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Sonic 2 Spanish Promotional VHS
The clip is captured by Belzeemon.

Box says: "Never seen from Sega.

Presenting Sonic the Hedgehog 2

super games"

This VHS tape features games such as The Terminator, ThunderForce IV, Xenon 2, Splatterhouse 3, Monaco GP 2, and a later prototype version of Sonic 2.

Three zones are shown: Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, and Hidden Palace.


The video runs a bit more than 4 minutes, and here's the general timeline for those without a fast connection to download the actual video, to see which zones get how much portion. It's also good for those who have the video when you want to seek to something specific quickly.


We can tell at a glance there is a lot of EHZ footage, but little of HPZ.

The Intro

There is a voiceover at the beginning that says, in Spanish: "Y ahora, lo más esperado, ¡Sonic 2! ¡Estreno mundial de mi última aventura! ¡Sube, que te llevo!" meaning: "And now, the much anticipated, Sonic 2! World-wide launch of my latest adventure! Hop in!"

(Thanks to Greg2k for the translation.)

The rest of the clip (other than title screen) plays its own custom music, so we don't know if the music is any different.

Tv.3.oth.01.jpg Tv.3.title.jpg
3D Sega logo and Sonic. First of all don't mind the "SONIC 2" and "SEGA" at the corners, they're always here during the clip. The title screen looks the same as the prototype we have, but the title music is from Sonic 2 because we can hear the "shooting star" sound effect near the end.
Between sections of the video this "separator" is shown for a second or two.

Now onto the main course...

The ending

Not the game ending but the end of the clip, it's still worth it to show here because it has these cool 3D models.

Tv.3.oth.03.jpg Tv.3.oth.04.jpg
Sonic 1 Final Zone 3D model. Sonic morphing out like some molten metal. Is it a rip-off from The Terminator?
Tv.3.oth.05.jpg Tv.3.oth.06.jpg
"Uh oh..." "Oh shit."
Tv.3.oth.07.jpg Tv.3.oth.08.jpg
Poof. Hey, where's the animal that Sonic is supposed to save? I thought Sonic games aren't about destructions.
Tv.3.oth.09.jpg Tv.3.oth.10.jpg
Why didn't anyone tell me about this laser finger attack?! The defacto Sonic pose.
The end.