Ristar Cluster

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Ristar Cluster
Current owner(s): Djbrayster
Type of site: Ristar Resource
Created on: 6th February 2004
Current status: Offline

Ristar Cluster was a Ristar fansite maintained by Djbrayster with the help and support of Jay-Kun, Slade the Raptor, and EmeraldGuardian.

Site Description

Ristar Cluster started from a discussion posted on Sonic CulT's forums, in which an image of the 5th boss Itamor as a cat and not an ice monster was noticed. This one image was the catalyst that started an all out hunt to note the differences between the different versions of the game. Later, the site evolved from one page to an information site with info on all the level enemies, and a home for the various fan works that had never really had a place to be showcased. There was even exclusive material on prototype leftovers buried in the ROM.

The site had many URLs, ranging from a Sonic CulT hosted site to various other hosts. Unfortunately, it inexplicably died off. The reason for this was unknown, and whether it was temporary or permanent was not disclosed.

The site went down for 2 years due to a server crash and Djbrayster was unable to maintain the site due to offline responsibilities. The site went back online on the 2nd March 2008 under a new URL, but this did not last long and was offline within 3 months again due to another server issue.

The site went back online on 18th May 2009 at the new and final URL of With the intention to be faster, more informative and vastly improved. As well as finally becoming the home for Ristar fans across the world!

In May 2009, Djbrayster managed to get the site back up on a stable server, stating that he would be working on improving the site with updated information and a better and more efficient site design.

As said in March 2009: "I would like to thank the fans for being patient, and reassure them that I am doing my best to get the community back up for the Ristar Fans! The numerous topics on many different forums about the site going down have not been ignored. Regards ~ Djbrayster ~"

The site was not updated since 2010, and in September 2019, the site went down again, and as of this writing has remained offline indefinitely.

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