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SCHG: Sonic Adventure 2


The following is a listing of the music files in Sonic Adventure 2.
In the Dreamcast version, these are ADX files, located in the SONIC2 folder.
In the PC version, these are ADX files, located in resource\gd_PC\ADX.

Filename Title Notes
A_MINE Dive into the Mellow Aquatic Mine
ADVSNG_1 Title Screen Music
ADVSNG_2 Advertise: SA2 the groove Story Select
ADVSNG_3 Advertise: Rhythmic Passage Options
ADVSNG_4 Stage Select
ADVSNG_5 Advertise: Prof.Omochao Tutorial Screen
BOSS_01 Big Foot Hero Boss #1
BOSS_02A Masters of the Desert King Boom Boo
BOSS_02B Masters of the Desert Egg Golem
BOSS_03 Knuckles Vs. Rouge
BOSS_04 Sonic Vs. Shadow #1
BOSS_05 For True Story Final Sonic Vs. Shadow
BOSS_06 Supporting Me Biolizard
BOSS_07 Live & Learn Finalhazard
C_CORE_1 Scramble For The Core Cannon's Core ver. 1
C_CORE_2 Cooperation Cannon's Core ver. 2
C_CORE_5 Deep Inside Of Cannon's Core ver. 3
C_CORE_6 Cannon's Core #6 Alt. Cut scene Music
C_ESCAP1 Escape From the City City Escape
C_ESCAP2 Mad Convoy Race City Escape Truck Chase
C_ESCAP3 Escape From the City (alt) After G.U.N. Truck
C_GADGET Unstable World Crazy Gadget
C_WALL Soarin' Over Space Cosmic Wall
CHAO_G_BGM_D Dark Chao Garden
CHAO_G_BGM_H Hero Chao Garden
CHAO_G_BGM_N Normal Chao Garden
CHAO_G_BORN_C Chaos Chao born
CHAO_G_BORN_D Dark Chao hatching
CHAO_G_BORN_D2 Dark Chao cocooning
CHAO_G_BORN_H Hero Chao Hatched
CHAO_G_BORN_H2 Hero chao cocooning
CHAO_G_BORN_HC Hero Chaos Chao Hatched
CHAO_G_DANCE Chao love dance
CHAO_G_DEAD Chao Death Jingle
CHAO_G_GATE_OPEN Chao to your marks
CHAO_G_NEW_GARDEN Unlocked a new garden (never heard)
CHAO_G_RADICASE1 Chao Radio Song 1
CHAO_G_RADICASE2 Chao Radio Song 2
CHAO_G_RADICASE3 Chao Radio Song 3
CHAO_G_RADICASE4 Chao Radio Song 4
CHAO_K_M Chao Kindergarten
CHAO_K_NET_CONNECT Connecting to the Internet
CHAO_K_NET_FAULT Connection Failed
CHAO_K_NET_FINE Connection Success Chao stats increase
CHAO_K_SING_DARK1 Dark Chao Song 1
CHAO_K_SING_DARK2 Dark Chao Song 2
CHAO_K_SING_DARK3 Dark Chao Song 3
CHAO_K_SING_HERO1 Hero Chao Song 1
CHAO_K_SING_HERO2 Hero Chao Song 2
CHAO_K_SING_HERO3 Hero Chao Song 3
CHAO_L_M Pick a Chao game
CHAO_NEW_GARDEN Unlock a new garden (unheard)
CHAO_R_A Chao Race Victory
CHAO_R_B Beginner race
CHAO_R_C Challenge Race
CHAO_R_D Hero Race (Dark Track)
CHAO_R_E Pick your race
CHAO_R_GATE_OPEN Chao Race - Gates Open
CHAO_R_H Dark Race (Hero Track)
CHAO_R_J Jewel race
CONTINUE Continue Screen
D_CHAMBR Deeper Death Chamber
D_LAGOON Bright Sound Dry Lagoon
E_ENGINE On The Edge Eternal Engine
E_QUART Lovely Gate 3 Egg Quarters
E000_SNG Event: Let's Make It! 1st Hero Cutscene
E006_SNG Event - The Base
E019_SNG E.G.G.M.A.N. Short Cutscene Version
E021_SNG Event: Strategy Hero Version
E027_SNG Event: Sonic vs. Shadow Hero Version
E028_SNG Event: Reunion Final Hero Cutscene
E101_SNG Event: Revival First piece on soundtrack releases in the track called "Event: 3 Black Noises (Revival... Chaos Control... Reflection)"
E106_SNG Shortened version of Shadow's theme
E111_SNG Event: Ambition Not released on any soundtrack but used in game.
E112_SNG Event: Operation (Dark Version of "Strategy") Not released on any soundtrack but used in game.
E119_SNG Flash back to Maria
E127_SNG E.G.G.M.A.N. Short/Dark Version
E130_SNG Event: Sonic vs. Shadow Dark Version
E205_SNG Event: Madness Cannon's Core Cutscene
E207_SNG Super Sonic & Shadow Transformation
E208_SNG Sonic & Shadow use Chaos Control
E210_SN1 Event: The Last Scene/ Live & Learn
E210_SN2 Event: The Last Scene
E350_SNG Original Opening
F_CHASE The Supernatural Final Chase
F_RUSH Highway In The Sky Final Rush
G_FORES Won't Stop, Just Go! Green Forest
G_HILL Green Hill Zone
H_BASE Down In The Base Hidden Base
I_GATE Remember Me? - M.F.M. Iron Gate
INVNCIBL Still Invincible ...No fear! Invincibility Music
ITEM_GET Item Jingle
KART Chasing Drive Kart Music
L_COLONY Trespasser Lost Colony
M_HARB1 That's The Way I Like It Metal Harbor
M_HARB2 Can't Stop, So What!? Metal Harbor Part 2
M_HERD Space Trip Steps Meteor Herd
M_SPACE 34ºN, 12ºE Mad Space
M_STREET Rumbling HWY Mission Street
ONE_UP 1-Up Jingle
P_CAVE Keys The Ruin Pyramid Cave
P_HILL A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Hill
P_LANE This Way Out Prison Lane
R_HWY Vengeance Is Mine Radical Highway
RNDCLEAR Round Clear
S_HALL I'm A Spy Security Hall
S_OCEAN Way To The Base Sand Ocean
S_RAIL Mr.Unsmiley Sky Rail
SPEEDUP Hey You! It's Time To Speed Up Again!!! Speed Up
T1_SHADO Throw It All Away Shadow Theme
T1_SONIC It Doesn't Matter Sonic Theme
T2_MILES Believe in Myself Instrumental Tails Theme
T2_ROUGE Fly in the Freedom Rouge Theme
T3_EGGMA EGGMAN Instrumental Eggman Theme
T3_KNUCK Unkown from M.E. Knuckles Theme
T3_MILES Believe in Myself Short Tails Theme
T3_SHADO Throw It All Away Instrumental Shadow Theme
T4_KNUCK Unkown from M.E. Instrumental Knuckles Theme
T4_ROUGE Fly in the Freedom Alt. Rouge Theme
T4_SONIC It Doesn't Matter Instrumental Sonic Theme
T9_AMY My Sweet Passio Amy Theme
T9_EGGMA EGGMAN Eggman Theme
T9_KNUCK Unkown from M.E. Knuckles Theme
T9_MILES Believe in Myself Tails Theme
T9_ROUGE Fly in the Freedom Rouge Theme
T9_SHADO Throw It All Away Shadow Theme
T9_SONIC It Doesn't Matter Sonic Theme
TIMER Drowning Timer
TITLE Title Screen
W_BED Crush'em All Weapons Bed
W_CANYON Kick the Rock! Wild Canyon
W_JUNGL Rhythm and Balance White Jungle

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Exclusive Music

The following is a listing of the music files located only in the GameCube port, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Filename Title Notes
btl_ce Downtown Race 2P Mini Stage
btl_hb Hidden Base 2P Shooting
btl_ig Iron Gate 2P Shooting
btl_mh Metal Harbor 2P Race
btl_opng Opening Music
btl_pc Grind Race 2P Mini Stage
btl_rh Radical Highway 2P Race
btl_sel 2P Selection Character/Level Select
btl_so Sand Ocean 2P Shooting
btl_wb Weapons Bed 2P Shooting
btl_wj White Jungle 2P Race
c_btl_ch Chao Karate-Champion Grand Champion Jingle
c_btl_cv Chao Race Entry Chao Race Menu
c_btl_dr Chao Karate-Draw Tie Jingle
c_btl_gm Chao Karate
c_btl_ls Chao Karate-Lost Losing Jingle
c_btl_sl Chao Karate Menu
c_btl_wn Chao Karate-Won Winning Jingle
chao_g_iede  ??? Music for getting rid of unwanted chao.
chao_hall Letz Get This Party Started ...for CHAO Race Entrance Chao World Lobby; from SA1


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