Not-so-Super Sonic 2

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This hack has been discontinued. This page references several features that were not and never will be implemented.
Not-so-Super Sonic 2
Version: 2
Last release: 9/20/2009
Status: Inactive
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 2 MB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: MainMemory

Not-so-Super Sonic 2 is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by MainMemory.


Sonic fights Eggman. Sonic goes Super. Eggman fires a laser. It doesn't look like it does anything. Eggman gets angry. Eggman hits Sonic. To both of their surprise, Sonic goes flying! Sonic isn't invincible! Eggman runs away while Sonic is dazed.



Our hero. Looks like Eggman's laser did something after all! Sonic is no longer invincible, however, he also doesn't need rings to maintain his transformation anymore. He's also replaced his Spindash with a normal Dash move which allows you to go faster, but doesn't attack enemies.


Always the sidekick, Tails is here again to follow Sonic's every move. When playing as him, he has no special abilities.


Have no fear, Amy Rose is here! She moves slower than Sonic or Tails, but (eventually) she will be able to use her hammer to open new paths. See a wall with a crack in it? SMASH! She can also have Tails following her.
Sprite credit goes to everyone here.


Straight Line Zone

Straight Line Zone Act 1

Nothing interesting happening here. Will eventually have three acts, with the last being a real (hard) level. video

Hidden Palace Zone

Hidden Palace Zone Act 1

Straight from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. May have 2 acts eventually. video


Results screen says Miles for Tails and Tails for Amy.
Tails stands above the ground when exiting debug. (jump to fix)
Amy stands in the ground after jumping on capsule. (jump to fix)
Hidden Palace Zone BG is blank. (the tiles are there, they just don't show up)
Amy is missing some sprites. (Hanging, pushing, twirling, braking, drowning, Super)
If the game is paused with certain characters while jumping, and A is pressed, weird things can happen. Amy's sprite becomes glitched and Tails' Tails disappear.
If the game is reset (A + Start ONLY) with Amy/Amy and Tails, Amy will stay pink. If you played as Sonic then reset (A + Start ONLY) Then switch to Amy, Amy will become blue

Things to do

Change Metropolis 3 to Straight Line 3 and move EHZ boss.
New zones!
Amy's hammer
Underwater and Super palettes for Amy
Underwater palette for Super Sonic in HPZ.
New Title Screen art?

Cheat Codes

Level Select: 20, 09, 08, 14 on the Options Menu (Date I joined Retro)
Pause Controls: Enabled by default
Debug: 02, 00, 00, 09, 00, 09, 02, 00 on the Level Select (Release Date)
All Emeralds: 07, 07, 07, 07 on the Level Select (Sonic CD Special Stage cheat)


Download.svg Download Not-so-Super Sonic 2
File: (774 kB) (info)
Current version: 2

Prior Versions

Version 1 (info) (729 kB)

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