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SCHG: Sonic Adventure 2


The following is a listing of the voice files in Sonic Adventure 2.

The English voice files are located in the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS archive, while the Japanese voices are stored in the EVENT_ADX.AFS archive. Both files are in all versions of the game, and the voice files are saved in the .ahx format. They can be played back in any media player that supports the VGMStream codec or CRI ADX tools.
On the Dreamcast version, these archives are stored in the SONIC2 folder.
The GameCube version places these files in the root of the disc.
The PC version stores the files in the resource\gd_PC folder.
The GameCube and 2012 re-releases contain the same voice data, while the Dreamcast version lacks many of the multiplayer sounds.

This page contains voice samples starting from 0400 to 0799.

Sonic Adventure 2/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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# Character Contents Notes
0400 Rouge I've got a great idea! How about making a deal?
0401 Eggman A deal?
0402 Rouge When you grabbed that huge emerald, you said something about a reaction. A reaction that it may have with the Master Emerald. Now, if you can just let me borrow that radar, I may be able to help you. What do you think?
0403 Eggman If I do, what's in it for me?
0404 Rouge I have an idea where the other Chaos Emeralds may be. I may not look like it, but do you know that I am a treasure hunter that specializes in all kinds of jewels!
0405 Eggman Very well.
0406 Rouge Okay then, it's a deal! I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Rouge the Bat, but you can call me Rouge.
0407 Eggman We may be partners, but this doesn't mean I trust you. Unused
0408 Rouge Bad day or what? Unused
0409 N/A *beep*
0410 N/A *beep*
0411 Eggman Having to come back isn't my idea of a vacation! How can you be sure your intelligence reports are correct? Why would the Chaos Emeralds be here on the island? Are you absolutely sure?
0412 Rouge Well, believe what you want to believe.
0413 Eggman Hm! Very well, very well. Let's discuss how we are going to do this. I will go in first and distract the military troops, allowing you to sneak in the base without being detected. Then, Shadow will...
0414 Eggman Enter the armory, where he will set the timer on these dynamite packs. Once that is in place, we will blow up the whole island and get away before anyone has the chance to know what hit them!
0415 Eggman Meanwhile, you'll have to sneak into the cargo area and grab the Chaos Emerald. That's a challenge for such a worthy treasure hunter as yourself, isn't it, bat girl?
0416 Eggman We only have 30 minutes to pull this mission off, and we only get one try, so don't fail me!
0417 Eggman Okay, everyone ready? Shadow, Rouge! On with the show!
0418 Amy Oh Sonic! I thought I'd never see you again! I'm so glad you made it!
0419 Amy You're not Sonic! Who are you?
0420 Eggman I'm the one who should be asking that!
0421 Amy Dr. Eggman? AAAAH
0422 Eggman Ah! Amy, your timing is impeccable! Leave it to me! I'll take care of her. You two, go!
0423 Eggman Give up, Amy!
0424 Amy Boy, am I glad to see you!
0425 Tails Stand back, Amy!
0426 Shadow I'm in position, Doctor. Tell me when.
0427 Eggman There's been an unexpected delay on my end. There's no more time to waste! Set the timer for 15 minutes! Let's go, Rouge!
0428 Rouge Five minutes should be plenty! Here I go!
0429 Rouge I can't believe I've come this far, just to fail!
0430 Rouge This is Rouge. I've got a small problem. I can't believe that I'm trapped inside this locked safe with a Chaos Emerald! I guess I won't be able to call myself a treasure hunter anymore...
0431 Shadow Ah, shoot!
0432 Shadow Troublemaker!
0433 Shadow What?
0434 Shadow *chuckle*
0435 Sonic Phew! So far, so good.
0436 Sonic Hey, that's...!
0437 Shadow That blue hedgehog again, of all places!
0438 Sonic I've found you, faker!
0439 Shadow Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake!
0440 Sonic I'll make you eat those words!
0441 Eggman Shadow, what are you doing? Hurry and get back here right now before the island blows up with you on it!
0442 Sonic Blows up?!
0443 Shadow Chaos Control!
0444 N/A *beep*
0445 Maria Shadow, what do you think it's like on Earth?
0446 Shadow The professor said his life's work was dedicated to all of those who live down there. He once told that the reason for his existence was making people happy through the power of science.
0447 Maria Shadow...
0448 Shadow Maria, I just don't know anything anymore. I often wonder why I was created, what my purpose is for being here. Maybe if I go down there... I will find the answers, maybe.
0449 Shadow Maria...
0450 Rouge Why so melancholy?
0451 Rouge That was so unexpected, so unlike you, Shadow, to come and rescue me. But your ability to use the Chaos Control certainly comes in handy!
0452 Shadow You know, I didn't come to save you. I came back for the Chaos Emeralds
0453 Rouge Yeah, yeah, but then again, that's not the whole story, is it?
0454 Eggman Ahem!
0455 Eggman Everything is ready to go!
0456 Rouge Are you sure? We only have six of the seven Chaos Emeralds, you know.
0457 Shadow That's more than enough for the demonstration. So let's get this show on the road!
0458 Rouge Well, that was really impressive. You've managed to create complete havoc on the whole planet! Does this now mean we control the planet and can do as we choose?
0459 Shadow At this rate, the cannon will take too much time to charge up. If you want to unleash its full potential, you'll need all seven Chaos Emeralds.
0460 Eggman Where in the world have you been?
0461 Rouge Why are you so upset?
0462 Rouge Something happen?
0463 Shadow Our threats fell on deaf ears.
0464 Rouge Look at you, throwing a tantrum like a little kid! How totally embarrassing!
0465 Eggman Don't forget your end of the bargain, bat girl! What about that last Chaos Emerald? We had a deal, right? So where is my emerald?
0466 Rouge Here you go. I found this!
0467 Eggman Why didn't you show me this before?!
0468 Eggman What's this? "Station Square saved from a life-threatening missile attack. The city has awarded its famed prize to the boy who saved Station Square. Miles 'Tails' Prower was given the Chaos Emerald as a testament of his heroic deed at a ceremony held at city hall."
0469 Eggman Ahem! This makes things a whole lot easier. Hurry, go back to Earth and find them fast! I want that Chaos Emerald!
0470 N/A *beep*
0471 Rouge Did you get that?
0472 Shadow Soon enough, Maria.
0473 Rouge This is Rouge reporting. Currently, I have not been able to confirm if Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form or not. I will continue my research on Project Shadow and have a follow-up report very shortly. Just a reminder. Don't forget about my jewels!
0474 Rouge They got away!
0475 Rouge Shadow, they're in that blue plane! Spotted at 11 o' clock.
0476 Shadow Copy that. I'm in pursuit.
0477 Shadow Doctor, they're heading directly toward us. What should we do?
0478 Eggman Just sit tight! I've got them on radar. There's no way they can get away! I don't know what they are planning, but I'll be sure to give them a warm welcome!
0479 Knuckles *sigh* That was pretty rough!
0480 Tails We did it! Let's go, Amy!
0481 Eggman You little thieves! Did you really think you could get out of here alive?
0482 Sonic Come and get some, Eggman!
0483 Tails Sonic!
0484 Sonic Just leave it to me!
0485 Eggman This time, I'll take your lives as well as the Chaos Emerald! I call on you to destroy these pests! Come out, my servant!
0486 Eggman Now go! And squash that blue hedgehog Sonic!
0487 Sonic Ha!
0488 Sonic TERIAA
0489 Eggman NOOO
0490 Eggman When Sonic struck his head, he must have broken the restraining mechanism.
0491 Eggman Agh! What a piece of junk!
0492 Amy Yeah!
0493 Amy Eh?
0494 Tails Whoa!
0495 Sonic Whoa!
0496 Rouge Hi, Doctor. How's it going? What? What do you mean they escaped? That's okay. I will go after them myself. Can you tell me the password for the space colony control?
0497 Rouge Hm! Tricking that old doctor is just too easy! All right, it's time to get to work.
0498 Rouge The password is MA-RI-A. Maria, hm? I've heard that name somewhere before... oh well!
0499 Rouge This is it! Research Project Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form. Let's see now...
0500 Rouge What in the world is this? This can't be right. Just what is Shadow, anyway?
0501 Rouge Hm! I guess I'll just have to take the last pieces of the Master Emerald!
0502 Rouge Long time no see, treasure hunter! Did you find my emeralds?
0503 Knuckles That's a good one. Your emerald? Talking to you is a waste of time!
0504 Knuckles *breathing heavily*
0505 Rouge *breathing heavily*
0506 Knuckles Stop fooling around and give me back my emeralds!
0507 Rouge Stop fooling around and give me back my emeralds!
0508 Rouge What are you babbling about? You call yourself a hunter? Attacking a lady? Shame on you!
0509 Knuckles What kind of lady goes around stealing gems, anyway?
0510 Rouge Those belong to me... aah!
0511 Rouge Keep your hands to yourself! Don't touch me!
0512 Knuckles Is that how you say thanks to someone who just saved your life?
0513 Rouge Saving my life. Don't think I owe you one. You just wanted to hold my hand, didn't you? That's why you saved me. You're such a creep!
0514 Knuckles This isn't a joke, you know. Think what you want, bat girl. I was saving the Master Emerald!
0515 Rouge *sigh* No matter what you say, it sounds crazy!
0516 Knuckles What?
0517 Rouge Fine, then just take them. They stink like echidnas do!
0518 Knuckles If that's what you thought, you should have given me them in the first place!
0519 Knuckles Finally!
0520 Rouge What?
0521 Knuckles I'm sorry... if I hurt you.
0522 Rouge We should get going.
0523 Rouge AAAAH
0524 Rouge What in the world?
0525 Eggman What's Rouge up to, anyway?
0526 Eggman This is strange. It's showing energy readings from two seperate Chaos Emeralds! Did they really think they could trick me with that fake emerald?
0527 Eggman Wait, Shadow! I'm the one who should be telling them the end is near, not you!
0528 Eggman Now is the time to end this long, drawn-out battle, and mark myself a place in history as the ultimate genius!
0529 Eggman If something happens to me, I'm counting on you to finish the job!
0530 Eggman Hurry! The moment for attack has come. It's now or never!
0531 Amy Darn! Why do they always leave a sweet little innocent girl like me alone?
0532 Eggman Well, well, young lady. Is there something I can help you with?
0533 Amy Dr. Eggman!
0534 Eggman If you value your life, you will tell me where Sonic and Tails are!
0535 Eggman Let's take care of business first, shall we, Sonic? Hand over the Chaos Emerald, slowly, and then we'll talk about your girlfriend. That is, if you really care for her!
0536 Sonic Handing over the fake emerald... I can kill two birds with one stone!
0537 Eggman Put the emerald down right there and back off!
0538 Sonic You've turned into a big-time villain, Doctor!
0539 Eggman You thought you could trick me with that fake emerald, didn't you?
0540 Tails So... how did you know it wasn't the real one?
0541 Sonic Tails!
0542 Eggman Heh, because you just told me, fox boy!
0543 Eggman Now, for a little space ride!
0544 Eggman The capsule clears the colony, bam!
0545 Sonic I'm counting on you, Tails! And Amy... take care of yourself.
0546 Eggman Farewell, Sonic the Hedgehog!
0547 Tails It's not fair, Eggman! Unused
0548 Amy Sonic!
0549 Eggman Farewell, Sonic, my admirable adversary...
0550 Amy Soniiiic! *crying*
0551 Eggman Now we have some unfinished business to take care of. If you give me the real emerald, I will release you both. You have my promise!
0552 Tails Sonic...
0553 Eggman Huh?
0554 Tails Sonic has asked me for the first time to do something for him. I won't let him down! I won't give up!!
0555 Sonic Whoa!
0556 Eggman Hahahaha
0557 Shadow I guess he was just a regular hedgehog, after all.
0558 Rouge Legend has it, when all seven Chaos Emeralds are collected, the power creates a miracle. I have six of them! They're mine, all mine!
0559 Shadow I don't think so!
0560 Rouge Shadow!
0561 Shadow So that was your plan from the very beginning, huh? Or was it a direct order from the President? Now I know who you are. You're that government spy, Rouge the Bat, aren't you?
0562 Rouge So you did your homework. Is that it? I would say that's an invasion of privacy.
0563 Shadow I could say the same thing about you.
0564 Rouge Hm! It looks like things aren't quite going your way, but since my job was done, I thought it was time to take what's mine and get out of this place.
0565 Shadow You are one pathetic creature!
0566 Rouge Hmm. Look who's talking. What about you?
0567 Rouge Here are the results of the research project called the Ultimate Life Form. But if this picture is of the real Ultimate Life Form named Shadow...
0568 Rouge Then exactly who, or what, is standing in front of me?
0569 Eggman This is Dr. Eggman. I have found all seven Chaos Emeralds! Shadow! Someone is trying to get to the Eclipse Cannon. There's not much time left before the cannon fires again. Can you get over there?
0570 Shadow If you want to live, leave the Chaos Emeralds where they are. The fake emerald is good enough for you!
0571 Rouge Do you actually believe that you're the real Shadow?
0572 Shadow No doubt.
0573 Rouge Even your memories might not be real, you know?
0574 Shadow Even if my memories are not real, it's still me, Shadow. And I will fulfill my promise to Maria. That's the only thing that matters to me now.
0575 Shadow You never cease to surprise me, blue hedgehog. I thought that capsule you were in exploded in space.
0576 Sonic You know, what can I say? I die hard!
0577 Shadow So, there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you, anyway?
0578 Sonic What you see is what you get. Just a guy that loves adventure. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
0579 Shadow I see. But you know, I can't let you live. Your adventuring days are coming to an end!
0580 Eggman Hahahaha! This completes my plan to take over the world. Now begins the glorious era of the Empire of Eggman!
0582 Narrator The military's top secret weapon, Project Shadow, was stolen from the military base located on a deserted island in the southern seas. This incident increased worldwide terrorist activities. Sonic the Hedgehog was arrested. 0582 to 0584 are leftovers from the Hero Story trailer FMV
0583 Narrator The adventure for truth leads to the incidents that shock the entire world. The story takes our hero, Sonic, from the Earth and into outer space. Sonic Adventure 2: Hero Side Story.
0584 Narrator Farewell, Sonic, forever...
0585 Eggman Argh! What the... what's going on? Why doesn't the cannon fire?
0586 Eggman What? What's happening here?
0587 Eggman It's... it's my grandfather. Gerald Robotnik!
0588 Knuckles What's that, that vibration?
0589 Sonic Hey, wait! Someone is coming.
0590 Knuckles You. You haven't given up yet?
0591 Rouge It's all over for us.
0592 Knuckles What do you mean?
0593 Rouge I've just received a message from my boss. The Space Colony ARK is currently approaching the Earth at an incredible velocity.
0594 Rouge It... probably...
0595 N/A *beep*
0596 Rouge Will impact Earth.
0597 Knuckles What's that on the screen?
0598 Gerald This is a death sentence for every human being on Earth. If my calculations are correct, the Space Colony ARK will impact the Earth in 27 minutes and 53 seconds. All of you will be destroyed, along with your beloved planet Earth! This is a leftover from the FMV sequence featuring Gerald's televised revenge declaration
0599 Gerald *copy of 0598*
0600 Gerald I plan to give you a taste of my revenge once all the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected. Once I initiate this program, it cannot be disabled. All of you ungrateful humans who took everything away from me will feel my loss and despair!
0601 N/A *beep*
0602 Gerald No.
0603 Soldier Is there anything else you want to say?
0604 Soldier Ready!
0605 Gerald This is a death sentence for every human being on Earth. Unused
0606 Knuckles Hey, the vibration's getting worse!
0607 Amy What's going on here? Who is that?
0608 Eggman Professor Gerald Robotnik, one of the greatest scientific minds in the world, and my grandfather.
0609 Knuckles What? I knew you were behind all this! Stop it right now, or else...!
0610 Eggman I'd have done this a long time ago if I had the chance.
0611 Sonic What do you mean?
0612 Eggman You're pretty persistent for a hedgehog, aren't you? You're still alive, huh?
0613 Sonic Heh! Just letting Knuckles pilot the shuttle on the way over here was more dangerous than you could ever be.
0614 Sonic No worries, egghead! Unused
0615 Rouge What is this?
0616 Eggman This is my grandfather's diary.
0617 Rouge "I don't quite know what happened or what went wrong. Was it a mistake to create the Ultimate Life Form? I thought it would be something that would benefit mankind, but then the military guards landed on the colony that day. They were sent to destroy the research project that I had been working on. My colleagues at the research facility, my granddaughter, Maria, I hope you are all safe."
0618 Rouge "The colony was completely shut down, probably to keep the prototype from falling into the wrong hands."
0619 Gerald The colony was closed down, probably to keep the prototype from falling into the wrong hands. The ARK was shut down under the premise that there had been an accident.
0620 Gerald I found Maria's name among those who died when the ARK was shut down. She meant everything to me, and I couldn't bear the thought that she died because of my research. I lost everything. I had nothing more to live for. I went insane. All I could think about was to avenge her, somehow, some way. I got scared as I no longer was able to control my thoughts. All I could think about was that I wanted it all to end.
0621 Gerald Based on my original projections, I was able to complete my project: Shadow. I designed its mind to be perfect. Pure. I will leave everything to him. If you wish, release and awaken it to the world!
0622 N/A *beep*
0623 Rouge "If you wish to fill the world with destruction." So that's why you released Shadow from the base!
0624 Eggman The core of the Eclipse Cannon is now highly reactive and explosive. This is because the energy of the Chaos Emeralds is overpowered. If the colony collides with Earth, it will shatter into pieces like my grandfather predicted. That mad scientist!
0625 N/A *beep*
0626 N/A *beep*
0627 Amy That should be you, right?
0628 Tails We have to stop the space colony now!
0629 Eggman The Space Colony ARK position may have shifted due to the amount of energy given off by the emeralds! We have to stop the energy!
0630 Tails But how?
0631 Rouge Hmm. That's it! There is a way to stop the energy. We have to use your emerald!
0632 Rouge You're the one that told me that the Master Emerald has the power to stop the Chaos Emerald!
0633 Knuckles That's right! If I use this, I just might be able to stop the Chaos Emerald!
0634 Tails The reaction of the Chaos Emeralds is moving toward the Cannon's Core! It may be too late!
0635 Eggman There still may be some time left. If we pull together, we might be able to get to the shortcut that leads to the core!
0636 Sonic No worries! Just leave it to me. I'm the world's fastest hedgehog!
0637 Eggman Then, let's get to work!
0638 Amy Oooh, I hate it when they leave me behind!
0639 Amy Look. It's Shadow!
0640 Amy I've really got to stop whining. Everyone's trying their best to help out and so must I!
0641 Amy Shadow, we need you! Please help us!
0642 Shadow It's all going according to plan. There's no reason for me to help them. Besides, there's no way to save anyone.
0643 Amy There has to be!
0644 Amy I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said.
0645 Amy But they're basically good, if they try their best and never give up on their wishes.
0646 Amy They always have a reason to be happy. That's why you should help them out. Saving them is a good thing!
0647 Amy Shadow, I beg you. Please do it for them. Give them a chance!
0648 Amy Give them a chance... Unused
0649 Maria Shadow, I beg of you. Please... do it for me. For a better future!
0650 Shadow Maria!
0651 Maria For all people who live on that planet...
0652 Maria Give them a chance to be happy!
0653 Maria Let them live for their dreams. Shadow, I know you can do it. That's the reason why you were brought into this world.
0654 Maria Sayonara, Shadow... the Hedgehog.
0655 Shadow That's what I've promised her, and I must keep that promise. That's what Maria wished for.
0656 Amy Shadow?
0657 Shadow I've got to go now! I have to keep my promise to Maria and you!
0658 Knuckles What's that? It looks just like the shrine of the Master Emerald!
0659 Sonic They probably designed the core like the shrine to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds!
0660 Gerald All of you ungrateful humans who took everything away from me will feel my loss and despair!
0661 Sonic Knuckles, here it comes!
0662 Knuckles Could this be the prototype of the Ultimate Life Form that was supposed to be encapsulated?
0663 Sonic There's no time for this! Unused
0664 Shadow Leave this one to me.
0665 Sonic Shadow, what are you doing?
0666 Shadow I'll take care of this while you run to get the Chaos Emeralds!
0667 N/A *beep*
0668 Biolizard *roar*
0669 Knuckles The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power. Power is enriched by the heart.
0670 Knuckles The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos. Only you can do this. Stop the Chaos Emeralds!
0671 Biolizard *roar*
0672 Biolizard *roar*
0673 Knuckles Is it gone?
0674 Shadow Is that what Chaos Control is?
0675 Knuckles Since we've stopped the Chaos Emeralds, why is the space colony still on a crash-course with Earth?
0676 Eggman The prototype is still alive and he's controlling the space colony as it's falling to Earth! He's become one with the space colony and is determined to keep it on its collision course!
0677 Knuckles Sonic!
0678 Secretary The space colony is still accelerating toward Earth. In five minutes, there will be no way to stop it. 0678 to 0683 are all unused
0679 President Nothing can stop the colony now...
0680 Rouge Mr. President, don't give up just yet! Sonic and his friends can still help us!
0681 Secretary I've located the two hedgehogs. They're in the lower quadrant. The space colony has entered the Earth's atmosphere and is accelerating.
0682 President That's ridiculous! There's no way two hedgehogs can stop the colony now.
0683 Amy They can! I believe in them. Together, they can do it, I just know it!
0684 Sonic No way that's getting through!
0685 Tails Go for it, Sonic! Unused
0686 Eggman Shadow, we're counting on you! Unused
0687 Rouge I'm counting on both of you! Unused
0688 Amy Go for it Sonic, Shadow! Unused
0689 Maria Shadow, I beg of you...
0690 Maria Give them a chance to be happy!
0691 Shadow Maria!
0692 Sonic Now, Shadow!
0693 Sonic Chaos Control!
0694 Shadow Chaos Control!
0695 Shadow Maria, this is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you.
0696 Secretary There's an emergency message from the space bureau. They are tracking the space colony's re-entry trajectory and it seems to have reappeared in quadrant L1. Unused
0697 President You know, when I was a kid, I used to dream about heroes like them, and their heroic deeds. Unused
0698 Secretary Mr. President, that's why you should be like them. Never give up believing in your dreams. Unused
0699 Rouge Where is Shadow?
0700 Rouge Do you really think that the professor created him- Shadow, to carry out the revenge on all those who live here on Earth?
0701 Sonic He was what he was: a brave and heroic hedgehog, who gave his life to save this planet. Shadow the Hedgehog.
0702 Rouge I guess you're right.
0703 Eggman As a child, I looked up to my grandfather because of all the great things he accomplished in his life. He was my hero, and I wanted to be a great scientist like him, but... did he really mean to destroy us?
0704 Tails I don't know, but what I do know is...
0705 Tails We all did it together!
0706 Eggman You're right.
0707 Tails Where are you going? Unused
0708 Eggman Next time, I will pull this off without anyone's help! I will use my own power to take over the world. Unused
0709 Eggman Next time we meet, all bets are off! Unused
0710 Tails Same here! Unused
0711 Knuckles So what's next for you, Rouge? Off again to find those jewels you love so much?
0712 Rouge Nah, I think I'm going to give up this line of work. Too much work for too little pay!
0713 Rouge Anyway, I've got something better than jewels that I'm thinking about right now...
0714 Rouge It'll all work out, you'll see.
0715 Knuckles If you say so.
0716 Sonic Created the Ultimate Life Form...
0717 Amy What's the matter, Sonic?
0718 Sonic Oh, it's nothing. Come on! Let's go home! To the planet as cool and blue as me!
0719 Sonic Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog...
0720 Omochao Let me tell you about the special action for Knuckles and Rouge.
0721 Omochao There are quite a few special actions for both of them. Try mastering them all!
0722 Omochao This is attack action.
0723 Omochao Knuckles' specialty is punching, while Rouge's is kicking.
0724 Omochao Press B button and try it!
0725 Omochao Try the different actions available when you press B button multiple times, or press it while running.
0726 Omochao Try breaking wooden containers with this!
0727 Omochao Knuckles and Rouge both have the special ability to glide.
0728 Omochao While in mid-jump, press and hold A button to glide.
0729 Omochao You can only glide downwards. Gliding upwards is not possible!
0730 Omochao To stop gliding, release A button to drop.
0731 Omochao Knuckles and Rouge can scale any wall with ease.
0732 Omochao To grab onto a wall, just glide into it or use forward and A button.
0733 Omochao Once you've grabbed onto the wall, use the analogue thumbpad to move.
0734 Omochao If a wall or overhang is a 90 degree angle, you cannot scale it.
0735 Omochao Knuckles and Rouge are also good swimmers.
0736 Omochao Jump into the water and press B button to dive underwater.
0737 Omochao Underwater, press A button to swim up and B button to swim down.
0738 Omochao Remember to come up for breaths of air. You cannot stay under forever!
0739 Omochao Knuckles digs with his hands, and Rouge digs with her feet.
0740 Omochao This is easy to master! Just press B button while jumping or gliding.
0741 Omochao Use Y button to change the action window. Select "Dig" and you can burrow where you are standing.
0742 Omochao One more important thing.
0743 Omochao If you are scaling a wall, you can dig into it by pressing B button.
0744 Omochao Besides the emeralds, there are a lot of items buried undergroud. Make sure you dig to find them all!
0745 Omochao If you find the Iron Gloves or Boots, your punches and kicks are stronger!
0746 Omochao You can break the steel containers with this!
0747 Omochao This is a very useful Level-Up Item!
0748 Omochao Use Y button to change the action window, then press B button to use the glasses.
0749 Omochao The Sunglasses will allow you to see things you couldn't before. It may even help you locate the emeralds quicker!
0750 Omochao If you use them, you'll be able to see things you couldn't before!
0751 Omochao Try using it in different places!
0752 Omochao If you want to take them off, just press A button to jump.
0753 Omochao You found something really cool!
0754 Omochao Try using it in the water. It will let you breathe underwater.
0755 Omochao Now you have nothing to be afraid of.
0756 Omochao The number of special actions for Knuckles and Rouge will increase when you find more Level-Up Items.
0757 Omochao Let me explain Knuckles and Rouge's 2P Versus mode.
0758 Omochao The rules are simple. The first one to find two of the three hidden emeralds is the winner!
0759 Omochao Pay close attention to your opponent's hint messages and radar, as it may help you locate the emeralds.
0760 Omochao Let me start by explaining the actions for Sonic and Shadow.
0761 Omochao Homing Attack!
0762 Omochao Press A button to jump and again while in midair to do the Homing Attack against your enemies.
0763 Omochao The best way to defeat the enemy!
0764 Omochao Somersault! This is a brand-new action for Sonic. Use B button to Somersault.
0765 Omochao The Somersault can be used to defeat enemies, break wooden containers, and get through tight spaces.
0766 Omochao Try Spin Dash to run at supersonic speed!
0767 Omochao Press and hold B button to charge up, then release the button to do the Spin Dash.
0768 Omochao The Spin Dash is very fast! Practice using the technique and use it wisely.
0769 Omochao Grinding! This is also a brand-new Sonic action.
0770 Omochao Grind down anything that resembles a rail. Give it a try!
0771 Omochao Find a rail and sport a grind!
0772 Omochao Remember to keep your character upright as possible to maintain speed and to avoid falling off the rail.
0773 Omochao If you find the Level-Up Item, then you can do the Light Dash!
0774 Omochao The Light Dash is a very useful action. It allows you to quickly move along ring paths.
0775 Omochao As you get close to a row of rings, the action window will open and all you do is press B button!
0776 Omochao Use the Light Attack to defeat many enemies quickly!
0777 Omochao Hold B button to charge up, then release B button once you're fully charged.
0778 Omochao We haven't figured out where it's best used, though. It's a very dangerous special attack!
0779 Omochao Bounce Attack!
0780 Omochao While in mid-jump, press B button and bounce like a rubber ball.
0781 Omochao Use this attack for enemies below you, or to reach places too far for a regular jump.
0782 Omochao Power-up version of the Somersault: the Fire Somersault. Use it to break steel containers.
0783 Omochao Sonic is the only one who can use this special technique called the Magic Hand. It turns enemies into small balls!
0784 Omochao Use Y button to select the action window. Press B button to pull in the closest enemy.
0785 Omochao Once the enemy is turned into a ball, throw it at enemies far away. Pretty cool, huh?
0786 Omochao Try turning different kinds of enemies into balls. It's fun!
0787 Omochao A mysterious melody indeed. Use Y button to select the action window, then press B button to play a melody.
0788 Omochao What's it used for?
0789 Omochao Well, that's a secret!
0790 Omochao Try playing it in front of something and watch what happens.
0791 Omochao Actually, the number of special actions for each character will increase if you find more Level-Up Items.
0792 Omochao You don't know what a Level-Up Item is?
0793 Omochao Somewhere in each stage are hidden Level-Up Items. There are also power-up items, as well.
0794 Omochao Find the item and I will tell you more about the action.
0795 Omochao Try learning how to use them all to increase your score.
0796 Omochao Let me tell you about the Sonic and Shadow 2P Versus mode.
0797 Omochao The rules are simple. The first one to the Goal Ring is the winner!
0798 Omochao One more thing.
0799 Omochao There are very special attacks used only in the Versus mode.
Sonic Adventure 2/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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