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SCHG: Sonic Adventure 2

Listing of LandTable locations

All locations are within resource\gd_PC\DLL\Win32\Data_DLL.dll, which has a key of 0x10002000.

Name Address Texture File
Basic Test 01815458 landtx00
Green Forest 01819518 landtx03
White Jungle 0181C518 landtx04
Pumpkin Hill 0181D918 landtx05
Sky Rail 01820878 landtx06
Aquatic Mine 0183C468 landtx07
Security Hall 0183E468 landtx08
Prison Lane 01841AA8 landtx09
Metal Harbor 0184C128 landtx10
Iron Gate 018F7D00 landtx11
Weapons Bed 018FD320 landtx12
City Escape 01913F40 landtx13
Radical Highway 019C94E0 landtx14
Weapons Bed 2P 019CFE40 landtx15
Wild Canyon 019D1EE0 landtx16
Mission Street 019D7320 landtx17
Dry Lagoon 019D9760 landtx18
Sonic vs. Shadow 1 019D9A60 landtx19
Tails vs. Eggman 1 019EAE80 landtx20
Sand Ocean 019EE300 landtx21
Crazy Gadget 019F86E0 landtx22
Hidden Base 01A003B8 landtx23
Eternal Engine 01A05B18 landtx24
Death Chamber 01A0BBE8 landtx25
Egg Quarters 01A0ED88 landtx26
Lost Colony 01A12D08 landtx27
Pyramid Cave 01A17BA8 landtx28
Tails vs. Eggman 2/Eternal Engine 2P 01A184E8 landtx29
Final Rush 01A243E8 landtx30
Green Hill 01A34540 landtx31
Meteor Herd 01A37420 landtx32
Knuckles vs. Rouge 01A38A98 landtx33
Cannon's Core - Sonic 01A3B218 landtx34
Cannon's Core - Eggman 01B3A908 landtx35
Cannon's Core - Tails 01B3C388 landtx36
Cannon's Core - Rouge 01B3CD28 landtx37
Cannon's Core - Knuckles 01B3DD88 landtx38
Mission Street 2P 01B3E5C8 landtx39
Final Chase 01B459E8 landtx40
Wild Canyon 2P 01B4CBB0 landtx41
Cosmic Wall 01B50B10 landtx43
Mad Space 01B52CB8 landtx44
Sand Ocean 2P 01B538B0 landtx45
Dry Lagoon 2P 01B54890 landtx46
Pyramid Race 01B567B0 landtx47
Hidden Base 2P 01B56B70 landtx48
Pool Quest 01B60FD8 landtx49
Planet Quest 01B61258 landtx50
Deck Race 01B61E70 landtx51
Downtown Race 01B6B2D0 landtx52
Cosmic Wall 2P 01B6B350 landtx53
Grind Race 01B76B50 landtx54
Lost Colony 2P 01B77630 landtx55
Metal Harbor 2P 01BE2F80 landtx57
Iron Gate 2P 01BE3280 landtx58
Death Chamber 2P 01C3E8D0 landtx59
King Boom Boo 01C3EC30 bosstx_bigbogy
Big Foot 01C3F4B0 bosstx_bigfoot
Flying Dog 01C3F830 bosstx_flyingdog
Egg Golem (Sonic) 01C43518 bosstx_golem
Egg Golem (Eggman) 01C47200 bosstx_golem_e
Hot Shot 01C47480 bosstx_guard0
The Biolizard 01C47C80 bosstx_last1
Chao Lobby (unused) 01C4B9A0 al_stg_lobby_tex
Chao Lobby (default) 01C56518 al_stg_lobby_000_tex
Chao Lobby (with Kindergarten) 01C60770 al_stg_lobby_00k_tex
Chao Lobby (with Dark Garden and Kindergarten) 01C6BC28 al_stg_lobby_0dk_tex
Chao Lobby (with Hero Garden and Kindergarten) 01C772E8 al_stg_lobby_h0k_tex
Chao Lobby (all gardens) 01C83C50 al_stg_lobby_hdk_tex
Chao Garden 01C84170 al_stg_neut_tex
Hero Garden 01C49AA0 al_stg_hero_tex
Dark Garden 01C485C0 al_stg_dark_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Black Market) 01C49D00 al_stg_kinder_bl_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Class Room) 01C4A000 al_stg_kinder_cl_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Inside) 01C4A2C0 al_stg_kinder_co_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Fortune Teller) 01C4A500 al_stg_kinder_fo_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Health Center) 01C4A760 al_stg_kinder_he_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Outside) 01C4A9A0 al_stg_kinder_ho_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Libary) 01C4B120 al_stg_kinder_li_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Play Ground) 01C4B500 al_stg_kinder_pl_tex
Chao Kindergarden (Principal) 01C4B740 al_stg_kinder_pr_tex
Chao Stadium 01DC5C30 al_stg_stadium_tex
Chao Race Entrance 01C48F60 al_stg_entrance_tex
Chao Race 01CF1638 al_stg_race_tex
Hero Race 01DC5B10 al_stg_race_hero_tex
Dark Race 01D59808 al_stg_race_dark_tex
Chao Karate 01C47C80 al_stg_karate_tex


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