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Marlon Saunders

Marlon Saunders is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. A professor of voice at Berklee College of Music, Marlon has two solo recordings on his independent label, Black Honey Records: the improvisational A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions and 2003's Enter My Mind. Marlon continues to write, sing and produce with the acclaimed acid-jazz band, Jazzhole. He co-produced and co-wrote Love 360, the debut jazzy soul project from April Hill released in fall of 2007.

He has contributed to the video game scene as well, particularly games made by Sega. He is best known for doing vocals on both versions of Knuckles' theme, "Unknown from M.E." in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. Marlon also performs on the soundtrack to the Burning Rangers game, singing one of the ending songs, "We are Burning Rangers". He also performed a Christmas a capella version of "Dreams Dreams", the theme from NiGHTS into Dreams, with a small vocal ensemble that can be heard during the ending credits of Christmas NiGHTS as well as on its soundtrack.

In recent years, Marlon has also contributed to the chorus arrangement of the Phantasy Star Universe vocal theme "For Brighter Day."

Production History

Song Credits

Christmas NiGHTS

  • Dreams Dreams : A-Cappella Ver. — Chorus Arranged by, Vocals by

Burning Rangers (Overseas edition)

  • We are Burning Rangers — Lead Vocal, Chorus (w/Arif St. Michael & Robin A. Small)

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure 2

Phantasy Star Universe

  • For Brighter Day — Chorus Section Arranged by, Chorus

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