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Metropolis Zone
For the area in Sonic Chronicles, see Metropolis (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood).
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Metropolis Zone
Eighth Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Number of Acts: 3
Location: West Side Island
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Flying Eggman
Maximum rings, Act 1: 218 + 60
Maximum rings, Act 2: 210 + 70
Maximum rings, Act 3: 153 + 70
Non-English names:
Oil Ocean Zone | Sky Chase Zone

Metropolis Zone is the eighth Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Whereas other Zones in the game have two Acts, this Zone has three Acts, like all Zones of Sonic the Hedgehog (save Final Zone). This is because Tom Payne (the artist in charge of this level) had also created Genocide City Zone, which was scrapped due to lack of time and that Zone became the third Act.


Metropolis Zone is an extra-long industrial citadel in which Dr. Eggman resides. There are lots of machines that Sonic and Tails can interact with, including the brass pipe transporters, conveyor belts, rotating gears and spinning mesh cylinders, as well as pistons that vent steam from the sides. Giant nuts can be found on tall screws, and the player can make them move by standing on them and running right or left to get them moving; running to the right makes them wind up the screw, while running to the left winds them down. Going too far upwards will get the player squished against the ceiling, resulting in death.

Some of the more dangerous contraptions in the Zone are black crushers that thrust up and down and can easily crush the player if they try to pass through them recklessly, as well as spikes that protrude from the floor or from brown square platforms in a clockwise fashion. The second Act also features pools of molten metal that the player must cross over using moving platforms as well as bridges operated by buttons. Also featured throughout the Zone are three of the most notorious Badniks in the series, all of which are often located in places where they can land cheap shots on players.

Unlike almost every other level in the 8/16 bit games, Metropolis Zone loops from top to bottom. While a few levels in other titles have this trait, Metropolis Zone uses it for all three of its Acts. There are several areas (most notably in Acts 1 and 2) where the player can fall seemingly forever and load up on speed and rings. Eggman awaits in the Flying Eggman at the end of the Zone, protecting himself against Sonic and Tails with spiraling eggs, each containing a fake Eggman that serves to get in the heroes' way.


Steampunk citadel dominated by gears and steam.
Turn the nut and jump with the steam valve!
Dr Eggman must be beyond the rotating drum!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 JP manualMedia:Sonic2 MD JP manual.pdf[1] (translation by Vertekins)[6]

Sonic's finally chased Robotnik to his own capital city. But he finds a fortress of iron and steel. Danger lurks in every spinning cylinder, pounding piston and rolling gear. Hold the D-Button Right or Left to wind the nut up and down the screws.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 US manualMedia:Sonic2 MD US manual.pdf[7]

Due to problems with the story, Act 3 was going to be a different Zone that would only appear once, but since it was cut, we still wanted to have something after Act 2. So that's why there are three acts in this one. We had already finished the map, and it would have been a shame to waste it, so this is what we went with.

Yuji NakaSonic Jam Official Guide[8]


Asteron sprite.png
Asteron — Starfish Badnik that explodes when the player goes near it, launching 5 small spikes outwards.
Shellcracker sprite.png
Shellcracker — Crab Badnik that extends its giant claw towards the player.
Slicer sprite.png
Slicer — Mantis enemy that tosses its two scythes at the player.


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