Metal Amy Adventure DX

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Fast Facts on Metal Amy Adventure DX

Version: 1
Last Release: July 28, 2010
Status: Completed
System: Microsoft Windows
Original Game: Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
Credits: MainMemory

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Metal Amy Adventure DX is a hack of Sonic Adventure DX, replacing Metal Sonic with fanmade character, Metal Amy.

The hack includes the following changes:

  • Metal Amy replaces Sonic.
  • Replaces Spin Dash with Super Peel-Out. The Super Peel-Out only works when standing still.
  • Sonic Adventure 2-style Light Speed Dash (just press the action button) which doesn't work when standing still.
  • Metal Amy doesn't lose speed after a light dash.
  • Metal Amy uses running animation instead of hovering animation.
  • Jumping doesn't make the player spin.
  • Super Sonic has been replaced by Super Metal Amy.

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