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  • Languages: More files for the HUD and text.
  • voices: Voice files for the game's cast.


NOTE: files are for cutscenes that take place in the hub world only. Each event ar file includes duplicate model files and textures for each character that is needed in each cutscene.


File Name Contains Metal Sonic's cutscene model files Modern Sonic's cutscene model files Classic Sonic's cutscene model files - Modern Sonic's model files - Modern Sonic's model files - Classic Sonic's model files


File Name Contains Modern/Classic Rank S Animation Modern Rank A Animation Modern Rank B Animation Modern Rank C Animation Modern Rank D Animation Modern Rank S Animation Classic Rank A Animation Classic Rank B Animation Classic Rank C Animation Classic Rank D Animation Classic


File Name Contains Contains Application XML and lua files  ? Super Sonic's physics and results camera parameter files Modern Sonic's physics, results camera parameter and his board's physics files Classic Sonic's physics, results camera parameter and his board's physics files UI sound effects and button prompt files Autosave texture and XNCP animation files Loading screen textures and XNCP animation files SEGA ident SFD video file (played on bootup) SEGA ident SFD video file JP ver. (played on bootup)


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