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Driver Technical Information

Note: Since this is Z80 code, all words are little-endian unless otherwise stated.

Memory layout

Address Size Description
$DD00 Byte Unused
$DD01 Byte Global speed counter
$DD02 Byte Global speed counter reset
$DD03 Byte Sound ID Main Trigger
$DD04 Byte Sound ID Queue, Slot 1
$DD05 Byte Sound ID Queue, Slot 2
$DD06 Byte Sound ID Queue, Slot 3
$DD07 Byte Unused
$DD08 Byte Pause Mode (00 - off, 01-7F - paused, 80-FF - do unpause)
$DD09 Byte Fade-out countdown - major value
$DD0A Byte Fade-out countdown - minor value
$DD0B Byte Fade-out countdown - minor reset value
$DD0C Byte Unused
$DD0D Byte Current sound effect number
$DD0E Byte Unused
$DD0F Byte Current Sound priority
$DD10 Byte Unused (Game Gear Stereo bits in later drivers)
$DD11 Byte Current PSG noise mode
$DD12-14 3 Bytes Unused
$DD15 Byte Unknown (modifies noise mode, never written and should always be 0)
$DD16 Byte Noise channel attenuation
$DD17 41 Bytes Unused
$DD40 48 Bytes Music Channel 1 RAM (PSG 1)
$DD70 48 Bytes Music Channel 2 RAM (PSG 2)
$DDA0 48 Bytes Music Channel 3 RAM (PSG 3)
$DDD0 48 Bytes Music Channel 4 RAM (PSG Noise)
$DE00 48 Bytes SFX Channel 1 RAM (PSG 2)
$DE30 48 Bytes SFX Channel 2 RAM (PSG 3)
$DE60 48 Bytes SFX Channel 3 RAM (PSG Noise)

Channel Structures

Each channel occupies 48 bytes of RAM:

Offset Type Description
$00 Byte Control flags
$01 Byte PSG channel number
$02 Unsigned Byte Note length multiplier
$03 Word Data pointer
$05 Signed Byte Transposition (added to note value)
$06 Signed Byte Volume
$07 Byte Pitch Envelope
$08 Byte Volume Envelope
$09 Unsigned Byte Channel branch "stack" pointer
$0A Unsigned Byte Note duration counter
$0B Unsigned Word PSG tone register value (i.e. the value written to the PSG to generate the note)
$0D Unsigned Byte Note duration reset value
$0E Byte Note Stop counter (number of frames after the note gets turned off)
$0F Byte Note Stop reset value
$10 Word Data pointer for pitch bend effect.
$12 Signed Word Pitch bend effect adjustment value. Added to word at $0B before writing to the PSG.
$14 Unsigned Byte Number of ticks to wait before starting pitch bend.
$15 Unsigned Byte Number of ticks to wait before increasing the pitch bend. Also used as the pitch envelope index.
$16 Signed Byte Pitch bend step size.
$17 Unsigned Byte Number of pitch bend steps before negating step value.
$18 5 Bytes Unused.
$1D Byte Volume effect flags
$1E Byte Volume effect mode (00 - normal, 08 - repeat Attack/Decay phase)
$1F Unsigned Byte Volume effect value / Volume envelope index
$20 Signed Byte Volume Effects - Adjustment value
$21 4 Bytes. Volume effect memory
$25 Signed Byte Detune value (added to raw PSG frequency)
$26 Byte Unused (Channel Stereo Bits in later drivers)
$27 3 Bytes Loop counters
$2A 3 Words Branch return address stack

Channel Control flags

Bit Description
0 Unknown.
1 Maintain effect state across notes
2 Suppress PSG writes (i.e. music channel that is overridden by SFX)
3 Triggers literal read mode
4 Suppress writes to the PSG volume register (channel plays a rest)
5 Unknown
6 Allow PSG volume updates only
7 Channel active flag

Pitch Effect flags

Bit Description
0-6 If bit 7 = 0: pitch envelope number otherwise unused.
7 Set = pitch bend; Reset = pitch envelope.

Literal Read Mode

If bit 3 of the channel's control byte is set the driver enters literal read mode. This changes the way that data is read from the channel's stream: instead of reading bytes, the driver starts reading big-endian words (command bytes are still processed). These words are interpreted as PSG tone register values and are copied into offset $0B. The pitch adjustment at $05 is sign-extended to 16-bits and treated as a detune value which is added to the word before copying to the offset. Each word must be followed by a duration byte.

Module editing

Module header

Offset Size Description
$00 Word Unused. Was probably intended as a pointer to volume envelope data but the driver ignores it.
$02 Byte Number of channels.
$03 Byte Unused. Skipped by the driver.
$04 Byte Note length multiplier. Copied into offset $02 of each channel structure.
$05 Byte Global speed. Copied into $DD01 and $DD02

Following the module header are the channel headers. The number of channel headers must match the value at offset $02 in the module header.

Offset Size Description
$00 Word Channel data pointer (absolute).
$02 Byte Pitch adjustment. (transposition)
$03 Byte Volume adjustment.


Command Description
$00 - $7F Duration values
$80 - $DF Notes ($80 = rest)
$E0vvwwxxyyzz Volume effect / ADSR envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • vv - Attack Rate (volume starts at silence and increases with this speed until it reaches the maximum)
  • ww - Decay Rate (how fast the volume decreases after the Attack Phase)
  • xx - Decay Level (volume level where the Decay Phase ends)
  • yy - Sustain Rate (how fast the volume decreases after the Decay Phase)
  • zz - Release Rate (how fast the volume decreases after being turned off)
$E1xx Detune - xx = amount (signed)
$E2xx Adjust volume - same as $E6
$E3xx Nothing (empty slot)
$E4xx Adjust noise volume - xx = amount (signed)
$E5xx Change ADSR Mode. 00 - normal, 01-FF - repeat Attack/Decay phases
$E6xx Adjust volume - xx = amount (signed)
$E7 Maintain effect state (sets bit 1 of channel control)
$E8xx set Note Stop timeout (number of frames after that the note is turned off forcibly, 0 - off)
$E9xx Nothing (empty slot)
$EAxx Nothing (empty slot)
$EBxx Nothing (empty slot)
$ECxx Nothing (empty slot)
$EDxx Set global speed - xx = new speed
$EExx Nothing (empty slot)
$EF Invalid command (points into data)
$F0wwxxyyzz Pitch Bend
  • ww - Number of ticks to wait.
  • xx - Number of ticks before increasing pitch bend.
  • yy - Pitch bend step size.
  • zz - Number of ticks before negating step size.
$F1 Invalid command (points into data)
$F2 Stop channel playback
$F3?? Unknown
$F4xx Pitch envelope - xx = envelope number
$F5xx Volume envelope - xx = envelope number
$F6xxxx Jump - xxxx = absolute address
$F7xxyyzzzz Loop
  • xx - Slot number
  • yy - Loop count
  • zzzz - Absolute address
$F8xxxx Subroutine branch - xxxx = absolute address
$F9 Return from subroutine
$FAxx Set channel speed - xx = new speed
$FBxx Transpose channel by xx (added to current transpose value, which is added to all notes before looking up the PSG frequency)
$FCxx Nothing (empty slot)
$FDxx Set read literal mode. Turned on if xx == $01, otherwise off.
$FExx Nothing (empty slot)
$FFxx Nothing (empty slot)


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