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Sonic Mania Adventures episode #5
"Metal Mayhem"
Written by:
Directed by: Tyson Hesse
Country: Worldwide
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2018-07-17 FREE ?
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"Metal Mayhem" is the fifth episode of the Sonic Mania Adventures web series, first airing on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel on July 17, 2018, the same day that Sonic Mania Plus was released in the US and Europe. This served as the final episode until the release of a holiday special in December.


The decisive battle looms. With the fate of the Chaos Emeralds at stake, it’s up to Sonic, Tails, Mighty, and Ray to unite against a superpowered Metal Sonic. It's time for Part 5 of Sonic Mania Adventures: Metal Mayhem![1]

Episode summary

Metal Sonic ambushes Sonic and Tails.

Sonic and Tails arrive at Dr. Eggman's base of operations on Angel Island, only to find no threat whatsoever, displeasing Sonic. Suddenly, Metal Sonic drops down from above and traps both of the heroes in force fields emitting from the floor. Completely frozen, the heroes can only watch as Metal Sonic violently lowers the force fields, making them drop their Chaos Emeralds and taking them for himself. As Sonic and Tails recover, they see a laughing Eggman rise from the floor, juggling the remaining Emeralds. A disgruntled Sonic then watches Metal Sonic acquire the remaining Emeralds, and uses all seven of them to empower himself to Super State levels, granting him yellow eyes and a golden aura around his metallic frame.

Eager for a challenge, Sonic gets himself ready battle his rival, much to Tails' dismay as the fox facepalms. However, Metal Sonic reacts faster and rams Sonic into the wall before the hedgehog could begin moving, while Eggman fist pumps victoriously. As the two rivals struggle against the wall, the two of them witness Ray and Mighty walk in and stare at the two. Noticing Metal Sonic, Mighty takes this opportunity to get his revenge on Metal Sonic by punching him. However, Metal Sonic is able to make a stable recovery on the wall and is ordered by Eggman to continue the fight. In the meantime, the four heroes get acquainted with each other and join forces to face the evil robot.

Though the heroes are able to land in some strikes on Metal Sonic, Sonic, Tails, Mighty, and Ray find themselves outmatched. As they lie on the ground catching their breath, Tails realises that he still has Eggman's handheld. Bringing the handheld online, Tails gives Sonic a look to keep Metal Sonic occupied while he formulates his plan. As Sonic keeps his rival occupied by running circles around him, Tails begins hacking into the base's systems. With Eggman watching in glee, Metal Sonic attempts to strike Sonic at this moment, only for Tails to successfully take control of the force field mechanisms and freeze Metal in place, much to Eggman's shock. Tails then uses the same trick Metal did to take his and Sonic's Chaos Emeralds by forcefully lowering the force field, ejecting the Chaos Emeralds from the base and scattering them elsewhere. With Metal Sonic depowered, Sonic finishes him off with a Spin Dash, and the heroes celebrate in the belief that they have won. However, Eggman had anticipated the event that Metal Sonic would lose, and brings out the Master Emerald to use as a backup power source to empower Metal Sonic once again. Before Metal Sonic can attack, however, Knuckles zips past the heroes and punches him right into Eggman, launching the two out of the base and elsewhere onto the island. The heroes just stand and stare as the echidna calmy carries the Master Emerald out of the base, with Sonic shrugging afterwards.

With Eggman having been defeated, Sonic, Tails, Mighty, and Ray decide to celebrate by enjoying some chili dogs by the Tornado, only for Tails to choke on his chili dog.

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