Oil Desert Zone

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Oil Desert Zone
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Oil Desert Zone
Third Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Number of Acts: 4
Level themes: desert/western, industrial
Boss: Egg Scrap Mech
White Park Zone | Sky Fortress Zone

Oil Desert Zone is the third Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. After making it through the freezing White Park Zone, Sonic and Tails have to travel across a sweltering desert, which is also home to a massive oil refinery made by Dr. Eggman.


All three Acts of Oil Desert Zone require maneuvering on and around the heavy machinery of the refinery and across the hot sands, and each Act has its own specific gimmick. The first Act features constant sandstorms that will push Sonic and Tails back and forth, usually in a direction against the heroes. The final stretch requires the player(s) to make careful use of the Copter Combo across a massive bottomless pit and let the sandstorm carry them across to conserve Tails' energy.

The second Act requires sliding down oil chutes much like in Oil Ocean Zone, as well as quicksand pits that Sonic and Tails will gradually sink into unless they are using the Rolling Combo. The third Act in particular involves climbing up towers escaping the rising sands not unlike that of Sandopolis Zone. Some platforms are coated in crude oil which makes them slippery to walk on, and are susceptible to being ignited by Flamers.


  • Act 1 - Through the Sandstorm
  • Act 2 - Beneath the Sands
  • Act 3 - A Crude Trap
  • Boss - A Giant Born of Scrap Metal


Huge refineries were made by Dr. Eggman to collect the resources of this Zone. Sonic and Tails mut be careful as many traps await including Sand storms, quicksand, huge sand-filling tanks, etc.

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S4 Bubbles Sprite.png
Bubbles — A blue bubble Badnik used for Homing Attack chains. Red ones have retractable spikes.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Flamer.png
FlamerOrbinaut variants armed with flamethrowers that they will use to ignite the oil.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Sandworm.png
SandwormSandopolis Zone's sand-dwellers, now much larger.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Scarabesque.png
Scarabesque — Scarab beetle-like badniks that will push bombs into Sonic and Tails. Usually have annoying placements.


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