guys! I think I saw a key somewhere around here!”
sky02_h15_es Espio “Hmm... There must be a key near...”
sky02_h15_vc Vector “Wait a second, boys! The key might be around here!”
sky02_m00_eg Eggman (over radio) “So far so good! Here's your final mission: I've been captured, and I'm being held captive in one of the rooms on this flagship. Find the keys to this room and rescue me. There are a total of five keys. Good luck.”
sky02_m01_eg Eggman (over radio) “Here's your next mission. Find the 10 jail keys on this flagship. I'm counting on you.”
sky02_w00_am Amy “I can't be a hundred percent certain, but I feel Sonic is here... somewhere...”
sky02_w00_bg Big “I feel Froggy is near. I'm coming little buddy!”
sky02_w00_ch Charmy “Let's get the keys and rescue the client!”
sky02_w00_cr Cream “Chocola – I think we're getting very close!”
sky02_w00_es Espio “For the sake of all ninjas, it's my duty to rescue our client.”
sky02_w00_kn Knuckles “Your trickery is unforgivable, Eggman.”
sky02_w00_om Omega “Eggman detected nearby. Location: Directly ahead.”
sky02_w00_rg Rouge “I've come all this way and still haven't found any treasure.”
sky02_w00_sd Shadow “Something intense is about to happen.”
sky02_w00_sn Sonic “Hm. Eggman seems serious this time.”
sky02_w00_tl Tails “I wonder what Eggman's intentions are this time? Not knowing makes me nervous...”
sky02_w00_vc Vector “But why did Eggman kidnap our client?”
sys01_h00_oc Omochao “This is Single Player mode.”
sys01_h01_oc Omochao “This is 2P Battle mode.”
sys01_h02_oc Omochao “In order to play 2P, you need two controllers!”
sys01_h03_oc Omochao “You can listen to music or watch movies!”
sys01_h04_oc Omochao “You can change various settings.”
sys01_h05_oc Omochao “This is Main Story mode.”
sys01_h06_oc Omochao “You can select a stage or mission to play. Collect all the emblems!”
sys01_h07_oc Omochao “This is Super Hard mode for the ultimate challenge!”
sys01_h08_oc Omochao “Clear Super Hard mode and become a true hero!”
sys01_h09_oc Omochao “I will show you how to play the game!”
sys02_h00_oc Omochao “Select a team to play in the Story mode!”
sys02_h01_oc Omochao “Team Sonic features high-speed gameplay, and intense team action!”
sys02_h02_oc Omochao “Team Dark stages are more difficult, and recommended for the intermediate players!”
sys02_h03_oc Omochao “Team Rose is recommended for those who are new to action games.”
sys02_h04_oc Omochao “Team Chaotix offers a very unique mission-based style of gameplay!”
sys02_h05_oc Omochao “Team Dark is packed full of battles with the enemy!”
sys02_h06_oc Omochao “This is the Last Story. Oh! That one was hidden!”
sys02_h07_oc Omochao “I think I see the silhouette of the real villain...”
sys02_h08_oc Omochao “You need to collect seven Chaos Emeralds to select the last story.”
sys02_h09_oc Omochao “Clear Special Stages and collect seven Chaos Emeralds!”
sys02_h10_oc Omochao “You can start from any scene of the story.”
sys02_h11_oc Omochao “Are you sure?”
sys03_h00_oc Omochao “Up or Down to select a stage. Left or Right to select a team.”
sys03_h01_oc Omochao “Select a team and stage you wish to play.”
sys03_h02_oc Omochao “Select a mission to play!”
sys03_h03_oc Omochao “You have not collected the emblem and Chaos Emerald for this stage!”
sys03_h04_oc Omochao “You have not collected the emblem for this stage!”
sys03_h05_oc Omochao “You have not collected the Chaos Emerald for this stage!”
sys03_h06_oc Omochao “This mission is not available until you clear the stage with A-Rank!”
sys03_h07_oc Omochao “Try the Extra Mission!”
sys03_h08_oc Omochao “Clear the Special Stage!”
sys03_h09_oc Omochao “Try your best to get A-Rank!”
sys04_h00_oc Omochao “Are you ready to play Super Hard mode?”
sys04_h01_oc Omochao “Do you want to play from the beginning, or continue?”
sys04_h02_oc Omochao “Do you want to start the tutorial?”
sys05_h00_oc Omochao “This is Action Race! First one to the goal wins!”
sys05_h01_oc Omochao “This is Team Battle! Win by forcing opponents off the field!”
sys05_h02_oc Omochao “This is Special Stage Race! First to get the Chaos Emerald wins!”
sys05_h03_oc Omochao “Collect as many rings as you can within the time limit!”
sys05_h04_oc Omochao “Take damage and you'll lose rings, so be careful!”
sys05_h05_oc Omochao “This is Bobsled Race!”
sys05_h06_oc Omochao “The more rings you collect, the faster you go!”
sys05_h07_oc Omochao “But if you take damage, the bobsled's ability is decreased!”
sys05_h08_oc Omochao “This is Quick Race! It's short, but fast!”
sys05_h09_oc Omochao “One little mistake could cost you the race!”
sys05_h10_oc Omochao “This is the Expert Race for the experienced players who like long races!”
sys05_h11_oc Omochao “You need 20 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h12_oc Omochao “You need 40 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h13_oc Omochao “You need 60 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h14_oc Omochao “You need 80 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h15_oc Omochao “You need 100 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h16_oc Omochao “You need 120 emblems to play this mode.”
sys05_h17_oc Omochao “You can earn emblems by clearing the Story mode, or by clearing extra missions in Challenge mode!”
sys05_h18_oc Omochao “Left or Right to select your team.”
sys05_h19_oc Omochao “Select a team you wish to play.”
sys05_h20_oc Omochao “Select a stage to play.”
sys05_h21_oc Omochao “Select All, and the team who wins 2 out of 3 wins the match!”
sys05_h22_oc Omochao “Are you ready to play?”
sys06_h00_oc Omochao “This mode is for listening to music.”
sys06_h01_oc Omochao “This mode is for watching the CG movies!”
sys06_h02_oc Omochao “Select music to listen to.”
sys06_h03_oc Omochao “Select a movie to watch.”
sys06_h04_oc Omochao “This is the opening movie.”
sys06_h05_oc Omochao “This CG movie was played in Team Sonic Story mode.”
sys06_h06_oc Omochao “This CG movie was played in Team Dark Story mode.”
sys06_h07_oc Omochao “This CG movie was played in Team Rose Story mode.”
sys06_h08_oc Omochao “This CG movie was played in Team Chaotix Story mode.”
sys06_h09_oc Omochao “This CG movie was played during the Final Story.”
sys06_h10_oc Omochao “You can't select this yet! You must clear the Story mode first.”
sys06_h11_oc Omochao “Is this okay?”
sys07_h00_oc Omochao “You can change the speaker output setting here.”
sys07_h01ps_oc Omochao “You can change the setting for the controller vibration feature!”
sys07_h01xb_oc Omochao “You can change the setting for the controller vibration feature!”
sys07_h01_oc Omochao “You can change the setting for the rumble feature!”
sys07_h02_oc Omochao “You can change the save file!”
sys07_h03_oc Omochao “You can change the voice language and subtitles!”
sys07_h04_oc Omochao “Change the language.”
sys07_h05_oc Omochao “You can change the TV output.”
sys07_h06_oc Omochao “What are your speakers compatible to?”
sys07_h07ps_oc Omochao “*giggles* Vibration function makes the controller shake at certain times during the game!”
sys07_h07xb_oc Omochao “*giggles* Vibration function makes the controller shake at certain times during the game!”
sys07_h07_oc Omochao “*giggles* Rumble feature makes the controller shake at certain times during the game!”
sys07_h08_oc Omochao “Select the spoken language of the characters.”
sys07_h09_oc Omochao “Select the subtitle language that appears on the screen.”
sys07_h10_oc Omochao “Which language would you like?”
sys07_h11_oc Omochao “Let's check to see what your TV compatibility is.”
sys07_h12_oc Omochao “Select a memory card.”
sys07_h13_oc Omochao “Select either Memory Unit or Hard Disk.”
sys07_h14_oc Omochao “Select a file to be loaded.”
sys07_h15_oc Omochao “A new file will be created when New is selected.”
sys07_h16_oc Omochao “Are you sure you want to use this file?”
sys07_h17_oc Omochao “Are you sure you want to delete this file?”
sys07_h18_oc Omochao “Do you want to create a new file?”
sys07_h19_oc Omochao “Are you sure you want to start the game without saving?”
sys07_h20_oc Omochao “Are you sure you want to format?”
sys07_h21_oc Omochao “There's something wrong.”
sys07_h22_oc Omochao “You can adjust your TV here.”
trn01_e00_am Amy “Wow, we're way up here!”
trn01_e00_bg Big “I'm getting diizzy.”
trn01_e00_ch Charmy “Awesome!”
trn01_e00_cr Cream “I can't look down!”
trn01_e00_es Espio “Quite a base.”
trn01_e00_kn Knuckles “Keep your eyes on the rail, Sonic!”
trn01_e00_om Omega “We are heading straight for that terminal.”
trn01_e00_rg Rouge “Amazing.”
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