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Magazine Preview #12 - Neo Green Hill Zone with Garbled Title Card

Mag compare12a.jpg Mag compare12b.png
Source: Sega Solid Gold Guide 1993
Scanned by: Hivebrain
Source: Sonic 2 Beta ROM

Title card is now implemented. But wait, Neo Green H-- what?

Mag compare12c.jpg

The "Hill" is messed up. They look like some sort of bubbles.

Another indication of a later prototype, is the arrow-shooting trap on the second pillar (right behind "Z"), which does not exist in our prototype.

The arrangement of the bricks between the two versions are slightly different too.

Also, note that in the left screenshot, Tails runs up to Sonic as soon as the game begins, like in the final. Either that, or he starts at the same position as Sonic. In our prototype he just stands there behind Sonic.

Without a doubt this is a newer prototype.