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The following is a listing of the English-language voice files in Sonic Heroes. These files are located in dvdroot\bgm\SH_VOICE_E.afs.

Sonic Heroes/Sound Editing/Voices/7
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Filename (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
e0009_04kn Knuckles “Sonic!”
e0009_05tl Tails “It's not an Eggman robot...”
e0009_06tl Tails “Sonic! Knuckles! Wait for me!!”
e0009_07me Metal Sonic “All life-form data – successfully copied.”
e0012_00sd Shadow “Look, it's that hedgehog.”
e0012_01rg Rouge “Wonder what the big rush is all about? Betcha those guys'll end up getting in my way and making trouble.”
e0012_02kn Knuckles “Hey, isn't that...”
e0012_03tl Tails “Sonic!”
e0012_04sn Sonic “Heh! Talk about being stubborn and full of surprises!”
e0012_05rg Rouge “Long time no see, boys! Too bad you had to come all this way for nothing. We'll take it from here.”
e0012_06kn Knuckles “What'd you say?”
e0012_07OM Omega “Sensors locked on Eggman. Non-compliant intruders will be destroyed.”
e0012_08sn Sonic “Hmm, didn't you know? We have a date with Eggman too!”
e0012_09sd Shadow “Is that so? Well then, it'll be a date to die for!”
e0012_10sn Sonic “Hey! That's my line!”
e0013_00tl Tails “Sonic... you sure this's the right way?”
e0013_01tl Tails “But it's so spooky here!”
e0013_02kn Knuckles “Maybe that's the ghost of Shadow we saw earlier.”
e0013_03tl Tails *shudders* “Stop it, Knuckles...”
e0013_04sn Sonic “I saw Shadow and Eggman head this way. This has gotta be the right way!”
e0014_00sn Sonic “Trying to stop us now? Hah, what a joke!”
e0014_01eg Eggman “What did you say? Now I'm really mad!!”
e0015_00eg Eggman (over speaker) “Bwahahahaha! You fools must all have a death wish... Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius! Its power, unmatched throughout the universe!”
e0015_01sn Sonic “Alright, Eggman... Let's get this party started.”
e0016_00tl Tails “This time you won't get away!”
e0016_01kn Knuckles “Give it up!”
e0016_02sn Sonic “This looks like checkmate, Doctor!”
e0016_03eg Eggman “Hmph! Enough of this! Sonic! Tails! Knuckles! Time to meet your maker.”
e0017_00kn Knuckles “Boy, talk about cuttin' it close.”
e0017_01sn Sonic “Eh... Not really.”
e0017_02kn Knuckles “Come on, tell me you weren't scared. If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't have had a chance.”
e0017_03sn Sonic “Well, maybe you're right. Thanks, Knuckles.”
e0017_04sn Sonic “You too, Tails.”
e0017_05tl Tails “Aw, hehhehheh.”
e0017_06am Amy “Ah-ha! Gotcha Sonic! So-nic!”
e0017_07sn Sonic “Later guys! I'm outta here!”
e0017_08am Amy “Hey, wait up Sonic! Get back here!”
e0100_00rg Rouge “This must be it. I've found Eggman's secret treasure!”
e0100_01rg Rouge “Shadow!”
e0100_02sd Shadow “Stay here.”
e0100_03om Omega “Must eradicate all Eggman's robots.”
e0100_04rg Rouge “Huh?”
e0100_05rg Rouge “Hey, hold up!”
e0100_06rg Rouge “Now I get it. Now I know what this is all about.”
e0100_07rg Rouge “You're mad at Eggman for sealing you in this room.”
e0100_08rg Rouge “And you... You can't remember anything, can you?”
e0100_09rg Rouge “Then it's settled. Now you two make up so we can start looking for Eggman, together.”
e0100_10rg Rouge “Aw yeah, baby. This makes us a team!”
e0101_00rg Rouge “You two ready?”
e0101_01om Omega “Warning: Immediate destruction if distracted.”
e0101_02sd Shadow “Hmph. Hope you can keep up with me.”
e0102_00eg Eggman “So, you're the ones playing games with my army.”
e0102_02om Omega “Primary target detected. Destroy Eggman.”
e0102_03eg Eggman “You must be Omega. Hmp! Is that any way to treat your creator?”
e0102_04eg Eggman “Now witness your master's real power!”
e0103_00sd Shadow “So, that Eggman is behind all of this.”
e0103_02rg Rouge “Whatever it takes, he's mine. ...Any objections?”
e0103_03om Omega “Negative.”
e0104_00rg Rouge “Oh man, who're those creeps over there?”
e0104_01vc Vector “What's up, Espio?”
e0104_02es Espio “And you are?”
e0104_03rg Rouge “Just what'ya think you're doing here?”
e0104_04vc Vector “Who's this broad?”
e0104_05es Espio “Our client's adversary, perhaps.”
e0104_06ch Charmy “You mean the bad guys?”
e0104_07rg Rouge “You guys don't fool me. I know what you're after. Better stay outta my way!”
e0105_00rg Rouge “I wonder? Nevermind; those guys were definitely up to no good.”
e0105_01om Omega “Enemies detected 200 meters ahead. Initiating battle mode.”
e0105_02rg Rouge “Hey guys, wait for me!”
e0106_00rg Rouge “Doctor!”
e0106_01sd Shadow “Tell me Doctor... What was I doing, asleep on that base? And what about my memory?”
e0106_02eg Eggman “Your memory? Hmph! What memory? You have no past to remember!”
e0106_03sd Shadow “What?”
e0106_04eg Eggman “Well, I believe our time is up. I'll see you again soon!”
e0107_00om Omega “Eggman energy detected. Ground base up ahead.”
e0107_02rg Rouge “I wonder what the Doctor really meant?”
e0107_03sd Shadow “We must capture him first. Let's go!”
e0108_00rg Rouge “We got him!”
e0108_01sd Shadow “Capture him first. Then you can have your revenge, Omega.”
e0108_02om Omega “Affirmative.”
e0109_00eg Eggman “Huahahahahahahaha... Muahahahahahahahahaha!”
e0109_01rg Rouge “Shadow...?”
e0109_02sd Shadow “Let's go.”
e0109_03me Metal Sonic “Ultimate life-form data – has been copied.”
e0112_00sd Shadow (Japanese) (Leftover from Japanese voice track.)
e0112_09sd Shadow (Japanese) (Leftover from Japanese voice track.)
e0113_00rg Rouge “Are you sure this is the right way?”
e0113_01om Omega “Affirmative.”
e0113_02rg Rouge “What's up? Something on your mind?”
e0113_03sd Shadow “Well... Mmm. Nevermind. Let's go.”
e0113_04sd Shadow “That blue hedgehog like me... What did the Doctor say about my memory? And just who am I?”
e0114_00sd Shadow “What d'ya think, Omega?”
e0114_01om Omega “Sensors jammed. Real Eggman I.D. not possible.”
e0114_02rg Rouge “We'll just have to find out, won't we?”
e0114_03eg Eggman “What's the matter? Cold feet?! Well then, here I come!”
e0115_00eg Eggman (over speaker) “Bwahahahaha! You fools must all have a death wish... Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius! Its power, unmatched throughout the universe!”
e0115_01sd Shadow “You'll regret this, Doctor. Even if I'm not real, I'm still the ultimate life-form, Shadow the Hedgehog!”
e0116_00rg Rouge “Okay, no more games!”
e0116_01om Omega “Intercept mode complete.”
e0116_02sd Shadow “This is the end of the line, Doctor.”
e0116_03eg Eggman “Hmph! Enough of this! Shadow! Rouge! Omega! Time to meet your maker.”
e0117_00om Omega “Eggman target: completely destroyed.”
e0117_01rg Rouge “Now let's find that secret treasure.”
e0117_02rg Rouge “*gasps*”
e0117_03om Omega “Prepare to destroy immediate area.”
e0117_04rg Rouge “Hey, Omega... Did I ever tell you that... Shadow is a robot, and...”
e0117_05rg Rouge “Oh, nevermind. Good luck!”
e0117_06om Omega “You know about cloning.”
e0117_07om Omega “The original must exist somewhere.”
e0117_08rg Rouge “All this for what, nothing?”
e0117_09rg Rouge “I might as well go look for that Master Emerald, since that irritating echidna is here.”
e0117_10sd Shadow “Hmh. Some things never change, do they?”
e0117_11rg Rouge “What're ya saying? What else is a famous treasure hunter supposed to do?”
e0200_00am Amy “*sighs* I wonder where Sonic is?”
e0200_01am Amy “Oh no!”
e0200_02cr Cream “Amy, please be more careful with our only clue.”
e0200_03cz Cheese “Chao! Chao!”
e0200_04am Amy “You're right; I'm sorry.”
e0200_05cr Cream “*gasps*”
e0200_06am Amy “Nice catch, Big!”
e0200_07bg Big “*chuckles*”
e0200_08bg Big “Froggy...”
e0200_09cr Cream “Chocola...”
e0200_10am Amy “Hey, you guys, cheer up! You know we'll find them!”
e0200_11am Amy “No time to waste just standing here! Come on, let's get going!”
e0200_12cr Cream “O-kay!”
e0200_13cz Cheese “Ch'a!”
e0200_14bg Big “Uh-huh!”
e0200_15cz Cheese “Ch'a!”
e0200_16cr Cream “*gasps*”
e0200_17bg Big “Ho'h!”
e0200_18am Amy “Phew!”
e0202_00eg Eggman “So you're the ones who were playing games with my army.”
e0202_01am Amy “Dr. Eggman!”
e0202_02eg Eggman “You little brats; I'll show you a thing or two!”
e0203_00cr Cream “Amy, are you sure Mr. Sonic is here?”
e0203_01am Amy “No doubt about it. My heart is never wrong!”
e0203_02cr Cream “Then, it must be so!”
e0205_00am Amy “*groan*”
e0205_01cr Cream “I can't believe he did that just so he could get away. Mr. Sonic must be really...”
e0205_02am Amy “Really? What?”
e0205_03cr Cream “A-uh... Nothing! Aheheheh!”
e0205_04am Amy “Now I know what to do! Find Eggman and I'll find my Sonic! You all ready?”
e0206_00eg Eggman “You guys again?”
e0206_01am Amy “Dr. Eggman...”
e0206_02bg Big “Him again!”
e0206_03eg Eggman “Past your bedtime kiddies! Now to tuck you in!”
e0207_00bg Big “*sniff-sniff* Mmm... I smell Froggy.”
e0207_01cz Cheese “Chocola-chao-chao!”
e0207_02cr Cream “Cheese says Chacola is close.”
e0207_03am Amy “Alright! Let's go!”
e0208_00am Amy “Something weird in there.”
e0208_02cr Cream “Cheese, you'll be reunited with Chocola very soon.”
e0208_03bg Big “Froggy too?”
e0208_04am Amy “Let's get 'em before Sonic does. Then he'll be head-over-heels for me!”
e0209_00eg Eggman “Mu-ha-ha-haha! Mu-ha-ha-haha!
e0209_01am Amy “Hey! It's just a stupid copy!”
e0209_02bg Big “Froggy, where are you? Let's go home...”
e0209_03cr Cream “Cheese, what's wrong?”
e0209_04cz Cheese “Ch'cola-chao!”
e0209_05cr Cream “Yes...”
e0209_07am Amy “A Chao-napping!
e0209_08am Amy “I'm not really sure, but betcha Dr. Eggman has something to do with it!”
e0209_09cr Cream “But... why?”
e0209_10am Amy “And we're not gonna let him get away with it! Come on, let's get outta here!”
e0209_11cz Cheese “Ch'aa!”
e0209_12cr Cream “O-kay!”
e0209_13bg Big “Okey-dokey.”
e0212_01vc Vector “Excuse me, miss. I was wondering if I could ask you something?”
e0212_02am Amy “If it's about a date, it'll have to wait.”
e0212_03vc Vector “Date!? You think this is a joke, you little brat?”
e0212_04es Espio “Now hand over that Chao, nice and easy.”
e0212_05cr Cream “I betcha you're the ones who took Chocola-Chao!”
e0212_06vc Vector “What!?”
e0212_07bg Big “It's not nice to tease my friends.”
e0212_08ch Charmy “Yeah, time to rock 'n' roll!”
e0213_00bg Big “I think we're lost...”
e0213_01cr Cream “*shivers* This place is creepy!”
e0213_02am Amy “Come on you guys! Don't you wanna find Chocola and Froggy? We can do this!”
e0213_03bg Big “I've gotta get tough for all of us! Mmm...”
e0214_00am Amy “Mustached monkey! You took Chocola and Froggy, didn't you?”
e0214_01eg Eggman “Hmph! What if I did, then what?”
e0214_02cr Cream “Please, return Chocola!”
e0214_03cz Cheese “Chocola-chao!!”
e0214_04bg Big “Give back Froggy!”
e0215_00eg Eggman “Bwahahahaha! You fools must all have a death wish... Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius! Its power, unmatched throughout the universe!”
e0215_01am Amy “If you want a fight, you got one! Let's get that bloated buffoon!”
e0216_00cr Cream “Dr. Eggman!”
e0216_01cz Cheese “Chao-ch'aa!!”
e0216_02bg Big “Froggy! Where are you?”
e0216_03am Amy “It's your fault that Sonic and I aren't together!”
e0216_04am Amy “You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life!!”
e0216_05eg Eggman “Hmph! Enough of this! Amy! Cream! Big! Time to meet your maker.”
e0217_00bg Big “Froggy!”
e0217_01cz Cheese “Ch'chao!!”
e0217_02cr Cream “I'm so glad for you, Cheese.”
e0217_03cz Cheese “Amy-chao-chao!”
e0217_04bg Big “*laughs*”
e0217_05am Amy “*giggles”
e0217_06cr Cream “*giggles*”
e0217_07cr Cream “Hey... Isn't that Mr. Sonic over there?”
e0217_08am Amy “Ah-ha! I gotcha Sonic! Sonic!!”
e0217_09cr Cream “*laughs*”
e0217_10bg Big “*giggles*”
e0217_11cz Cheese “Ch-ch-ch'a-cha-chao!”
e0217_12me Metal Sonic “Chaos data – has been copied.”
e0300_00es Espio “Hm?”
e0300_01ch Charmy “It's here! Yeah!”
e0300_02vc Vector “Whaa'oh!
e0300_03vc Vector “What's wrong with you?!”
e0300_04ch Charmy “It's here, it's here! We've got work!”
e0300_05vc Vector “What!?”
e0300_06vc Vector “Waoh!”
e0300_07eg Eggman (over radio) “I've heard good things about you, and require your detective services.”
e0300_08eg Eggman (over radio) “And I can pay handsomely.”
e0300_09es Espio “I've got a bad feeling about this.”
e0300_10vc Vector “Espio, don't be silly. Besides, you know our policy: We never turn down work that pays!”
e0300_11ch Charmy “Yeah, you know our policy!”
e0300_12vc Vector “Come on, boys! Let's go!”
e0300_13ch Charmy “Yes, sir!”
e0300_14es Espio “Roger.”
e0301_00ch Charmy “Yeah! Beach time!”
e0301_01vc Vector “Now whatta we gonna do?”
e0301_02eg Eggman (over radio) “First, I must test your abilities.”
e0301_03vc Vector “Bring it on!”
e0301_04es Espio “Ready!”
e0301_05ch Charmy “(sing-song) Sea, sea, sea, sea!”
e0302_00eg Eggman “So, you're the ones who're playing games with my army?”
e0302_01vc Vector “Sorry, just part of the job.”
e0302_02es Espio “That's the evil genius, Dr. Eggman.”
e0302_03ch Charmy “Dr. Who?”
e0302_04eg Eggman “Yes... Let me show you who I really am.”
e0303_00eg Eggman (over radio) “Now for the real test. All of you are about to enter Eggman's territory. Are you ready?”
e0303_01es Espio “Not too late to change your mind.”
e0303_02vc Vector “Why do ya think we're here? How else are we gonna make the rent?”
e0303_03ch Charmy “Let's go!”
e0305_00ch Charmy “Lemme go, lemme go! I wanna play!”
e0305_01vc Vector “Fancy place!”
e0305_02es Espio “Where there's light, there's shadow. Careful.”
e0305_03ch Charmy “Yahoo!”
e0306_00vc Vector “Dr. Eggman!”
e0306_01eg Eggman “You've made quite a mess here! I'll accept your apologies and payment with your lives.”
e0306_02vc Vector “Want some!? Come 'n' get it!”
e0306_03es Espio “En guard!”
e0306_04CH Charmy “Guard on!”
e0307_01vc Vector “This has gotta be Eggman's base.”
e0307_02eg Eggman (over radio) “Security is tight around here, so watch your backs!”
e0307_03vc Vector “Just the way we like it!”
e0307_04ch Charmy “Cooool!”
e0307_05es Espio “Alright! Let me take point!”
e0308_00es Espio “That must be...”
e0308_01vc Vector “What do we do now?”
e0308_02eg Eggman (over radio) “Dr. Eggman's secret weapons must be aboard that ship. Destroy it, before it reaches the canyon!”
e0308_03vc Vector “Piece-a cake!”
e0309_00vc Vector “Good job, boys! Guess that Eggman was a fake after all.”
e0309_01eg Eggman (over radio) “Of course it was!”
e0309_02vc Vector “Rhuh!?”
e0309_03eg Eggman (over radio) “*clears throat* Listen carefully. There's a jungle just to the north of here. Go there immediately!”
e0309_04vc Vector “Got it!”
e0309_05ch Charmy “You know what? Our client sure seems to know a lot about this 'Dr. Eggman' guy.”
e0309_06es Espio “Definitely an agent. A... relative, perhaps.”
e0309_07vc Vector “Strangely enough, I had the same weird feeling about our client's real identity. It could be You-Know-Who.”
e0312_08ch Charmy “Yeah, time to rock 'n' roll!”
e0313_00es Espio “Talk about a huge misunderstanding.”
e0313_01vc Vector “Yeah, sure made fools outta ourselves.”
e0313_02ch Charmy “Nothing new for you, Vector!”
e0313_03vc Vector “What? You were the first one to jump at the chance!”
e0313_04eg Eggman (over radio) “No time for arguing! Now is the time to be on guard! It's very mysterious around here...”
e0314_00vc Vector “There you are, you mustached moron! He's the one, right?”
e0314_01eg Eggman (over radio) “'Mustached moron'!? I'm the world's greates–! *clears throat* Take him out. Quickly.”
e0314_02vc Vector “This is gonna cost you extra!”
e0315_00eg Eggman “Bwahahahaha! You fools must all have a death wish... Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius! Its power, unmatched throughout the universe!”
e0315_03vc Vector “Once we start a job, we finish the job – That's our policy! We're Team Chaotix!”
e0316_00vc Vector “E-hehheh... Looks like we're in a jam, boys.”
e0316_01es Espio “Evil must die! Beware my ninja power!”
e0316_02eg Eggman “Argh! Enough of this! Espio, Charmy, Vector... Time to meet your maker!”
e0316_03ch Charmy “Bring it on!”
e0317_00vc Vector “Guess he was a fake after all.”
e0317_01es Espio “What do you mean, 'after all'?”
e0317_02ch Charmy “Guess that's that.”
e0317_03vc Vector “We're here to save you!”
e0317_04vc Vector “Dr. Eggman, I presume.”
e0317_05es Espio “What's going on?”
e0317_06ch Charmy “What's up?”
e0317_07eg Eggman “You knew it was me all along, didn't you?”
e0317_08vc Vector “It's all part of being a good detective.”
e0317_09es Espio “Were we fooled that easily?”
e0317_10ch Charmy “You're rotten!”
e0317_11eg Eggman “Hey... Hold on, you guys... It's no trick! A-and besides, I plan on paying you!”
e0317_12EG Eggman “You'll be rewarded handsomely for helping me... As soon as I conquer the world, I will pay you!”
e0317_13vc Vector “Some nerve, promising what you ain't got.”
e0317_14es Espio “We've been had!”
e0317_15eg Eggman “J-j-just wait a minute... Just listen to me!”
e0317_16ch Charmy “Take this, you bad man!”
e0317_17eg Eggman *yelling*
e0400_01vc Vector “Then who was it? Who locked you up here for trying to conquer the world?”
e0400_02eg Eggman “It was...”
e0401_00me Metal Sonic “Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm...”
e0401_01me Metal Sonic “All living things kneel before your master.”
e0402_00eg Eggman “Metal Sonic has finally transformed!”
e0402_01sn Sonic “So that's Metal Sonic!?”
e0402_03eg Eggman “It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos – and is super strong! We can't defeat it!”
e0402_04eg Eggman “Aauugh! If only we had the seven Chaos Emeralds!”
e0402_05eg Eggman “What's this? But how? Even with the Emeralds' power, our chances for victory are slim! It would take a miracle!”
e0402_06sn Sonic “Just leave that to me, Doc.”
e0402_07am Amy “Sonic, no!”
e0402_08tl Tails “I'm going with you too!”
e0402_09sn Sonic “Tails...”
e0402_10kn Knuckles “You can count me in, too.”
e0402_11sn Sonic “Knuckles...”
e0402_12sd Shadow “Okay guys. We'll buy you some time. That way you can use your Super powers.”
e0402_13sn Sonic “Okay then. Let's get ready to do this. We'll show that creep the real super power of teamwork!”
e0412_00me Metal Sonic “It's no use. But why can't I defeat you?”
e0412_01sn Sonic “Heh! Because – we're Sonic Heroes.”
e0412_02am Amy “Soonnic!”
e0412_03sn Sonic “Any time you want a rematch, just let me know. I'll be waiting.”
e0412_04tl Tails “Hey Sonic, wait up!”
e0412_05am Amy “Sorry to leave like this, but I can't let my Sonic get away!”
e0412_06cr Cream “Good luck Amy!”
e0412_07cz Cheese “Chao-cha!”
e0412_08bg Big “Bye-bye!”
e0412_09akn aKnuckles “Heh. Sonic sure has his hands full.”
e0412_09kn Knuckles (chuckling) “She never gives up, does she?”
e0412_10rg Rouge “I guess I'm outta here too. I think I'll go hunt for someone else's treasure.”
e0412_11kn Knuckles “Oh, no you don't! Wait!”
e0412_12vc Vector “Guess that's it for this case.”
e0412_13es Espio “Guess so.”
e0412_14ch Charmy “But what about our money?”
e0412_15vc Vector “Oh, man! I almost forgot!”
e0412_16vc Vector “That slime-ball!”
e0412_17sn Sonic “All right! Our next adventure awaits us, so there's no time to waste!”
e0412_18sn Sonic “Yeah! We're Sonic Heroes!”
jun01_e00_am Amy “You all ready?”
jun01_e00_bg Big “Froggy.”
jun01_e00_cr Cream “Chocola.”
jun01_e00_es Espio “Are you sure this is the right way Vector?”
jun01_e00_sd Shadow “I shall find the answer to who I really am.”
jun01_e00_sn Sonic “Eggman! No way off the hook this time!”
jun01_e00_vc Vector “Of course it is! Just follow my lead.”
jun01_e01_cr Cream “There's a frog over there.”
jun01_e01_om Omega “Detecting a frog in the vicinity.”
jun01_e01_tl Tails “Look! There's a frog over there!”
jun01_e01_vc Vector “Hey! There's a frog over there.”
jun01_e02_am Amy “Hey... Did you hear that?”
jun01_e02_ch Charmy “Did somebody croak?”
jun01_e02_sd Shadow “I'm sensing something...”
jun01_e02_sn Sonic “Hmm... Did you guys hear a croak?”
jun01_e03_cr Cream “I thought I just heard a croak.”
jun01_e03_kn Knuckles “Hey, isn't there something here?”
jun01_e03_rg Rouge “Did you guys hear a croak?”
jun01_e03_vc Vector “Hey, what was that sound?”
jun01_e04_am Amy “Wow! I can't believe this flower can actually fly!”
jun01_e04_ch Charmy “Hey, we're flying!”
jun01_e04_cr Cream “I feel like I've become one with the flower!”
jun01_e04_kn Knuckles “Who'd ever think this thing could float in the air?”
jun01_e04_om Omega “This flower is engineered like a helicopter.”
jun01_e04_rg Rouge “What an amazing flower!”
jun01_e04_sn Sonic “Hey, this is sweet!”
jun01_e04_vc Vector “Espio's handy. Thanks, Espio.”
jun01_e05_am Amy “Okay, leave it to me!”
jun01_e05_bg Big “Flower.”
jun01_e05_ch Charmy “Espio, make it fly, fly, fly! Fly little flower!”
jun01_e05_cr Cream “Isn't that the same flower as before?”
jun01_e05_es Espio “Isn't that the same flower?”
jun01_e05_om Omega “Flying vegetation detected up ahead.”
jun01_e05_rg Rouge “Be my guest.”
jun01_e05_sd Shadow “Should we make it fly again?”
jun01_e05_sn Sonic “Should we use it to fly again?”
jun01_e05_tl Tails “Look, there's that flower again!”
jun01_e06_am Amy “You're right! It's more like a giant tree than a mushroom.”
jun01_e06_cr Cream “I've never seen a mushroom that big.”
jun01_e06_es Espio “What is that thing?”
jun01_e06_om Omega “The wind's taking us straight for that mushroom.”
jun01_e06_rg Rouge “Look at the size of that mushroom. I've never seen one so big!”
jun01_e06_sn Sonic “Hang on! This flower's heading straight for that mushroom!”
jun01_e06_tl Tails “Wow! I've never seen a mushroom that big before!”
jun01_e06_vc Vector “I knew jungle mushrooms were big, but not that big!”
jun01_e07_am Amy “Is that all you ever think about?”
jun01_e07_bg Big “Is that a shiitake mushroom? I'm getting hungry.”
jun01_e07_ch Charmy “Holy magical mushrooms! I've never ever seen one so big!”
jun01_e07_kn Knuckles “We have jungle mushrooms on my island too, but not this huge.”
jun01_e07_om Omega “Largest mushroom recorded.”
jun01_e07_sd Shadow “We must be heading straight toward that mushroom.”
jun01_e07_sn Sonic “*whistles* What a sight!”
jun01_e07_vc Vector “Stop that, Charmy. You're startin' to drool.”
jun01_h00_am Amy “I think there's frogs in this jungle that can make the rain fall.”
jun01_h00_bg Big “I can feel Froggy around here – somewhere.”
jun01_h00_ch Charmy “Wow, what a huge frog! We have to stay outta sight, right?”
jun01_h00_cr Cream “There are mysterious frogs that summon rain in this area.”
jun01_h00_es Espio “That must be the frog. Mission fails if we're detected.”
jun01_h00_kn Knuckles “I hear there are frogs here in the jungle that can summon rain.”
jun01_h00_om Omega “Unusual living organisms with ability to summon rain have been detected.”
jun01_h00_rg Rouge “There are supposed to be frogs in this jungle that can summon rain.”
jun01_h00_sd Shadow “This jungle is known for the frogs that summon rain.”
jun01_h00_sn Sonic “I hear there's frogs in this jungle that can summon rain.”
jun01_h00_tl Tails “There are frogs in this jungle that make the rain fall.”
jun01_h00_vc Vector “That must be the frog our client was referring to. Be careful, boys.”
jun01_h01_am Amy “Did you hear about the black frog? The rain they summon kills plants.”
jun01_h01_bg Big “I feel Froggy is near.”
jun01_h01_ch Charmy “Did you know those black frogs can kill plants with rain?”
jun01_h01_cr Cream “The rain the black frogs summon kills all plant life. Be careful.”
jun01_h01_es Espio “Legend has it that the black frog can summon poisonous rain.”
jun01_h01_kn Knuckles “The rain the black frog summons is known to kill plants.”
jun01_h01_om Omega “The black frog has the ability to destroy vegetation.”
jun01_h01_rg Rouge “I heard about those black frogs being able to somehow kill plants.”
jun01_h01_sd Shadow “Those black frogs are dangerous. Don't go near them.”
jun01_h01_sn Sonic “Be careful of the rain that black frog can summon.”
jun01_h01_tl Tails “I heard that the rain from the black frog kills plants.”
jun01_h01_vc Vector “Black frogs are known to live in this area. Stay clear of 'em.”
jun01_h02_am Amy “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the highest point of its swing.”
jun01_h02_bg Big “Use the ivy to jump to the other side.”
jun01_h02_ch Charmy “Once the ivy reaches the highest point of its swing, jump!”
jun01_h02_cr Cream “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the highest point of its swing.”
jun01_h02_es Espio “We can use this ivy to get to the other side.”
jun01_h02_kn Knuckles “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the highest point of its swing, okay?”
jun01_h02_om Omega “Utilize the maximum arch of the ivy, then jump.”
jun01_h02_rg Rouge “Jump off when it reaches the highest point of its swing, okay?”
jun01_h02_sd Shadow “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the highest point of its swing.”
jun01_h02_sn Sonic “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the highest point of its swing.”
jun01_h02_tl Tails “Let go of the ivy when it reaches the top of its swing.”
jun01_h02_vc Vector “Jump off when it reaches the highest point of its swing, okay boys?”
jun01_h03_am Amy “Should I stir the wind to blow toward this flower?”
jun01_h03_bg Big “Amy, can you spin the flower using the wind?”
jun01_h03_ch Charmy “Espio, can you stir the wind up?”
jun01_h03_cr Cream “Looks like this flower may lift up using wind power, Amy.”
jun01_h03_es Espio “Let me see if I can make this flower fly.”
jun01_h03_kn Knuckles “We may be able to use this flower if Sonic can stir the wind up.”
jun01_h03_om Omega “This is designed to use the flower's mechanism.”
jun01_h03_rg Rouge “Shadow, stir the wind up in the direction of that flower.”
jun01_h03_sd Shadow “We might be able to use this flower if I can create some wind.”
jun01_h03_sn Sonic “I may be able to make this flower fly upward if I stir the wind up.”
jun01_h03_tl Tails “This flower may turn using Sonic's Tornado Jump!”
jun01_h03_vc Vector “Maybe this flower can fly if we do something. Think so, Espio?”
jun01_h04_am Amy “We may be able to control the flower, going up and down a bit.”
jun01_h04_bg Big “Let's try to move it up and down.”
jun01_h04_ch Charmy “Can't we control it going up and down?”
jun01_h04_cr Cream “I believe we can slightly control the flower going up and down.”
jun01_h04_es Espio “We can control the flower going up and down a bit.”
jun01_h04_kn Knuckles “We may have some control over the flower as it goes up and down.”
jun01_h04_om Omega “Flower analysis indicates slight up and down control is possible.”
jun01_h04_rg Rouge “This flower... We may be able to control it going up and down.”
jun01_h04_sd Shadow “I see. We can control it going up and down a bit.”
jun01_h04_sn Sonic “We may be able to control the flower as it goes up and down.”
jun01_h04_tl Tails “I think we may have some control over the flower going up and down.”
jun01_h04_vc Vector “We may have some ability to control the flower going up and down.”
jun01_h05_am Amy “Look! The ivy is growing. Let's try grinding on it.”
jun01_h05_bg Big “The ivy is growing. Maybe it can be used for something.”
jun01_h05_ch Charmy “What is that? Let's see where it goes!”
jun01_h05_cr Cream “The ivy keeps growing! We may be able to use it to grind on.”
jun01_h05_es Espio “We may be able to grind on this mysterious ivy.”
jun01_h05_kn Knuckles “What's up with this ivy? Maybe we can grind on it!”
jun01_h05_om Omega “Mysterious vegetation is grind-able.”
jun01_h05_rg Rouge “What's this? Maybe we can grind on the ivy.”
jun01_h05_sd Shadow “Mysterious ivy. Let's grind on it.”
jun01_h05_sn Sonic “What is that thing? Let's try grinding on it!”
jun01_h05_tl Tails “The ivy keeps growing! Let's try grinding on it!”
jun01_h05_vc Vector “Look! Something's growing there! Let's try grinding on it.”
jun01_h06_am Amy “Dodge that ivy by going up and down. Don't hit it.”
jun01_h06_bg Big “Looks like we're gonna run into that ivy!”
jun01_h06_ch Charmy “Dodge the ivy by going up, or going down, right before hitting it!”
jun01_h06_cr Cream “You have to dodge that ivy by going up or down!”
jun01_h06_es Espio “This flower may possibly hit that ivy.”
jun01_h06_kn Knuckles “Dodge that ivy by going up or down.”
jun01_h06_om Omega “Dodge that ivy ahead.”
jun01_h06_rg Rouge “Dodge that ivy by going up or down, okay?”
jun01_h06_sd Shadow “Dodge that ivy by going up or down.”
jun01_h06_sn Sonic “Watch out for the ivy!”
jun01_h06_tl Tails “Dodge that ivy by going up or down before hitting it.”
jun01_h06_vc Vector “Dodge that ivy by going up or down, okay boys?”
jun01_h07_ch Charmy “Did you guys hear that?”
jun01_h07_es Espio “I thought I just heard something.”
jun01_h07_vc Vector “Hey! I think I heard Chao.”
jun01_m00_eg Eggman (over radio) “There are huge frogs in this jungle. Once they start to croak, it will start to rain and you'll be spotted easily. Get through the jungle without being detected by the frogs.”
jun01_m01_eg Eggman (over radio) “Get through the jungle without being detected by the frogs within the time limit! Good luck.”
jun01_w00_am Amy “Eggman, we're comin' to get you.”
jun01_w00_bg Big “I wonder if my Froggy is here...”
jun01_w00_ch Charmy “I want a closer look at that huge frog!”
jun01_w00_cr Cream “There are so many plants I've never seen before.”
jun01_w00_es Espio “Be careful not to be detected.”
jun01_w00_kn Knuckles “Eggman, you tricked us again.”
jun01_w00_om Omega “Shadow – that android must be an alien. Unable to analyze.”
jun01_w00_rg Rouge “I wonder if Shadow is alright?”
jun01_w00_sd Shadow “That android... It can't be.”
jun01_w00_sn Sonic “What's your next move, Eggman?”
jun01_w00_tl Tails “I wonder what that robot was.”
jun01_w00_vc Vector “How are we supposed to move undetected when those frogs are everywhere?”
jun02_e00_bg Big “I wonder if Froggy is here in this jungle...”
jun02_e00_kn Knuckles “You sure it's safe around here?”
jun02_e00_rg Rouge “It's a swamp, so be careful!”
jun02_e00_vc Vector “It's all swamp from here on. Don't fall in!”
jun02_e01_am Amy “Better stay away from those black frogs.”
jun02_e01_ch Charmy “Boy! What a mess!”
jun02_e01_cr Cream “I can't believe this! Those black frogs are bad!”
jun02_e01_es Espio “So, this causes the rain.”
jun02_e01_kn Knuckles “That's some powerful rain...”
jun02_e01_rg Rouge “Why would those black frogs do this?”
jun02_e01_sd Shadow “It's no use. Let's check somewhere else.”
jun02_e01_tl Tails “They're all dead...”
jun02_e02_bg Big “Hey, it's that black frog again.”
jun02_e02_ch Charmy “Hey! There it is! That black frog is back!”
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