Luigi in Sonic 1

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LuigiinSonic1 MD scsh1.png
Luigi in Sonic 1
Version: v1 rev 00
Last release: Apr 5, 2020
System: Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 1 MB
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Kaching

Luigi took a wrong warp and landed straight into Sonic 1!

I attempted to give him as much of a Luigi feel as I could, though there might be some physics changes in the future.


  • Green Missile: Up + B (couldn't add rng to it)
  • High Jump: A
  • Ground Pound: Down in air
  • Swim: A/B/C Underwater (duh)
  • Faster Swim/Exit water: Up + A/B/C Underwater


  • There's a bug where you can clip through springs by holding Down. Shouldn't affect gameplay too much. Also, if you ever have trouble beating a level, sit still for a while, you might beat the level as if it was absolutely nothing ;).



Download.svg Download Luigi in Sonic 1
File: (389 kB) (info)

Credits and Thanks

  • E-122-Psi for coding help and tips. (Very epic dude right there, helped out a lot)
  • LuigiXHero also for coding help. (Helped add in a meme)
  • Neweegee for creating the Mario sprites in this style. I wouldn't have drawn Luigi like that if it were for that Mario existing.
  • The Sonic Retro discord for some tips and bug fixes