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Romhacking Central
Current owner(s): Eduardo Knuckles
Type of site: ROM modification
Created on: 2007, revamped in 2010
Current status: Offline

The Romhacking Central (formerly known as Sonic Masters Forum (short SMF)) was a small general ROM hacking releated forum run by Eduardo Knuckles. It was formerly a small multi-language (mainly Brazillian Portuguese and some English) Sonic hacking forum founded by Master3k in mid-2007. It was hosted by Alphard.


The forums were entirely in Portuguese, except for one category for some English information. In its last days, it became a complete english forum with some leftovers from its SMF time, though. Information and tutorials about ROM hacking were available (including some guides made by Esrael). Only a few of these tutorials have been translated into English.

In mid-2009, many server errors caused the site to go offline. However, in October 2009 it was put back online on a new domain.

In January 2010 the site went offline because of a big site revamp.

One month later the site went online again under its new name Romhacking central, with the new owner Eduardo Knuckles.


Because only a few Brazilians have an interest in ROM hacking, and not many people understand Portuguese, the community has had little growth in recent years. The idea to change it entirly to an english forum barely made a difference, which led to the site closing down in March 2010.


The former staff team of the Romhacking Central was:

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