Pale Bay Leaf

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Pale Bay Leaf
Species: Cosmo's species
Gender: Male
Series: Sonic X
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Pale Bay Leaf is a character from Sonic X and a member of the Metarex. His main enemy seems to be Shadow the Hedgehog. He is named after the bay leaf, a type of herb.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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Pale Bay Leaf's most notable role was in episode 68 where he tricked the Resistance into believing that he could help them. But first, he asked them to destroy fellow member Molly along with Shadow and Rouge. He also wanted them to destroy Dr. Eggman. The Resistance eventually realized that they would not find salvation under Pale Bay Leaf's supervision and that they were used. Molly tried to destroy him with her ship but she was shot down and she was killed. Though, he never did this in the dubbed version as it was made to look like Molly escaped the planet. Pale Bay Leaf showed zero remorse for this action. Because of this, Shadow vowed to destroy Bay Leaf.

During the final battle with Sonic, Pale Bay Leaf fuses his body with Dark Oak and Black Narcissus in order to become a three headed dragon. They are stopped when Cosmo gains a super state and immobilizes them. Super Sonic and Super Shadow take care of the rest when they are blasted out of the Sonic Driver. Bay Leaf is presumed dead.

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