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The following is a list of references to Sonic in music.

Album artwork

Album Artist Release date Comments Images
Parrot Head Cartridge Mondo Lava 2014 The album artwork features a polygonal image of Sonic the Hedgehog's head and hand taken from the "Sonic Checklist" page of Sonic Quest: The Death Egg Saga 2. References MondoLava ParrotHeadCartridge Music Sonichead.jpg
Memory Cards ClearVisionDream Productions 2014 The album artwork features a screenshot of the Master Emerald from Sonic Adventure. References ClearVisionDreamProductions MemoryCards Music MasterEmerald.jpg
冬季大会 WINTER GAMES 人以上VANQUISH組み込ま利益 2014 The album artwork features Sonic Adventure artwork alongside Sega Dreamcast border trim. References VANQUISH WINTERGAMES Music Sonic Dreamcast.jpg
CHAO GARDEN MECHA YURI 2014-08-01 The album artwork features artwork of Chaos alongside an image of a Dreamcast Controller and VMU. References MECHAYURI CHAOGARDEN Music Chao DreamcastController VMU.jpg
Sonic Adventure 2 Greatest Hits Revisited/You'll Know It Basin 2014-10-28 The album artwork features normal or "melted" editions of a Chao on its cover. References Basin YoullKnowIt Music Chao.jpg
エンジェルアイランド バーチャル Paragon ™ 2018 The album artwork features the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. References Paragon AngelIsland Music MasterEmerald ChaosEmeralds.jpg
LIKE ELEMENTS RIGHTEOUS PRODUCTS 2019-04-03 The album artwork features a screenshot taken during the intro of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. References RIGHTEOUSPRODUCTS LIKEELEMENTS Music Sonic3.jpeg
SEAWRLD 2 death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2020-11-02 The album's title is displayed in a Sonic the Hedgehog-series ribbon banner. References deathsdynamicshroud SEAWRLD2 Music ribbonlogo.jpg
Messe de E-102 death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2022-06-21 The single's title directly references the name, music, and themes associated with E-102 γ's arc from Sonic Adventure. References deathsdynamicshroud MessedeE102 Music E102.jpg


Song Artist Release date Lyrics Comments
"I Gotcha" Lupe Fiasco 2006-08-08 I love my city really hope that God bless it

Have my mind moving faster than that hog in the hedges

"Abiura di me" Caparezza 2008 I'm closed like a Hedgehog more than Sonic.
"Dr. Robotnik" Intercontinental Music Lab 2008 So another day has passed, you've done the same old things

You've been bouncing off springs and collecting gold rings
Rolling over bridges that crumble away
But Christ, between here and level 5, someone stands in your way

Full lyrics

"Where's My Fuckn Genesis" Charles Hamilton 2008-11-11 Boredom is a killer

I'm at deaths door
Stuck in the Dru Hill zone
I'm at step 4

"Hectic" Enter Shikari 2008 We'll convene at mine, 3PM to play

Sega Mega Drive, Golden Axe, and Sonic, all day
Never played it? I'll teach ya
Can't hack it? I'll beat ya

"You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic" A Day to Remember 2010 While not containing any lyrics directly referencing the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the song's title alludes to the close friendship between Sonic and Tails.
"Sonic Doesn't Need a Story" Alex Day 2010 June 23rd 1991

Let loose, I knew you were born to run
Six zones, one boss, it was all I needed
Dashing, ring collecting, unimpeded

Full lyrics

"Robot Bar Fight" Your Favorite Martian 2011 And Robotnik was about to attack

And Terminator grabbed a bottle sayin’ “I’ll be back.”
'Cause he knew Megatron for a couple of years
Hit Bender with the bottle and it busted his gears

Full lyrics

"Sonic's Best Pal" Starbomb 2013 Sonic the Hedgehog, hero to all

When the world needed saving, he would answer the call
His little friend Tails a part of the team
But he was shitty and small, and had low self-esteem

Full lyrics

"Scrap Brain Zone" Mutant 2018-11-24 The song's title directly references Scrap Brain Zone.

Music videos

Song Artist Release date Comments Screenshots
"Oh...Oi" Tata Young 1995 Tata Young is seen wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt during the music video to her song "Oh...Oi". References TataYoung Oh...Oi Music Sonicshirt.png
"Tripod Baby" M-Flo 2005 In the music video, cutscenes from Shadow the Hedgehog are shown, along with Shadow the Hedgehog himself trying to capture the video's singers in his own ship, along with him flying through space via Chaos Control, dancing and finally trapping the three singers at the end of the video. References MFlo Music Shadow.png
"Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" Lemon Demon 2005 Sonic makes a small cameo in the music video, in which he is in a slap fight with Mario. This a clear reference to the rivalry between Sonic and Mario. Oddly, neither Sonic's nor Mario's bodies are seen when the final winner is decided. References LemonDemon Music Sonic.png
"We Come Together" Goldfish 2011-05-20 Nearly every scene features a reference to a video game, from Elevator Action to Metal Gear Solid to Bomberman, notably ending with the band piloting a large Sonic the Hedgehog robot rolling through a series of loops and corkscrews before landing on an alien planet and fighting the video's final boss. References Goldfish WeComeTogether Music Sonicrobot.png
"Person of Interest" Rebecca Black 2011 In the music video of her third single, Rebecca Black dances in an arcade with a skee ball game in the background. On top of it, among other toys, is a large Amy Rose plush, which can be only seen in the behind-the-scenes video. References RebeccaBlack Music Amyplush.png
"Robot Bar Fight" Your Favorite Martian 2011 The song is about a bar fight breaking out at a club made exclusively for robots. At one point in the song, Dr. Robotnik is seen attempting to sneak attack Bender from Futurama, and is later shot by RoboCop. It is likely that singer Ray William Johnson was unaware that Robotnik himself is not a robot. References YourFavoriteMartian Music Robotnik.png
"17:10" As Everything Unfolds 2018-06-27 The band's keyboard player is seen wearing a Sonic & Knuckles shirt in the song's official music video.[1] References AsEverythingUnfolds Music S&Kshirt.png
"Video Games" Tenacious D 2023-05-11 The official music video for "Video Games" places the members of Tenacious D into various popular video game franchises. Among these is Sonic the Hedgehog, represented with a brief scene in which Jack Black appears running through Green Hill Zone as Sonic himself, with Kyle Gass following along as Tails. The interlude is rendered in an early 3D style, with a low-polygon count and full-screen dithering effect reminiscent of Sonic Jam, and even uses the figure-eight spindash style of Sonic the Hedgehog CD. References TenaciousD VideoGames Music GHZ.png

Promotional material

Product Artist Release date Comments Images
M.I.A. 20xx In a promotional photograph for one of her upcoming albums, M.I.A. is seen wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt. References MIA promo Music Sonicshirt.jpeg


Song Artist Release date Song sampled Comments
"Where's My Fuckn Genesis" Charles Hamilton 2008-11-11 "Mystic Cave Zone" - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
"Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha (Sonic 3)" Team Teamwork 2011-03-28 "Carnival Night Zone - Act 1" - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"「RUNNER'S HIGH」" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-03-15 "Special Stage" - Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Saturn)
"Fifth Generation セガサターン" CVLTVRΣ 2014-03-21 "Number One" - Sonic R
"Sherwood Zone" Napoleon 2014-03-26 "Sega jingle" (sound effect) - Sega
"Continue jingle" (sound effect) - Sonic the Hedgehog
"Lose Rings jingle" (sound effect) - Sonic the Hedgehog
"MACHINE死" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-04-06 "Event: Unbound" - Sonic Adventure
"F00 ベースキャンプ『RUINS』" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Rusty Ruins Zone - Act 1" - Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Saturn)
"NEONアーキテクチャ (パート1)" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Special Stage" - Sonic the Hedgehog CD (US)
"NO WAY?" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "No Way!" - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"エレベータープラン" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Theme of 'E-102g'" - Sonic Adventure
"RECYCLE/REUSE" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Stardust Speedway" - Sonic the Hedgehog CD
"NEONアーキテクチャ (パート3)" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Crazy Robo" - Sonic Adventure
"THE SAILING" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2014-06-20 "Sandopolis - Act 2" - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"☿⋆❂Aguashine❂⋆☿" ClearVisionDream Productions 2014-07-12 "Mystic Ruin" - Sonic Adventure
"Chaos Emeralds" ClearVisionDream Productions 2014-07-12 "Leading Lights ...for Lost World" - Sonic Adventure
"Ring" (sound effect) - Sonic the Hedgehog
"⌘ Dark Falz ⌘" ClearVisionDream Productions 2014-07-12 "Theme of "TIKAL"" - Sonic Adventure
"市内で IN THE CITY (Bonus Track)" 人以上VANQUISH組み込ま利益 2014-10-16 "Living In The City" - Sonic R
"あなたはそれを感じることができます CAN YOU FEEL IT (Bonus Track)" 人以上VANQUISH組み込ま利益 2014-10-16 "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" - Sonic R
"それほど高く感じるMAKES ME FEEL SO HIGH (Bonus Track)" 人以上VANQUISH組み込ま利益 2014-10-16 "Diamond In The Sky" - Sonic R
"Spacebook Profile 2066" Famicom Fountains 2015-03-05 "Tidal Tempest" - Sonic the Hedgehog CD
"Will Gates" Famicom Fountains 2015-03-05 "Quartz Quadrant Good Future" - Sonic the Hedgehog CD
"내 마음은 떨고" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2015-05-15 "Work It Out" - Sonic R
"시원한 파도소리 좋아요" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2015-05-15 "Living In The City" - Sonic R
"Diamond In The Sky" - Sonic R
"Sun Bleached" Dan Mason ダン·メイソン 2015-05-21 "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" - Sonic R
"BUSINESS CLASS" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2015-05-31 "Back In Time" - Sonic R
"Can You Feel The Sunshine?" - Sonic R
"Dreams Dreams: A-Cappella Ver." - NiGHTS Into Dreams
"Show You the Way" Thundercat 2017 "Continue jingle" (sound effect) - Sonic the Hedgehog
"Pennington Acres" death's dynamic shroud.wmv 2017-08-15 "Green Grove Zone - Act 2" - Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Saturn)
"Visitor's Center" - Jurassic Park (Mega Drive)
"Lidl" Mister V 2020 "Ring" (sound effect) - Sonic the Hedgehog
"PALMTREE PANIC {MG MIX} [2016 DEMO]" Machine Girl 2020-02-09 "Palmtree Panic" - Sonic the Hedgehog CD