Mummy Dearest (transcript)

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This is the English transcript of the Sonic Underground episode Mummy Dearest‎.

Episode Script

(Courtesy of The Sonic Zone)

Queen Aleena: For all of us, the future is shrouded in mystery. But my
              children were about to learn that sometimes, the key to the
              future lies in the distant past...
Sonia: Cyrus gave this to me. It's called an intelliputer. It's so way beyond
[Turns the device on, it flashes and loads of gadgets spring out of it]
Sonia: Well?
Manic: Whohhh, I'm soooo...
Sonic: Yeah, but does it make chili-dogs?
Sonia: Watch this!
[Presses a button, we see Robotnik and Sleet discussing their next mission]
Robotnik: And post extra SWATbots at all locations! I don't want those
          infernal hedgehogs learning about this operation!
Sonic: Nice computer joke!
Sleet: Don't worry Sir, we'll be on our way by tommorow morning, and he will
       never find us in Hamarapi (?)
Sonic: Are you getting this stuff down?
Sonia: No, the computer is recording it.
Robotnik: Good! See to it - I'm going to inspect the expedition myself!
          I want Aleena!
Sonic: Expedition? Find Mom? Follow them!
Sonia: It doesn't work that way - we can only monitor Robotnik's control room.
       Oh wow - that looks like...
Manic: An old book?
Sonia: Magnify... Oh my gosh!
Manic: What? What is it?
Sonia: The royal hedgehog crest!
Sonic: So, what's the deal with that book?
Sonia: Let's see - since that book is about the Royal Family...
Manic: And Robuttnik is geared up to go to hama-something...
Sonic: So there's a good chance they might be connected!
Sonia: We've got to get that book!
Sonic: Time to haul!

Sonia: Where is he? We've got to get that book!
[Sonic arrives with the van. He opens the back door, revealing three SWATbots]
Sonia: Where'd you get these things?
Sonic: Check this out!
[Sonic picks one of the SWATbots up as easily as if it had been a feather!]
Manic: How'd you do that?
Sonic: Cool, huh? It's a new metal that Cyrus and the boys came up with -
       super-light, but super-strong!
[The back of the SWATbot opens revealing a cockpit]
Manic: Hoho, VERY cool!
[Sonic climbs in and starts moving the SWATbot arms and legs]
Sonia: Wow! Looks good, but do you really think these fake-bots'll get us in?

[The Sonic Underground are now inside the bots, and are walking straight past
the normal SWATbots!]
Sonic: Not bad, huh?
Sonia: Ask me again when we're out of here Sonic.
Sonic: Nobody home!
Manic: Just the way I like it!
Sonia: No! He'd lose the book!
Sonic: Bummer Majoris! 
Manic: He's gotta have a safe around here somewhere!
[Manic uses the SWATBot radar system to find the safe]
Manic: Ah, electronic time-dials! That can only mean one thing! Score!
[Manic opens the front door of the safe, then tries to crack the combination
of the inner door]
Sonic: Well, how's it going?
Manic: This isn't working! Can't feel a thing!
Sonic: Go for it bro, we'll stand guard!
Sonia: Uh-oh! Trouble coming!
[Robotnik approaches]
Manic: Alright!
Sonic: Stay cool, and follow my lead, sis! 
Robotnik: Out of my way!
Sonic: Entrance Denied By Order Of Sleet!
Robotnik: What? That's preposterous! Move aside!
Sonia: No Admittance!
Robotnik: Are you insane? I'm Doctor Robotnik!
Sonic: DOCTOR? Hey Doc, I got this pain in my elbow!
Robotnik: WHAT?!?!
[Manic tries to get out, but his SWATBot trips and falls over, breaking up!]
Manic: Whoa!
Robotnik: What's going... huh?
Manic: Oops... hello...
Robotnik: HEDGEHOG! Give me that book!
[Sonic comes along and whisks Manic away, with the book]
Sonic: Hang on guys... DUCK!

[Back at the SU HQ, Sonia is using the Intelliputer to analyse the book]
Sonia: Incredible!
Manic (sarcastically): Oh yeah, an old scroll, that was worth it!
Sonia: Don't you get it? The book is showing us the scroll of Amai-Rapi -
       our ancestor... and a prophet!
Sonic: For THAT I gotta tell Cyrus we lost his SWATbot disguises? Aww!
Sonia: How about a step-by-step blueprint of how we can overthrow Robotnik?

Sleet: I can't believe the hedgehogs got the book!
Robotnik: Never mind that! I scanned the book's information into your ship's
          computer. And if the hedgehogs show up...
Sleet: Don't worry Sir, I'll have a little surprise waiting for them!
Robotnik: Get to the pyramid and find that scroll!
Sonic: So this Aman-Rapi guy predicted Robuttnik taking over?
Sonia: Ah-ha! Down to the last detail! Ooh, new information about this area... 
Sonic: Like what?
Sonia: Dunno yet - it's slow going because this ancient language is hard to
Manic: Are we there yet?
Sonic: Looks like it! Converting!
[Sonic extends the van's wheels, making it into a desert-terrain vehicle]

Sonia: There's something forming... looks like a warning of some kind... in a
       lovely shade of purple!
Manic: Just like this pretty sand!
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Sonic: What?
Sonia: Beware - purple sand is the home of the deadly sand-snake!
Sonic: No biggie, we'll just stay in the van!
[SWATbots start firing on the van]
Manic: Since when did snakes have lasers?
Sonia: We've got bigger problems than lasers...
Sonic: And that would be?
Sonia: The average sand-snake is as big as a Mobian Megawing!
[A sand-snake advances on the van, and swallows it whole!]
Sonic: Oh yeah, that's about right!
Robotnik: YES! OH YES! It's too good to be true! Oh, this is a wonderful
          day Sleet! Wonderful day!
Sleet: Yes Sir!
Dingo: Poor Sohnia...
Sleet: Oh shut up you soft-hearted fool! The hedgehogs are finally gone!
       Should we return?
Robotnik: The hedgehog brats may be finished, Sleet, but Queen Aleena
          remains - I need that scroll!
Sleet: Shall I release my escort ships, Sir?
Robotnik: Yes - you won't need them any more! HAHAHAHA!

Sonic: Y'know, I'm open to suggestions here!
Manic: A light would be nice!
[Sonic turns the interior lights on]
Sonia: We're still moving!
Manic: This snake's probably looking for another meal.
Sonia: Flip on the headlights, Sonic!
[Sonic turns the headlights on, showing them inside the sand-snake]
Sonic: No problemo! Whoa!                                    
[Sonic starts to drive the van towards the lips of the sand-snake]
Sonia: Yuck!
Sonic (sounding horn): Hey! Open up!
Manic: He's not gonna open up down here - he'll get a mouth full of sand!
Sonia: Hmm... Manic, that's brilliant!
Manic: It is?
[Sonia produces a metal rod of some sort]
Sonia: Here it is!
Manic: Wha's up?
Sonia: Follow me!
[Sonia opens the top of the van and gets out]
Sonia: Ewww!
Sonic: What're you doing?
Sonia: Watch this!
[Sonia uses the rod to puncture a hole in the sand-snake's lips]
Sonia: It doesn't like the sand coming in - it's heading for the surface!
Manic: Way to go, sis!
[The sand-snake surfaces and the Sonic Underground find themselves outside
the pyramid]
Sonic: Now that's what I call door-to-door service!

Sonia: Wait a minute! That's not the only entrance - and I don't think it's
       the right one! Look!
[Sonia brings up a hologram of the pyramid entrances]
Sonia: It's really tiny, but there's some sort of marking above this one.
Sonic: Now what? There's no way in!
Sonia: What's that?
Manic: Hurry up Sonia!
Sonia: The Royal H! Yes! This must be the right place! But how do we get in?
[Sonia leans against a wall, and inadvertantly opens the door!]
Sonic: we could try the entrance!

[No sooner have the hedgehogs entered the pyramid, when they are caught in a
force field by Hotep, the guardian of the pyramid]
Hotep: Infidels! How dare you defile the tomb of Aman-Rapi! You will pay for
       this! what shall I do with you... feed you to the sand-snake? No, I've
       done that... Bury you alive? [notices Sonia's medallion] What's that?
       A Royal hedgehog medallion! Please forgive me! How may I atone?
Sonic: Well, you could start by letting us down!

Sleet: Hmm... it changes here - better check for traps!
Dingo: No! I don't wanna...
[Morphs Dingo into a soft ball shape]
Sleet: Somebody's got to do it!
[Sleet rolls Dingo through all the traps, and morphs him back at the end]
Sleet: Look round the corner! What's there?
Dingo: Dead end!
Sleet: Okay, come back! We'll have to try that other entrance!

Hotep: And this is your ancestor, the beloved prophet Aman-Rapi.
Sonic: Yeah, yeah - so where's the scroll!
Sonia: SONIC!
Hotep: it is alright. This tunnel will lead you directly to the main chamber! I will disarm the traps as we go.
Sleet: That is all we need to know!
[Sleet blasts Sonic, Sonia, Manic and Hotep with a glue-gun]
Sleet: You all look like mummies! How appropriate!
[Sleet and Dingo now have Sonic, Sonia, Manic and Hotep on a trolley]
Sleet: So nice of you to survive so you could lead me to the scroll! 
Sonia: You don't have it yet, Sleet!
Sleet: True, but I will... if you want to save the hedgehogs, you will tell
       me how to deactivate the traps!
Hotep: I can deactivate them.
[Sleet melts the glue around Hotep's legs so he can walk. Meanwhile, Sonic
is trying to struggle out of the glue]
Manic: What're you doing?
Sonic: Super Spin - shh!
[Sleet melts the glue around Hotep's arm]
Sleet: Now do it!
Hotep: Let me see...
Dingo: I was so sorry when you died! Hey! What's...
[Sonic breaks out of the glue and takes the gun off Sleet]
Sleet: Hey!
[Sonic uses the gun to melt the glue on Sonia and Manic]
Sonia: DINGO!
Dingo: Sohnia NO!
[Dingo receives one of Sonia's mid-air stomps]
Dingo: Uh-oh...
[We see Sleet and Dingo with glue on them now]
Dingo: The joke's on you-u! We called for a SWATBot battal...
Sleet: Shut up you idiot!
Sonia: A SWATBot battallion! Oh we don't have much time!
Hotep: I know a fast way to the burial chamber - but... 
Sonic: Please don't say BUT! But's never a good thing!
Hotep: But we have to go through the two chambers of death!
Sonic: Only TWO? No problemo!

Sonic: Problemo... Water? Why'd it have to be WATER? Oh well!
Sonia: Sonic!
Sonic: Get your dinner somewhere else!
[Sonic makes a bridge come across so the rest of them can cross]

Sleet: Get to the radio. Order an attack - I want this place opened up!

Hotep: The door to the burial chamber - but to reach it you must cross the
       fires of amaan.
Sonic: On my way!
Hotep: Beware the flame elementals!
Sonic: Haha, they gotta catch me first!

Sonia: Wow!
[Mummies come out of their resting places and start advancing on the group]
Manic: Somebody do something!
Mummies (noticing Sonic): Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi!
        Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi! Aman-Rapi!
Sonic: This is cool!
Aman-Rapi: Who summons me?
Sonic: Way past cool!
Aman-Rapi: What a handsome lad!
Sonia: Oh yeah, they're related!
Aman-Rapi: Why have you come here?
Sonia: (The scroll!)
Sonic: Oh yeah! We've come for the scroll of Aman-Rapi, your ghostliness!
       We need it to kick some Robotnik butt!
Aman-Rapi: You may take it, but first...
Sonic: Aw, not another BUT! Okay, okay, spill.
Aman-Rapi: There is a price.
Sonia: What if it's some kind of quest that takes years?
Manic: Oh, man!
Aman-Rapi: The price is - a song! I have been waiting an eternity for music!
All: Phew! 
Sonic: No problemo, your anscestorness!

[Song: We are Sonic Underground]

We are Sonic, Sonic Underground!

We're looking for a scroll that belonged to some egyptians,
It'd be no problemo if I could just read these wierd inscriptions!
We are Sonic, Sonic Underground!

I can't spell sarcophagi, maybe I'm a dummy!
But it's not every day I get to drum for dancing mummies!
We are Sonic, Sonic Underground!


I'd rather not be down here if I really had my ?????
Especially with this ???? guy who looks just like my brother!
We are Sonic, Sonic Underground!

I am Hotep, you are hedgehogs, we know not each other.
But Aman-Rapi smile on me if I help find Queen Mother!
We are Sonic, Sonic Underground - Yeah!

Aman-Rapi: Thank you my children, you have given me a wonderful gift!
           Take the scroll!
[Suddenly the pyramid starts to shake]
Mummy: Intruders! They seek to destroy the pyramid!
Aman-Rapi: Do not fear, they will suffer my curse of immobility! Go in peace
           my children!
Manic: Crashin!

[Outside we see Sleet, Dingo and the SWATBots standing motionless]
Sonia: They never looked better!
Sonic: I'm liking this! [tickles Sleet]
Hotep: I do not know how long the spell will last... perhaps it would be
       prudent to leave now.
Sonic: Yeah, you're right Hotie - we should blast! Thanks for everything!

Sonia: This is it guys - our blueprint for getting rid of Robotnik!
[Sonia takes the scroll out but it immediately disintegrates!]
Sonic: All that for nothing?
Sonia: Look! Etched into the glass! 
Manic: What does it mean?
Sonia: I remember this one from school - translated, it means
       'Hedgehogs Will Prevail'
Sonic: Or in other words, Hedgehogs Rule!
Manic: Alright! Like we didn't know that!